April 21, 2021

Nancy Pelosi condemns pardon of former NSA Michael Flynn

President Trump shocked the nation by issuing a full presidential pardon for his former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn this week after years of relentless persecution from the left.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) responded to the news by issuing a furious proclamation condemning the pardon and claiming that Trump’s decision was a “brazen abuse of power.”

“It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday in a surprise announcement — immediately initiating a wave of hysterical condemnations of Flynn.

Pelosi, who has made it her mission to obstruct and undermine President Trump at every turn, wasted no time issuing a statement calling the action unjustified and hyperventilating about Trump’s ‘abuse’ of his presidential pardoning powers.

“President Trump’s pardoning of Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his dealings with a foreign adversary, is an act of grave corruption and a brazen abuse of power,” Pelosi declared.

“Trump is again using the pardon power to protect those who lie to cover up his wrongdoing, just as he did when he commuted the sentence of campaign advisor Roger Stone, who was convicted on seven felony counts,” she continued.

Pelosi went on to claim that Flynn’s actions as NSA “constituted a serious and dangerous breach of our national security” and that “he must be held accountable.” The Democrat leader added a call to action for readers to support her “Protecting Our Democracy Act,” which seeks to prevent “any president from abusing the pardon power.”

As White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany noted in a statement after Flynn’s pardon:

General Flynn should not require a pardon. He is an innocent man. Even the FBI agents who interviewed General Flynn did not think he was lying  Multiple investigations have produced evidence establishing that General Flynn was the victim of partisan government officials engaged in a coordinated attempt to subvert the election of 2016 … While today’s action sets right an injustice against an innocent man and an American hero, it should also serve as a reminder to all of us that we must remain vigilant over those in whom we place our trust and confidence.

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31 Responses

  1. Pelosi is worse than President Trump she thinks she runs everything is holding up the stimulus to help Americans out. Why don’t you leave President Trump alone and take care of getting us our stimulus checks

    1. yes patricia she is but there’s a saving grace as there are millions of democrat families that are suffering also.you get what you voted for!

      1. We need to call for Nancy Pelosi’s resignation and if she does not have this Vernon removed by the military. Have the tables turned her . She is thinking that if this all runs very long she will step in as President. We do not need this piece of garbage anywhere close to the White House she is going to turn this country into a third world. Sounds crazy but it is true. Woman is NUTS!

  2. I’d love tosee this headline in the news some morning – soon! – Nancy Pelosi expires peacefully in her sleep. I would be SO OVERJOYED I wouldn’t even begrudge the “peacefully”

  3. Democrats are GUIlTY of everything they accuse Trump of. It is sooooo frighten obvious, they think people are as stupid as they are ?

  4. What a shame, but this to be expected by an arrogant democrat. She acts and accuses Trump and Republicans of being Nazi’s, stopping everything the left has put forth. Thank God for a President that doesn’t take her or any dem BS. For her saying she’s religious, she is the most hateful and disgusting Christian I know. Actually, she seems more like an advocate for the devil. Being she was an only child she only shows how spoiled she is and thinks everyone should do what she wants. Wha, Wha, Wha!!! She’s a narcissist on steroids. Go away and shut up your digging your own demise. What a reputation to remember you by.

  5. Put Nancy behind bars for failing to negotiate a second stimulus bill for the American people because of her arrogance!!!!

  6. This just shows how incompetent the Democrats are.they are all pathetic people.all the crimes the Democrats have done and got away with everything is a shame.and then they are always calling Trump out for miss using his power,everymonth or so try to impeach him what a joke they are.Biden could not get 20 people to his rallies but Democrats says he won these are all circus clowns with devil horn’s. Never trust satan

  7. Although I don’t respect Pelosi and wish people in SFO had the brains to get rid of her, but she is their hero, name calling does not help and one just lowers themselves to the level of the Democrats.

      1. OH, YES, SHE should have been put behind the WALLS of PRISON for MANY YEARS by NOW !! As WELL as MANY OTHER PEOPLE from CA.

  8. Gee, Botox Nan, you must have a limited memory. Eric Holder, BO’s Att General and ‘wingman’ was CONVICTED of lying to Congress, the only Cabinet Member ever to be found guilty. What happened to him?
    Swept under the rug
    BO backed him
    No criminal charges
    No punishment
    Still lying, still saying he wants to run
    Popularized ‘when they go low, we kick them’
    Hollywood women swoon over him!

    But let’s get Flynn because Orange Man Bad.

  9. Flynn’s pardon has Peolsi in a tizzy? She must have gone utterly cataplectic and dissolved into a puddle on the floor over Obama’s pardons in 2016. Biden proposes to release terrorists from Guantanamo – how can we expect the old bat to survive that?

  10. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you need to blame yourself, and all the other dummies in your Democratic party for anything that happens from now on. WE the PEOPLE have got your m/o’s, lie, steal, fraud, hate, bullies & treason. So condemn you & the idiots in your party.

  11. Pelosi shouldn’t point a finger at our President when she,and the Democrat’s, are the ones abusing power. She should be relieved of her House title and put out to pasture. High time she was retired at 80 years old. Bet HER holidays will be wonderful, I’m sure, while millions of American citizens will be lucky to have a holiday meal.

  12. General Flynn has more character and served this country more than any lying scum bag five & dime Demorat politician ever could. Lying, cheating and stealing from the American people while having the word Constitution spewing from their mouth is grounds for a firing squad. There’s only one way to destroy the Establishment. I’ll let you fill in the gaps…Sua Sponte…

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