September 30, 2022

Nancy Pelosi caught spreading false information about riots on national television

Nancy Pelosi just got away with it. On live TV, in front of millions of Americans, she did exactly what she and her cohorts in the Democratic party accuse President Trump of doing every day.

And to no one’s surprise, the media let her get away with it.

It happened during her appearance on ABC’s This Week, with host George Stephanopoulos. After being asked about the violent protests in Minneapolis and other cities, Pelosi responded by spreading fake news to the American people, saying “80 percent of the people who were arrested or taken — taken into custody following what was happening there were from out of — out of the area.”

Pelosi’s claim is part of the strategy seeking to disassociate the problem from the Democratic mayor and governor, who’ve mismanaged Minnesota for years. It’s also been used to promote a batty conspiracy theory that white supremacists are instigating the violence.

It’s also not true. The mayor of St. Paul, who Pelosi credited with the statistic, retracted it in public yesterday after an analysis of arrests showed that 86 percent of arrestees listed their address as a Minnesota one.

Pelosi should have known that. But as always with her, the truth is secondary to the narrative.

Despite the fact that security analysis has shown that there was no significant right-wing extremist presence at the protests, Pelosi and her ilk are desperately trying to pass the blame for the carnage to President Trump, or the right.

It’s up to us to spread the truth and stop her.


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