May 13, 2021

Nancy Pelosi called out on air for stalling on COVID-19 relief

In extremely rare form, the mainstream media on Sunday actually took Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to task over an issue that, before the Capitol riots last week, was the talk of Washington D.C. for months.

According to the Daily Caller, CBS’s “60 Minutes” host Lesley Stahl interviewed the Speaker in the wake of the deadly attacks on the U.S. Capitol, but then pivoted to the COVID-19 relief package, with Stahl accusing Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues of being responsible for stalling the measure for months before it was finally passed. 

Pelosi seemed to have been caught off guard in the interview, as before Stahl broached the subject of the COVID-19 bill, she asserted that Pelosi wasn’t exactly known for her willingness to compromise — a remark that Pelosi quickly defended.

In true Democrat talking point fashion, Pelosi quickly blamed the characterization on Republicans, accusing them of using the language as a “tactic.”

“No, I am,” Pelosi said. “I’ll compromise. We wanna get the job done. I’m not– I’m– mischaracterized by the Republicans that way. But that’s a tactic that they use. But we know we want results for the American people.”

The two then engaged in some mildly heated back-and-forth, with Stahl accusing Pelosi of holding out for eight months on the relief package negotiations and Pelosi, not unexpectedly, blaming that long stretch of time on Republicans engaging in “obstruction.”

Stahl held her ground, even pointing to an anonymous Democrat who blamed Pelosi for the delay on the package, saying that the anonymous Democrat said Pelosi made the party “look like obstructionists” while adding that it was a “big mistake” to stall the bill.

Pelosi denied that it was a mistake while going on to claim that she simply couldn’t support what Republicans were asking for at the time. “Nobody expects me to, to support something that solidifies injustice in our country,” the Speaker said.

It was refreshing to see a member of the media finally press Pelosi on the issue, which from watching the interview, was not something that she expected.

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82 Responses

    1. She will never like everyone to know why it has not be done! NOTHING IN HER BILL WAS FOR WE THE PEOPLE! It was all for her people who keep the $$$$ flowing into her funds, and for other countries, ALWAYS READY TO BLAME SOMEONE ELSE! If I recall you pulled the same BS for the first one! YOU said something on one of your excuses for something else about all YOUR HATE! You were caught! OH< OH I'm a good catholic and was taught not to hate. BUT abortions are OK? Giving money to other people and countries, while WE the People suffer? ALSO give money to groups to keep their $$$$$ coming into your funds? Well 1 night a very knowing dem said the only reason you get in is because of all the $$$ you bring in. WELL just want you to know I and many others hate all you hate and money and misery you have caused! SO LOUD AND CLEAR< WE HATE YOU AND ALL YOU STAND FOR!

        1. Dear sirs and ladies.;I understand that venting like this allows you to get some relief,but……it does not help! We need to find some organizing entity that will fill the void left by President Trump.Otherwise is a waste of time with no obvious results. Whoever gets wind of an organizing organization,let the rest of us know!!!!! Stop patronizing Twiter,facebook and Amazon to begin with.

      1. J Lara, I don’t hate pilosi- I do feel sorry for her as she must be miserable – knowing how she screwed the American people! She and all her money won’t bring her happiness in the end. . .
        Pity. . .

    2. All I can say in California who in there wrong mind voted for this senile old bat and she’s the poster child for term limits to be installed this idiot as been in government for what 45 years or more as he’s a joke shes a drunk as nd shes a commie .

  1. Funny why didn’t they ask her about all the riots and looting and killing that went on by the left for the last year-and-a-half. Why didn’t they ask her about the 700 billion dollars going overseas? You act like this was a real reporter LOL I’m sure you will not let nobody read this LOL

      1. Me too. It was a farce as far as I was concerned. Nasty Nancy did everything she could think of to avoid signing the stimulus bill, simply because the Republicans thought of it first.. She is, in my mind, an evil, manipulating woman, who wants HER way or no way. Personally, I think she should have been arrested after the failed coup attempt against the sitting President, President Trump. She brought him up on trumped up charges, bought and paid for by Horrible Hillary Clinton, the Washington Witch, via the Steele documents. All were proven to be lies and Pelosi should have checked out the info rather than just jumping on the “destroy Trump” parade. She, as well as her House cohorts, should be brought to trial for their actions in attempting to destroy President Trump.

        1. What we have running our politicians in the house, isn’t the godfather, but the Godmother. She controls the the liberal legal mafia type crime family. It’s so obvious to me. The family is compromised and they all follow the ccp and their puppet master. Through the one that politicians depend on for money for their campaigns, the nasty corrupt 80 year old multi millionaire godmother. Military retiree

          1. No, nothing God-like about that one. If Satan has a daughter, her name would be Nancy Pelosi. That’s OK, she will have to meet her maker at some point and she is not going to like the results of that meeting.


    1. ajk, you’re sure right about soon to be destroyed country. Once Biden & Harris go in, thats the second step. The morons voting for them was the first step.

      1. Nancy is only a stooge for someone pulling her strings .Biden gets in and the USA will be part of the one world orderThat’s why the demos were so afraid of Trump.He was totally against it.

  3. Dang I was hoping the insurrection act and this article was going to say she was arrested for treasonable actions trying to get the military to to basically perform a coup and what was supposedly wrong actions on the laptop.

  4. Nancy admitted holding the covid bill due to election coming up & didn’t want them t have credit for helping the public so many people lost jobs & struggled then she wanted her special interests included in the bill such a waste of time & money totally discusting

    1. Whenever bills of any kind, especially covid relief bills came up, pelosi would delay, add things having nothing to do with covid, just because Trump or republicans proposed it! Not only is she an obstructionist, she is an accessory to murder and a traitor to the country.

  5. Our enemies aren’t other countries . Our enemies have a D beside their names. D means more than democrat now.

  6. Pelosi is so full of hate she doesn’t care who she hurts, and she can’t even hide her moustache now.

  7. I know a lot of Democrats that say they will never vote Democrat again as long as Nance Pelosi is still in Congress, they think she is an Idiot and wants to be a controlling person

  8. I have been wondering if she has a personal vendetta against Trump. She is so hateful. She behaves liked the
    scorned woman

  9. All the demacrooks should be tried for reason,now they,they lied ,and cheated want. To waste more money,they lied and cheated on the election,all because they don’t want anyone to find out

  10. Pelosi had better ask God to accept her so is such a Satan BBC worshipper and greedy taking all the money she can guess what it don’t make her happy. Why was her son in law pictured next to the BIG Antifa man at the riot I wouldn’t be surprised she started it with Soros money

  11. Every person who pays taxes should sue Pisslosi because it is the taxpayer’s money that will end up paying! Illegal aliens got $1200.00 and Americans got $600.00. Most of the money was sent to foreign countries or wasted on BS in America. Pisslosi is the one that needs to be impeached!

  12. Pelosi should be censured or disciplinedin someway for crucifying the President for everything withouthaving any case at all. She is despicable with her hatred of Trump. And down the road deserves anything she gets. But I know God is more merciful than I. She should be thankful that God is more merciful thanman because she deserves alot of bad things tohappen to her for toying with others lives. I can’t believe shedoesn’t thinkthat bad things could happen for how she hurts others. She is despicable with how she has treated a sitting President.

  13. 🤣🤣🤣 she’s such a liar, it was all the Democrats that held it up, and she/they did nothing for the people, at least not in this country!

  14. Here we go again. This website only allows comments that their biased people allow! Go to hell, and very shortly we’ll help you there!!!!

  15. Seems like Ms Piggie finally got her come uppence. There was no mischaracterization in that interview. So glad she finally got caught and lost!! Ms. Piggie from SF, CA is well known for her adversary treatment of the US Citizens; she is also well know for flaunting her ill-gotten wealth as well. And by the way, does anyone know that she uses our AF for her private transportation? In other words, WE THE PEOPLE are footing her transportation bills whenever she gets a hair up her but to visit the ‘grandkids.’ I know that our government foots the bill for business transportation, but we are NOT responsible for their private jaunts and normal transportation to and from work. Ask yourself: Does the government pay for YOUR transportation to and from work? If there is a business trip that you must make, the government does allow you to list it on the long form of the tax return; at best, you would only get back a small percentage of your costs, but not at 100%. It’s well past the time that jerks like fancy nancy pay for their personal expenses and quit using/abusing our military transports. If she wants the public to pay her bills, then she should send itemizations to her ignorant constituents.

  16. I just have to say this, if Pelosi ever “exposed” herself in public, it would be grounds for another Civil War! Just ask Schumer!


  18. Once again, Her Royal Arrogance, comes up with reasoning straight out of Bizarro-World, where she has reigned in complete ignorance since she first deluded herself into thinking she was good for anyone! What a complete & total boobs! (Spelling correct). Hey Nanny, Madame Tussaud’s called, your face is ready! Moron!

  19. The reason President Trump put the brakes on Pelosi’s plan was all the pork in it. The taxpayer’s money should be used to support the people that need it, not the democrats agendas.

  20. I totally agree with Mrs. Stahl calling out little Peloci on tv, just because Peloci is speaker of the house she thinks the rules don’t apply to her, but they do apply to her, they are the same for all, weather you like it or not, crazy Nancy!

  21. I saw where Lesley Stahl interviewed Peloci and she tried to put the blame on the republicans. She waited until she got Trump where she wanted him and then tried to get the credit for the money due the people. I thought the democrats would vote her out this go around.

  22. If they paid her a million dollars a minute for every little smidgen of knowledge in her brain after a month she would still be broke.

  23. Why is Pelosi still in offices? she is truly a scum bag, I have never held hate in my heart for anyone and I’m 75 yrs old but I can truly say I hate Pelosi and everything she stands for. What a witch. The other word that stars with a B—-h is to good for her.

  24. Piglosi is the living(?) breathing picture of “ diary of a mad woman”! You can see the insanity in her eyes as she speaks! She truly is quite mad, crazy as a March hare! SHE is the real danger to our country, traitorous, seditionist, liar who hates President Trump beyond reason! Her hatred of President Trump is beyond psychotic, and her hatred of America as well! Something must be done about her, remove her from congress and the speakership before her plot and plan to destroy us all is finished! She is totally UNFIT to hold any office, much less the speakership. She bullied her way back into the speakership again, like she always has! If she is allowed to continue, Republicans will be stripped of all rights in congress and the senate, her asinine” rules”’will see to that! Please, someone do something to force her out before it is too late! She is a menace to our government and our society!

  25. Finally, the media gave it back to her. The head of the serpent needs to be gone! She needs to be a accountable! She’s the biggest problem in the White House for both parties and has been for many years!

  26. Throw them out. Democrat’s have screwed us again ;but lie about it blame Trump. Who do they think they are kidding ?

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