May 13, 2021

Nancy Pelosi dismisses GOP lawsuit – we’ll see who laughs last

In bombshell news, it appears that Nancy Pelosi has been named as a defendant in federal court. Pelosi is desperately trying to play it cool, but the latest developments clearly have her rattled.

Her arch-rival, House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, just made a Pelosi-like play by suing the Speaker in Federal court over her unconstitutional power grab, proxy voting.

News outlets report:

House Republicans will sue Democrats to block a plan to permit proxy voting on the House floor, aides to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Tuesday.

“Giving your vote as a member of Congress to another person is just simply not allowed and not envisioned in the Constitution,” House GOP leadership aides said Tuesday…

Republicans have named as defendants in the case Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat who pushed the rules change through the House with only Democratic votes earlier this month. Republicans have also named House Clerk Cheryl Johnson and Sergeant-at-Arms Paul D. Irving.

McCarthy is 100% right. Pelosi is literally stealing the representation of millions of Americans.

If elected representatives refused to do their job in Washington, that’s not an excuse for Pelosi to “vote” for them. If they aren’t in Congress, their votes don’t count. Period.

Pelosi, for her part, tried to play off the charges, saying that the lawsuit was a “sad stunt.”

No Speaker Pelosi. Your attempt to disenfranchise voters is the stunt – and a dangerous one at that.

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107 Responses

  1. Well it’s about time ! But she’s not the only one .for right now we must get rid of Nancy ! Then the Clintons ! And Obama and Soros ! He is the master mind behind the Clintons and Pelosi ! Time to drain that swamp ! First Pelosi ! Now and poor a Trump has to undo the damage Nancy has already done with the CA votes ! They all need to be shredded send new ballots to the real. Americans in CA and have them vote in person with real ID .THATS THE AMERICAN. WAY . THE REAL AMERICANS THAT WANT TO VOTE DEMOCRATIC. HAS THAT. RIGHT ! DO IT HONEST AND IT WON’T BE A PROBLEM ! AMEN🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍👍👍

    1. Ann I agree with you George Soros has such a gripe on the this democratic congress and I guess pays well!!! They sure do his bidding!! This congress, Obama,Hillary are all under his power! Obama tried to rob us dry suppling Iran with money and supported ISIS the whole time he was president!! Then when he failed to completely destroy America they put hillary into try and finish the job!!! Thank our almighty God they failed!! I pray that she will be voted out of office!!! Thirty-two years is to long , she is senile, power hungry and has her husband and other family members on taxpayer jobs to make them rich too!!!
      People in San Francisco please wake up to what is happening to your district, people living on the streets,pooping and spreading diseases, draining the resources and making your state a sanctuary state that does nothing to help the people! And the sad thing is she doesn’t care about you!!

    2. Most people don’t know that Soros was a Nazi and help confiscate Jewish homes and property. He claimed he is a EOROPEAN to the U.N. In a letter. He should be stripped of his American citizenship and not allowed to give money to any American organization. I wonder how much he has endowed to Pelosi and the far left?

  2. Pidlosi is the most evil being on the earth, she is Satans helper who needs to go to hell with him.

  3. She thinks she runs the country. Will someone who tested positive please Do your civic duty and cough and sneeze on her.

  4. It is my sincere hope that the Republicans will grow a backbone and fight back against such a treasonous person as Pelosi.

  5. Trump cannot eliminate Pelosi by himself. The other Republicans that are in congress and senate need to get a set of balls. Trump is the only person in Washington D.C. that is willing to put his foot down. He is setting an example for all of congress. It is up to all members of congress to do the right thing. Do your job, NOW. GET RID OF PELOSI ! Then the other rats will follow.

  6. She just keeps hanging herself . She is as dirty as her family was back inthe days her father was a crooked mayor of a big city in Maryland , as I understand even her brother was !

  7. It is time that the Republicans take her to court for all the havoc she has caused since Trump was elected President. She is such a bad loser, who can never stand to lose. Well I for one, hope she loses this court battle,as voting by Proxy is a load of rubbish. It is time for her to step down anyway. She is an old lady of 80 years old and has no business still trying to run things, and having her little tantrums when things don’t go her way.

  8. if they allow mail in voting SHE WILL WIN AGAIN. don’t think the corruption does not work in her favor.
    Dead people vote. I have seen it before.

  9. Her and the rest of her ilk need to be in jail. Their day of reckoning is coming! This GREAT President has exposed the deep corruption and the swamp WILL BE DRAINED!

  10. As California will have mostly mail in voting and ballot harvesting, Pelosi will win again. All the dead, the illegals, and the terminally stupid will vote for her. No ID required, just get a driver’s license and be registered automatically, you won’t even be asked to show any ID.

  11. Pelosi is the most despicable human being on earth. That’s all she knows is lies and corruption, She and the rest of Democraps are so full of hatred that it has become an obsession to take President Trump economy down. NO to voting by mail. That is their only way of winning anything. All they want is POWER AND MONEY. They all ready pad their bank accounts.

  12. Please unsubscribe me from your email list. Too many emails and I don’t enjoy them, I am 75 years old.

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