June 14, 2021

Nancy Pelosi forced to walk back plans for banquet after major backlash

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took a beating in the headlines over the past week for scheduling a traditional sit-down dinner for new members of Congress, especially given the fact that Democrats have shamed Americans for the past six months for gathering with family or friends to share a meal in the age of COVID-19.

According to The New York Post, the pressure Pelosi faced over the dinner must have been too great, as it was announced on Friday that plans for the fancy gathering inside the U.S. Capitol building were scrapped and instead, new lawmakers were provided with boxed dinners to go.

Earlier in the week, Pelosi attempted to defend holding the lavish dinner for her new colleagues, promising that proper social distancing would be in place, even saying that a Capitol doctor had signed off on the event.

“@SpeakerPelosi told me it’s safe. ‘It’s very spaced,’ she said and there is enhanced ventilation and the Capitol physician signed off,” NBC correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell tweeted.

During the same time period, according to Business Insider, several Democrat governors generated nationwide controversy by announcing harsh restrictions for families planning their traditional family Thanksgiving dinners, leaving Americans wondering why gathering for dinners would be allowed for lawmakers but not for them.

Not surprisingly, Republicans railed Pelosi for going on with the ceremony, but the controversy even caught the attention of staunch Democrat Chelsea Clinton, who pleaded with Pelosi via Twitter to cancel it.

“Please cancel these in-person dinners, @SpeakerPelosi & @kevinomccarthy to keep everyone safe from #covid19 – yourselves, your new members, servers, the Capitol police and all of their families and contacts. And, to show public health leadership,” Clinton tweeted.

It didn’t take long before Pelosi’s chief of staff, Drew Hammill, pulled back on the idea of holding a traditional welcome dinner and offered the choice for new members of Congress to eat inside or take their dinner to go. Ultimately, they scrapped any in-person dining altogether, forcing the new members to take boxed dinners to go.

“Members-elect are now picking up their boxed meals and departing the Capitol. There is no group dinner. Members-elect are in DC already for orientation,” Hammill tweeted on Friday.

It’s likely that many Americans wouldn’t have cared if Pelosi followed through with the traditional dinner if she wasn’t constantly guilty of following the Democrats’ “rules for thee, but not for me” mantra.

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33 Responses

  1. Its a FACT that this ignoramus is totally eons away from REALITY! Throuw her out once and for all with a straightjacket, shes not well Im telling you. has caca for brain matter.

  2. Totally disregard the communist restrictions on gatherings for Thanksgiving!! We must push back and reclaim our freedoms and rights and if the communist don’t like it, they can go live in a communist country!! They have NO RIGHT TO LIFE IN A FREE AMERICA!!

    1. You got that right. They are all traitors of our country and should be hung for their high crimes of treason trying to sell our country Out to the Chinese. Hang them all I would even come and pray for them before they hang.

  3. Plus they should not be here doing their abuses under the Constitution as their rights
    That is not a right there
    Plus bottled fed on taxpayers dollars and NOT REPRESENTING the real Americans
    They should be IN JAIL or in the Gallows for treason…so on, on, on, on……
    The label at that angle

  4. Pelosi is finished! Democrats are even turning against here. Poor Chelsea begging her to stop. Boo boo! Hope all the Dems get Covid and croak! They more than deserve it. Lets go Trump and the them up in knots with their phony hoaxes! It’s our turn to play!!

  5. She needs to be finding a way to help the American people that have no jobs needing money for food rent. Instead of planning lavish activities and still sends dinner home with them instead of donating it to those in need.

  6. Maybe praying for the Democrats would be more productive instead of wishing sickness & death on them. There’s this saying in the Bible about praying for your enemies being equal to piling “hot coals” on their heads. I’ve actually seen prayer played out in people’s lives. It WORKS!

  7. Is the old hag Nancy Pelosi handing out dinners to the homeless in her home district in California? I think not! ” The Queen” looks like she will be handing the gavel over to someone else & joining the rest of the commoners on congress floor! Trump 2020!

  8. I’m not for name calling or demeaning anyone. The re-counts are so that every American who wished to vote would have their vote counted. They have that right. Also President Trump and his Crew have found many fraudulent activities concerning the votes. Rather the vote shows Biden the Winner or not isn’t really the point. But if either of our Presidential Candidates have cheated or stolen the American votes than we must re-count. I personally am very interested in all that’s uncovered. Rather you like either Candidate or not is not important. I voted for the One whose platform I agreed with. There’s enough hate and bitterness. Let’s see some honesty and respect. Our Children and Grandchildren are watching and listening,

  9. Nancy just needs to learn that she can’t always get what she wants, all because she’s speaker of the house, and furthermore, that’s unfare that law-makers can have dinner with each other but not families, that’s rude, crude, and socially Unexceptible Nancy Peloci!

  10. Trump is STILL THE PRESIDENT AND HE SHOULD HAVE THE FINAL WORD NOT THAT PELOSI, Americans are sick and tired of the democratic criminals telling the country what the hell to do and not do, it’s time they get the hell off their high horse and prepare for for four more of president Trump as he won the reelection and biden is NOT THE PRESIDENT ELECT AS THAT PHRASE DOES NOT APPEAR IN ANY OFFICAL SINAGE FOR SOMJKEONE WHO IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Just plain joe is what he is and TRUMP IS STILL THE PRESIDENT.

  11. Good to see Piglosi get slapped down! She won’t be speaker of the house in the next Congress! People are sick of her crap, even a lot of her demonrat congress people don’t want her as speaker! Wouldn’t it chap her baggy old butt for Kevin McCarthy become the speaker, while she had to be a bystander? I would love to see that! It would make my day!!

  12. Can anyone on this site tell me why Kam can make a threat to Trump and not get arrested but civilian get arrested for same threat to Biden. Oh I know Kam above God and the law as all satanrats can as have ‘ privaledge . as VP Elect This was on a post somewhere today do not remember which site on gmail it is a headline.

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