August 9, 2022

Nancy Pelosi is spending money on a company she’s telling others to boycott

We all knew that Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite – but we didn’t know she would be this brazen about it.

Fox reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on advertisers to boycott social media networks unless the outlets agree to restrict “dangerous” political speech, even as her campaign spent over $180,000 on Facebook ads over the past week.

So that’s how it is Nancy. Do as I say, not as I do.

Or in this case “stop spending money on the thing I’m spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on.”

Fox again:

Pelosi said advertisers should use “a combination” of tactics to pressure social media companies to change their policies, including pulling ad revenue.

Pelosi spent $182,528 on Facebook ads over the past seven days, according to Facebook’s public database. The spending shows the value Democrats place on the platform as a political fundraising and organizing tool, even as they call for tighter speech restrictions on the site.

Of course, Facebook isn’t a friend to conservatives – quite the opposite. But Pelosi and her ilk are frustrated that Facebook is only mildly left of center, instead of being dyed in the wool communist revolutionaries like she would prefer.

You’d think that Pelosi would have some shame – maybe stop spending money on Facebook for a week or two while she makes a fuss about how it’s insufficiently servile to the Democrat party. The fact that she’s not even pretending to do so shows that she thinks Americans are too naive to see her hypocrisy.

She’s wrong. We see right through you, Nancy.

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Lan Huynh (@guest_1011856)
2 years ago

I totally agree!

Don (@guest_1012025)
2 years ago

I’ve never heard anyone ever say anything else about her yet her district keeps electing her even while it goes into the toilet. So who’s really responsible for the country having to up with Pelousy’s behavior?

Linda Sandsness (@guest_1012091)
2 years ago

How much of Facebook does she & her family have invested?
Whats in it for her?
She has been taking millions for her insider trading within other countries under the guise of America.
She made more millions on the COVID-19 pandemic with her insider info alone.
Martha did her time, Pelosi needs to do her time in a jumpsuit.



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