September 29, 2020

Nancy Pelosi has overplayed her hand on coronavirus relief

Earth to Nancy Pelosi, when even the New York Times gets nervous, you know you’ve overplayed your hand.

The Times just put out an unusually nervous story on Pelosi’s game of chicken on the coronavirus relief bill. After acknowledging that Pelosi is playing hardball, and going through the obligatory fawning praise of her supposed negotiating prowess, the Times acknowledges: “Ms. Pelosi’s strategy carries substantial political risk and real collateral damage, at least in the short term.”

That’s a complicated way of saying that the American people won’t forget that she’s using their distress as a political pawn. She doesn’t care how long everyday Americans have to suffer as long as she gets her liberal “Christmas wish list.”

The Times notes:

She has publicly heaped disdain on her White House negotiating partners as she plays hardball in daily private meetings in her Capitol office suite, convinced that she has political leverage to force Republicans to agree to far more generous aid than they have offered. She has been unwilling to bow to the Trump administration’s demands for a much narrower bill or a stopgap solution.

Meanwhile, her support in the Democratic party is starting to show cracks:

The impasse prompted Mr. Trump to take unilateral action on Saturday to provide relief on his own with a series of executive actions — though it remains unclear if he has the legal authority to do so. And it has sown uneasiness even among some rank-and-file Democrats, particularly those who represent politically competitive districts and are eager to show voters their party is capable of bipartisan compromise on pressing issues.

“We cannot let desperate Americans and small businesses be used as pawns — even in the face of a president and Senate majority leader who appear incapable of empathy,” said Representative Dean Phillips, a first-term Democrat from Minnesota.

On a private conference call on Saturday, Representative Tom Malinowski of New Jersey, another first-term Democrat, warned that a lack of an agreement would prompt his voters to declare “a pox on all our Houses. Congress is broken. Washington is broken.”

Trump is eating Pelosi’s lunch here. His unilateral action to assist Americans devastated by lockdowns was a move that she wasn’t prepared for, and now, she’s been exposed as the obstructionist she is.

Read the story here.

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76 Responses

  1. Piglosi, not only Mr. Trump laughing, the American people are laughing at you and your minions. Why are you so slow in learning your games aren’t going to work in your favor.

      1. Your right Kitty and what she wants is to run the country if she can get Trump and Pence out of the way she would be the sitting president. Thats why she wanted to first impeach Trump and then Pence and she thought she would be home free. Now I think she will not keep her seat in congress and it’s bye bye Nancy. Wow wouldn’t that be the greatest thing that could happen along with Trump being voted into office for a second term. Pelosi and Soros will be found out for their plans and affiliations with Antifa and other violent groups and I believe that all this is happening because GOD wants to see everyone all the bad people that are running this country and expose all their breaking of laws and cheating the American public of tax dollars that should have been spent for medical care and other humane purposes but the democrats lined their pockets with the money and check out all the millionaires in Congress and Senate along with state Governors and Mayors that have been in charge of democratic states. THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING DOWN IN 2020!!!!!!

      2. That’s why she is pushing Biden for president, with Harris as VP. She will have Biden declared incompetent, then force Harris to resign and presto Pelosi is president.

  2. Pelosi and her supporters work off of the DUMB SIDE OF STUPID with no concept of right.
    But hey, they know what we need we don’t. Her words.

  3. Pelosi just got exposed for who she really is-a selfish lady that only cares about what she wants, not what’s best for Americans

  4. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, nobody cares what you have to say. Go back to what is left of your state and take care of your personal slaves you own.

  5. They’ve been doing this for years. Finally got a President who can’t be bought or put in a political corner. Hopefully Pelosi and her minions will be voted out soon. Doubt it though being from California and New York states. Can’t fix stupid! Drain the Damn Swamp!!!

  6. Pieceafeces Pelosi is extremely consumed by herself and her very selfish ambitions in her own little world. May her disdain for America and ALL Americans plague her and her entire family, friends and supporters too In such a highly infectious way that it makes their lives miserable.

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