December 3, 2020

Nancy Pelosi is threatening to impeach Trump to prevent SCOTUS pick

The Democrats will stop at nothing to prevent President Trump from filling the vacancy left by the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Apparently, that includes impeaching the President of the United States.

Quizzed about the issue on a Sunday morning news show, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to rule out the possibility of using impeachment to prevent the filling of the vacancy.

“We have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now, but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country,” Pelosi said. “This president has threatened to not even accept the results of the election.”


Notice that Pelosi doesn’t even say what possible charges the President would be impeached on. That’s because the charges don’t matter to Democrats – they’ll be trumped-up anyway, just like the last time.

We’re spiraling towards a situation where the Democrats are willing to tear apart the very fabric of our democracy to get their way. Where will it end?

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148 Responses

  1. When is Nancy going to be hit with an “abuse of power” suit for wasting taxpayer money on senseless and unfounded suits against our duly elected President? The legal system has a process for tossing bogus suits, so why do we have to tolerate the Democrats abuses? I’m tired of listening to angry and rude Democrats attacking officials that are just trying to do their jobs. America is so far in debt that we have to borrow more money to support all these “political disagreements” that the Democrats are creating, not to mention the productivity lost by having our elected officials constantly preparing for and attending investigations and hearings. The Democrats have made a travesty of the political process.

  2. It is obvious that Nancy PigLUSHI keeps making her brakfast, mid-morning & mid-afteroon & bedtime cocktails much stronger everyday and one can see what it is doing to her already tipsy way of thinking.

  3. This is beyond absurd!
    Pelosi needs to be recalled and dems that are you for reelection should be very careful how they move forward. I think the majority of Americans are sick and tired of the bs and may not reelection them. All Republicans in the house need to grow a pair and convince d eff ms to not let this happen

  4. Pincha Pelosi is a dried up trim , hemrroid ridden , inbread , SLUT !!!! Impeachment ,,, REALLY ??? This is why we have to VOTE IN PERSON , for Trump , Republican Senate , and Republican House !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Do you know what is really funny. they accuse Trump of colluding with Russia, and everyone in the Dem party is running on a communist agenda. Ha ha ha HA HA HA, DON’T THAT BEAT ALL.

  6. Impeachment , REALLY ?? The RADICAL , SOCIALIST , LIBERAL , LIBTARDS throw impeachment around like an old pad from dried up trim Nancy . This is EXACTLY why we have to VOTE IN PERSON for Trump ,, Republican Senate and Republican House !!!! VOTE !!!

  7. Pelosi and her liberals friends have brought disgrace to the house and she wants the senate and the presidency to complete her socialist agenda. GOD help us from satan taking over

  8. This hag makes me sick! She talks about the constitution when she has violated it and her oath of office! She is planning to screw the american people by over turning our will and cheating us out of our choices! Their game is to steal our election with fraudulent ballot harvesting to pump up fake votes for that demented puppet! Well her efforts will not work! And she needs to stop pretending she cares about the american people!

  9. How much longer are we going to have to endure the Democrats and their obstruction of the running of this country. I swear that if the President eats garlic that old hag will try to impeach him for having garlic breath. Enough! For the love of God and country somebody stop them from their constant obstruction. Is there no one who can put their foot down? AG, SCOTUS, Marines? Enough!

  10. Will this insanity ever end? I’m so tired of listening to idiotic Democratic responses to anything and everything they don’t agree with. Seems like it’s either their way or your a racist, homophobe, etc. I always thought that’s why we have elections.

  11. The closer it gets to election night, the crazier nanny and the rest of them get. They are pushing more and more of their party to cross over and they are too stupid to figure it out! Sad!

  12. Nancy should be be put on trial for breathing –she is a real piece of work -does not have the American people s well being in mind——she has her bank account in mind—Choke on that ice cream —

  13. The A.G. could have them hauled out in handcuffs for treason to the constitution possibly and put them in holding cells if not just call in the Marines and have them
    taken straight to GITMO for insurrection and a attempting a coup against the President

  14. WOW when is Americans going to wake up???? The demented Democrats are ruining this country for what cause Trump showed them how to win an election and run a country to benefit Americans, get people back to work & making better livings for their families, get people off welfare, put places like China etc. etc. in their place. Then Harris say these riots & protest (not so peaceful) are not going to stop unless we put Biden in, now Pelosi wants to impeach the President again for doing his constitutional duty. Seems like to me the demented Democrats are just BIG BULLIES, if they don’t get their own way they will threaten us, boy that does not sound American!

  15. Piglosi can threaten all she wants cause she has no legal and valid articles that are a impeachment offense. All she and the Democrats have is their Hate and they are AFRAID. Biden is not going to win

  16. Piglosi can threaten all she wants cause she has no legal and valid articles that are a impeachment offense. All she and the Democrats have is their Hate and they are AFRAID. Biden is not going to win and neither is Harris

  17. Your impeachment didn’t workout last time and I’m sure it would not work out again!! Suck it up and get over it!! Just go to sleep!!

  18. She wants to run the country -we can not let this happen.
    Look at all the revenue she has wasted on false claims and time too.
    What have the Dems done for us?
    Their are worse than Russia. Killing our freedom.
    God protect us and babies.

  19. This woman is completely insane. She continues to think that she has some sort of authority that supersedes the Constitution but she doesn’t. When will the idiots in California wake up and get rid of this wench? She is useless and has done more to destroy this country than help it.

  20. How much of our money does this dried up old wind bag get to waste? How can we put an end to this witch hunt that started before President Trump was even in office? Something must be done!

  21. I guess they will impeach Trump for not honoring RBG final request to not appoint a new justice until we have a new president.

  22. Crazy nanny and chuckles schumer are such a delight to nk listen to-‘BARF BARF BARF [email protected] And we have sleepy puppet joe being handled by kammal hore. What’s next? GET ALL OF THE LEGIT VOTERS YOU CAN FIND TO VOTE TO FIRE THESE CLOWNS!

  23. If she impeaches Trump successfully, which is a huge if, Mike Pence is next in succession and can nominate who he wants for the Supreme Court. Even if the Senate is flipped to Democrap control, the newly electeds don’t take their seats until January, leaving plenty of time to confirm the pick while the Republicans are still in charge. The Libtards will scream and unleash Antifa to stop it, but if the insurrection, and that’s what it will be, gets too bad, Pence can call in the military. The Constitution says so. Then the rest of us can have an open season on Libtards.

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