May 17, 2021

Nancy Pelosi doubles down: Joe Biden should skip debates

Less than a week before the first presidential debate, Nancy Pelosi is urging presidential candidate Joe Biden to back out.

Pelosi and her ilk are terrified that Joe Biden won’t be able to handle the debate, which won’t be as carefully controlled as most of his media appearances. But they won’t admit that.

Instead, Pelosi has a weak excuse for dodging the debate:

“I just think that the president has no fidelity to fact or truth and, actually in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution of the United States…he and his henchmen are a danger, with their comments, are a danger to our democracy.”

Of course “our democracy,” is based on free speech, guaranteed in the first amendment. The Democrats don’t like free and open debate because they’ll lose 100 times out of 100 if the playing field is level.

After her weak attempt at explaning why Joe should drop out, Pelosi added: “Why bother?”

Here’s one good reason Nancy: America deserves to see what a fraud you are.

If Trump is such a liar, why doesn’t Joe debate him and show the American people the truth? That’s the point of a debate.

Of course, Joe skipping the debate has nothing to do with supposed concerns over the truth. It has everything to do with the fact that the Democrats are trying to lie to the American people about Joe Biden’s mental fitness. 

They’re the real danger to our democracy.

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125 Responses

  1. Hey Crazy Nancy, if there are no debates, the Democrats should automatically be forced to forfeit the election because they don’t have a qualified candidate to run for President. Go Trump!

      1. Vp Biden states he will run the country , but with no debate all he is doing is running like a coward , no way we can have a stupid coward in charge , Vote Trump 2020

        1. Clifford, Agree with your posting except for one troublesome item that is: “Vp Biden” should this not be shown as “former Vp Biden”

    1. Nancy knows that Biden would completely mess up any participation he might have in a debate ! She’s still trying to BS her way through her own untenable position by claiming that it’s all Trump’s fault. My oh my……she’s mentally deranged right along with her ‘candidate.’


    2. Amen! Of course we already knew they don’t have a qualified candidate! And now they may also be suspecting the same! Apparently George Soros didn’t do HIS job very well!😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😂 TRUMP 2020!

      1. I think Soros and/or the DNC know what they are doing, Where they messed up is misjudging how soon things would go fully belly up mentally with Biden. The plan all along has been to get him elected with a VP they approved of then declare him incompetent so he would be replaced by the VP.

    3. Jim: Thanks, so right you are there. Dead Head Biden, Pelosi, Newsome, and all DumbOcrates are not mentally fit to serve. Thanks.

    4. If Joe Biden — or any other Senate Democrat challenger skips a debate, President Trump and/or any other Senate GOP incumbent should march onto that debate stage & take questions from the moderator an audience. Show voters Republicans are eager to engage issues on behalf of citizens. Take that stage and FIGHT. Show Americans an EMPTY podium for JOE BIDEN or Hickenlooper in Colorado or Mark Kelly in Arizona.

  2. Piglosi has NO say about the debates! If Biden backs out, it proves he has a LOT to hide! And the demonrats are afraid ol’ joe can’t cut it on the debate stage! They are afraid he will let “ the cat out of the bag” and show them up for the louses they all are! Vote red!!!!!

    1. Talking about that Trump doesn’t know anything about the Constitution of the United States and, Pelosi thinks she is smarter than Trump…She’s wrong about the Biden debate, she has no hold on that…

    2. Absolutely! No other choice but to re-elect the best President we’ve had since George W.
      TRUMP 2020! TRUMP JR 2024! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. George W Bush and Obama are tied as worst presidents ever! W and Cheney lied about WMDs to get us into war and it is still going on. Obama had so many dirty dealings..Iran…bowing to Muslims, Selling the Mexican cartels weapons… too many to list. Trump is the best president since Ronald Reagan for sure. Vote for trump or lose the country to Marxists.

      2. Trump, Jr. is not constitutionally eligible. Neither is Ivanka, Eric or Barron. A “natural born citizen” is one born on U.S. soil to parents who are themselves, citizens. All five of the Trump children were born in NY, but the eldest three and the youngest, were born before their respective mothers became citizens. Only Tiffany was born on U.S. soil to parents who were both citizens. “Citizen at/by birth” is not the same thing as “natural born citizen”.

  3. There is no way Biden is going to debate Trump. The Democrats cannot afford to look like they have been parading a mentally deficient person around for president because once the people see that they’re going to know Trump has not been lying and they have been lying. When the debates don’t happen I hope the president does a state of the union to explain exactly why Biden skip the debates

    1. if the debates are not cancelled,I believe at the very last moment,the Democrats will come give some lying lame brain excuse that Biden suddenly can’t show up and they will insert someone,they claim,can speak FOR Biden which would be another act of corruption against the American people !! the people of this country need to hear from both candidates,not some stand in for either one

      1. The Democrats are good at pulling the woll over the eyes of the American voter. They have good writers and will NEVER quit the hate of America.

        Will she even survive the left?
        I pray she survives

      2. Biden’s stand-in is the teleprompter! The Marxists should just put the teleprompter on camera and let poor Joe sit and rest. Probably less dangerous to their campaign!
        🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      3. They will probably try to insert Harris emplace of DeminchJoe to lie to the people, but Harris is not Biden, and can not stand in for him. She can not show the people the he is able to endure the stress of the debates, mentally or physically. Let a lone if he stay awake that long.

    2. An up-to-date SOTU speech would be a great acceptance speech after the election! Only problem is the Marxists don’t want to hear it and won’t listen!
      Pelosi 🙉
      Schumer 🙉
      Harris 🙉
      Obama 🙉
      Soros 🙉
      TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP on the weasels!

        1. Yes totally agree with you it has been proven he is giving to the Democrats to help them win why isn’t this being investigated

    3. If he doesn’t debate he should be excluded from the election. We need to put a stop to this mail in voting scam and must have some checks and balances in place to counter and detect the fraud before the fact. Better yet if every citizen wants a free America and lawful for your family especially your children, then Vote straight Republican ticket and in person and we will win in a land slide which would take the guessing out of who won on election night and President Trump to be announced as the winner # Landslide!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on people for our future!!!!!!!

  4. I still cannot understand why the Democrats chose BIden to be their candidate for the President of the United States ! ! ! Absolutely does not make sense. At that time they were well aware of his mental state. Can‘t even believe that it would have been to get in their current candidate for Vice President, to take over after the election, should Biden win . . . . . . As her background is not very favorable.

    1. the dems can prop a dead man up in a chair and still vote for him.but abuse of a corpse is against the they got joe biden.close enough!

    2. Ruth:
      Russian, Chinese’s Monies!!! are the Reason, they are all CCP, Russian Biden Dead head Puppets of these Communists Party Leaders, All Scum bags, Pelosi, Biden, Soros, Killery, Obumers. Maoists, Bums.

    3. They chose Biden because if he’s elected (and that’s a big if) someone other than him will be in charge. That puts Tamala Harris in position to run our country).
      That would be a total disaster with her record.

    4. “why the Democrats chose Biden”? Because they don’t have anyone better. Can you name a possible Democrat (one who doesn’t go entirely against their programs) who is more honest, has greater probity, is even less objectionable than Joe Biden? He may be deteriorating mentally, but the rest of them are BS Crazy. They supported anarchy and destruction, bad enough, but they thought it would increase their popularity. Other than with the rioters and arsonists.

      1. We the people of the United States of America demand a debate from Joe Biden if he want debate president trump then he should go a head and an admit defeat and pelosi Schumer and all them should stay out of it and Hillary and Obama because we the people should be able to speak what we want they don’t tell us what to do we are demanding a debate betweenn biden and president trump because we pay the government their salary through our taxes and we’re tired of pelosi wasting them!.

    5. because as Biden said, the vp I pick better be ready the first day to be President!! That means he is just FIGURE HEAD HERE RIGHT NOW. kAMALA has plans and so do the democraps. They are so dishonest lie, cheat, steal and do an awful lot of defamation of people. They like the elites live in their own twilight zone. Love the Trumpet. a great man , very transparent!!!!!! He will win.

    6. Joe and Nancy promise to do all these great things for America. Why haven’t they done it the last 30+ years instead of right now. They are both hypocrites of the highest degree. And then, throw the chameleon Into the heap of the leftists lies and you have a perfect dysfunctional ticket!!

    7. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, are running on a communist agenda.

  5. Everyone in their right mind knows for a fact that Joe Biden is not of right mind and he is unfit for the position of president. I don’t understand how there can even be an election if they don’t have a competent person running on the democratic side. There should be some kind of physiological examination of both people running if it isn’t already.

    1. They will say he has the coronavirus..Its a quick out.Even if he stays in the bunker.And has a”Lid” on his campaign.Somehow he will catch it..They all are “Smoke and mirrors”.There whole campaign has been that.If you have half a brain.You can see right through it..TRUMP 2020!!!

  6. There’s absolutely NO WAY the Dems. are going to allow “DEMENTIA Joe” to debate Pres.Trump—They’ll find SOME excuse at the last minute for him to back out—MARK MY WORDS !!!

  7. The debate must come now or tomorrow. they cannot run away from the debate for the next 40 days. There Biden will be a real disappointment to his party.

  8. I’m a physician who has treated many mentally impaired patients and can recognize age related dementia” and joe has advanced mental impairment. He should not be put in position of governing America. Any open discussion such as the debate will evidence this. His movements and facial rigidity expose this. Ask any neurologist.

    1. I believe you’re so right Dr. , and everybody around him should be put in prison(including his wife) for attempting to pull a FRAUD over “we the people”. Joe BIDEN is the last corrupt person we need to have access to the “nuke code”because he’s dumber than a rock w/out his dementia and Kamala Harris slept her way to the top (almost)and she’s part of that lying crime cabal.

    2. I totally agree with you..They might go for it,though.And shoot him full of amphetamines.Just hope he doesn’t have a heart attack..

    3. But did any of you see the clip early this morning that he has a device under the skin above one ear .And a device in his pocket that turns it on when he needs too.

    4. Biden also uses anger to defend himself. He has a problem with understanding questions .
      He either tries quickly change the subject or he replies with anger.
      Also when you’re caught in a lie anger is the first response.
      People showing signs of dimentia also show signs of anger and confusion.

  9. I think that the organizers of the debates have a duty to the people of the United States to make Joe Biden take his little black box out of his pocket, you know the one that activates the hearing implant implanted so he can recive answers to the questions. Keep your hands on the podium and out of your pockets Biden. I know it’s democrat thing to cheat but for once in your life try to tell the truth.

  10. I have been saying the same two things for months:

    1. COVID was created by the Chinese and used as biological warfare with the aims of destabilizing the US markets and the destruction of Western society.

    2. Hillary will present herself as the last great hope of the Democrat party as soon as Joe drops out due to health. She still has those 66 million voters she had in 2016 because they are all extremely ill with TDS.
    Right now, she might actually win. Hopefully, the investigations around Operation Crossfire will snag her. Who knows? She’s been getting away with crapola for 40 years!

    1. The CLINTON’S are career CRIMINALS.
      Look back on some unexplained murders when they were in the White House and even further back in Arkansas.
      HILLARY thinks she’s Immune.
      She’s a power monger
      Pelosi ‘s the excuse maker

  11. HEY PEWLOSI, it’s time for YOU or BIDEN or someone in your deranged, incapable DEMOCRAPIC PARTIE to step forward and speak up for yourself. All any of you EVER DO is CRITICIZE POTUS !! You have NOTHING to say about how YOU & YOUR PARTY will enact ideas and programs that will HELP AMERICANS more than HE is. So great of your lame excuse for a candidate to BLURT OUT how HE will raise taxes on all of us the day he takes office. Now THAT’s certainly something for us to get EXCITED ABOUT, HUH ?

    So let’s see …. wonder what else we have to look forward to ? … hmmm … your narcissistic, condescending VICE PRESIDENT, “headboard harris” — aka the self-anointed TOP COP in the Country? The continuing crybaby act of Chuckie Schumer? The wacko, super leftist rants and raves of AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Mad Max, and your other hopefuls? I THINK NOT !

    My greatest hope is that you and your menagerie of MISFITS ALL GO DOWN ON 11/03 … It IS THE MOST DESPICABLE group of phonies I’ve ever seen ! ENOUGH !!! TRUMP IN 2020 !

  12. What does biden have to debate & campaign for ? All he knows is his career of organized crime , sedition , perversion , high treason , being a criminal in at least 3 countries , : he wasn’t a 8 year V.P. of a terrorist for no reason ! And he was in on obama’s 2015 FUNDING of their communist chinese lab that CREATED the Virus for millions of deaths – worldwide , per their NWO agenda goals . Not to mention using stolen taxpayer funds to do it !

  13. It’s really sad that our own country has people like Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in it… I was brought up believing our Government worked together to make this country Great . But it now comes down to one Man to make this happen, President Trump. He has my support and the majority of Michigan..

  14. I have been saying this for the last month or so. Joe cannot debate without the teleprompter. on Sept 28, word will come from the Biden camp that Joe is ill and the debate will have to be put off. He cannot debate President Trump because the President is smart enough to use all the information about Hunter against him!

  15. If creepy, demented, perverted, corrupt, hiding, Biden backs out of the debate & I were Trump I would show up and answer all the debate questions. That way Trump shows that he not afraid to answer any question the left leaning media might throw at him. Maybe the time of the debate is past Sleepy, Creepies bed time and that’s why he can’t make it? Trump 2020!

  16. Pelosi has another plan in mind. If she can delay the outcome of the election until after January 20th the constitution says the speaker of the house automatically becomes president pro tem. Does this scare you as much as it does me?

    1. You better believe it scares me. However, the mindset that America is in would be a very dangerous time for
      a Pelosi President wanna be. I doubt she would survive the acceptance speech. just saying!!

  17. Biden has expressed his desire to take on Trump in the debates, to demolish him. He even said, over six weeks ago, that he “could not wait” for the opportunity. Pelosi wants to prevent Joe from having that opportunity. So who is running this Progressive circus, Joe – Or Nancy? Who is the leader? Biden wants the debates. Don’t stand in his way.

  18. It is a disgrace that Biden’s family, and the Democrats have allowed this to happen! Biden needs protection now with his mental state. It has gone sooo far now that he will be ridiculed in his last days. Why is it there is so much hatred for Trump, who has kept his promises, and done THE most for our country, that the left would go to absolutely ANY lengths to take him down. Even the dignity of one who spent half a century of “service”.

  19. In any sport or debate,if the opposing party cannot or will not be there for the other team,or in this case,to be the next President of the UNITED STATES,yes they should be FORCED to forfeit! Jim is right on that. Also from the way joe’s “talk” goes from not understandable to coherent, he should have to take a drug test! But do NOT make it impartial. President Trump also have to do the same drug test. But, you should NOT have an “advantage”over the other opponent! Hey, you have to take a drug test when you get a government job! This is the most important job, for the people!

  20. All of the people that have responded before me “ARE ABSOLUTELY ON TARGET!” Hidin Biden has certainly lost it.
    He is a joke in the highest order.

    I can not believe that the DNC has let him run for the Presidency. They must have something up their sleeve?

  21. They’re pulling out the Democracy card again. Every Dem including Biden, Harris, Schumer have pounded this statement! Whatever THEY say about Trump is what they will do or are doing…they have denigrated the Constitution, and will destroy our democracy! Hope people understand what’s going on!

  22. this reminds me of the 1996 election cycle when Dole faced Clinton. he was so close to what Biden is today, they knew they had no chance of winning!

  23. I have had the feeling all along that these debates would be canceled. Trump lives in pelosi’s head, and it is driving her crazy. I find it odd that pelosi has to do the speaking and not Biden. With all the news breaking about both Bidens, pelosi is scared to death of what might surface and about trump beating up Biden in the debates over the breaking news of both Bidens. If he doesn’t debate and answer questions about his actions in the Ukraine scandal, the race is over and Nancy dumb A looks like a fool that she is!!!!!

  24. Biden needs to answer questions on lots of things including, but not limited to, being the deciding vote on taxing social security at any amount not necessarily the amounts chosen. Most people, including Biden couldn’t live on what we get and the increases are a joke! Where are you Joe? Hiding as usual!

  25. If the debate takes place sniffing biden will answer the questions from his basement. The democrats will say that he has the pelosi virus and can not come out for fear of infecting others. You know, he’s such a caring guy and doesn’t want to hurt others.

  26. Doesn’t matter if Biden is at the debates he won’t have Kamelian there to whisper in his ear.
    Pelosi will be removed from her position soon, so we won’t have to hear her much longer.
    VOTE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I don’t think piglousey would become president if the results don’t come before Jan 20 I think it would go to the Supreme Court to decide on anything but I believe the demonrats are already planing a court battle

  28. Another thought if bribe em can’t debate just have TRUMP and an empty chair and when the questions are asked no answer from the chair on any question ok debate over
    Or have piglousey take his place and TRUMP does a Clinton on her hilarious

  29. Thank you everyone for all the comments. I loved them and you kept me laughing throughout the reading.
    I have every confidence that our President will absolutely win the election and be our President for another
    four years.

  30. That is what needs to happen so if Pelosi wants to run this country instead of the nominatie and she has so much power let’s see what she has to say since she has stopped helping the American people

  31. Pelosi insists that Joe Biden should skip the debate. Why? She doesn’t have an answer to this question. Then she goes from Biden to Trump, telling us how bad Trump is. But why do we need Pelosi for this? Joe Biden himself will prove in the debates around the country how bad Trump is. And we will all decide which of them is best for us. Why do we need Pelosi ???

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