September 26, 2022

Nancy Pelosi is getting destroyed by the left

For the first time in years, Nancy Pelosi is facing full-blown criticism from the left. After years of enabling her pettiness and tone-deafness, she finally went too far. And her enemies in the extreme left of the party smell blood in the water.Β 

The catalyst was a horrifically condescending moment of cultural appropriation. Pelosi and her fellow rich white Democrat colleagues donned kente cloths, a piece of traditional Ghanaian garb.

Pelosi is used to having media scribes gush breathlessly over her fashion statements, which range from wearing all white at the state of the union, to matching her masks to her outfit. For conservatives tired of the fawning media pieces about her “strategic genius” and “fashion politics,” the expectation that similar gushing would follow Pelosi’s latest gambit must have been strong.

But that’s not what happened. In fact, the reaction was swift and angry.

The New Yorker, which studiously avoids criticizing Democrats, raged about “The Embarrassment of Democrats Wearing Kente-Cloth Stoles.” GQ, which has morphed from a men’s magazine into a Marxist cesspool, said Pelosi’s playacting needs “to end.” Woke comedian Trevor Noah even filmed a segment mocking the choice:

The sudden shift against Pelosi is no accident. The woke left understands that Pelosi, however useful she has been, is not one of them. She’s too old, and not quite insane enough (although not for lack of trying).

She may be useful as a tool against President Trump. But in their overconfidence about beating Trump in November, many leftists are already planning a post-Trump regime, and it’s clear that Pelosi doesn’t have a place in it.

This isn’t just speculation. When asked if she’d support Pelosi for another term as Speaker, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the bellwether of the Marxist wing of the Democrat party, refused to answer.

If I was Nancy Pelosi, I’d be worried right now.

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