June 25, 2021

Nancy Pelosi orders House members to follow social distancing guidelines on the floor

Despite rumblings of challenges to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) authority, the top Democrat was re-elected to the House leadership position and instantly asserted her power over the hundreds of House legislators.

Pelosi is done discussing COVID-19 guidelines on Capitol Hill and has ordered lawmakers to strictly abide by COVID-19 social distancing rules after Sunday’s vote prompted the intermingling of colleagues.

In a letter addressed to her subjects in the House, Pelosi warned that legislators must fall in line and observe all mandated COVID-19 guidelines when present on the floor.

“When staff urge you to leave the floor, it is not a suggestion,” Pelosi wrote. “It is a direction, in the interest of keeping the Congress healthy and intact,” adding that members must prioritize “respecting proper health and safety guidelines on the floor.”

“As Members of Congress, we are considered essential workers. We must take our responsibility seriously,” Pelosi continued, reiterating that members of Congress must “wear masks at all times,” “respect social distancing” and “limit the number of Members on the floor.”

Pelosi’s stern warning to House members was prompted by criticism of the close gathering of hundreds of lawmakers on Sunday to vote for Speaker of the House.

Despite her hyperventilating about following COVID-19 guidelines while participating in House business, Pelosi did not appear to have any problem with COVID-19 positive Democrats traveling from their respective states to the capitol to cast their vote for Speaker of the House on Sunday.

The Daily Caller reported on Sunday:

Democratic Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore voted on the House floor for Rep. Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker on Sunday, just six days after announcing that she tested positive for COVID-19.

Moore sent out a tweet earlier Sunday announcing that her quarantine is done and that she had been cleared to travel from Wisconsin to Washington, D.C.

“Thank you all for the well wishes,” Moore said. “I am feeling good! My quarantine is over and I am medically cleared to travel and work on behalf of Wisconsin’s Fourth Congressional District.”

Moore did not confirm whether or not she tested negative for COVID-19 prior to traveling to D.C. to vote for Pelosi.

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