October 23, 2021

Nancy Pelosi must be removed from the center of power

An influential conservative journalist just said what all conservatives are thinking: Nancy Pelosi must be removed from power.

Joel Pollack, Breitbart’s senior editor at large, just explained Pelosi’s roadmap to seizing power in 2021 – called for Nancy Pelosi’s removal from her position as Speaker of the House.

Pollack writes:

Her ambition is to return to the position she and Democrats had in 2009, after Obama won. She knows that she could be the effective leader of the country, with the hapless, geriatric Joe Biden managed by a team of party fixers at the White House.

To that end, she has planted the idea that she is already “co-equal” to the president in terms of the Constitution. She has also blocked everything that anyone else has tried to do — and not just President Trump. When a bipartisan team of Senators had reached a deal on the second round of coronavirus relief, Pelosi jetted in from her luxury mansion in San Francisco, declared her contempt for the Senate’s work, and released an 1,815-page bill of special interest giveaways and partisan power grabs.

Pelosi is pursuing ultimate power – but she can’t control one thing. If voters break Republican, and Democrats lose control of the House, she’ll be helpless in the minority.

As Pollack put it “Pelosi will be remembered for her pursuit of power. Voters could vindicate her ambitions — or send her packing.”

It’s up to the American people.

Read the full piece here.

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