May 17, 2022

Nancy Pelosi called out by Trey Gowdy – she must apologize

Nancy Pelosi is drawing some serious heat for her disgraceful treatment of Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the most prominent White House coronavirus advisors. Pelosi reportedly called Birx “the worst,” in a closed-door meeting. It’s a death blow to any credibility she ever had on the coronavirus crisis.

One of Pelosi’s most serious critics is former congressman Trey Gowdy. Gowdy made headlines recently by calling on Pelosi to apologize to Birx.

Fox News reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., must apologize to White House coronavirus task force leader Dr. Deborah Birx, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy told “The Daily Briefing” Monday.

Gowdy usually does a good job of marshaling the relevant facts in a way that exposes inconsistencies – and his analysis this time was a textbook example of that:

“I’m thinking about when Nancy Pelosi said you cannot in any way, shape, or form. critique Vindman because he wore the uniform for this country?” Gowdy said. “So did Deborah Birx.

“So if we’re going to have a rule that people in the military are off-limits, then at least respect her for wearing the uniform and being smart enough to be a medical doctor,” he went on. “I don’t expect her to be perfect. I will settle for being honest and fair and I think that Deborah Birx has been that from the very first time I saw her.”

Gowdy is right – Pelosi’s behavior is getting worse, and the media is enabling her.

Read the full story here.

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Bella (@guest_1032694)
1 year ago

Nancy needs to take a long break , like take a trip to the mental ward for the crazy people, maybe she come out with a better personality. Lets pray for a miracle.

Retired4Ever (@guest_1032769)
Reply to  Bella
1 year ago

Bella, could happen!!!
The devil works in mysteries ways, just look at Biden.

Michael DeMarco (@guest_1032803)
Reply to  Bella
1 year ago

I truly believe this crazy alcoholic lunatic speaker of the house needs to go to rehab, receive a medical evaluation after completion of rehab and the medical evaluation, reevaluate whether or not she is capable of continuing in her capacity in congress or retiring. She is showing a lot of the same symptoms that Joe Biden is; losing her train of thought in the middle of speaking, slurring her words and not making senses on some of her statements.

keith (@guest_1032762)
1 year ago


keith (@guest_1032765)
Reply to  keith
1 year ago


lionel s ducote (@guest_1032763)
1 year ago

11/03/2020 is the solution. Do your Job and Vote her out, Win Congress back!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1032783)
Reply to  lionel s ducote
1 year ago


paw paw (@guest_1032794)
Reply to  lionel s ducote
1 year ago

Amen to that. She is way past feeling ashamed about anything.

ANI4ANI (@guest_1032837)
Reply to  lionel s ducote
1 year ago

Can’t vote her out, the mentally ill/addicts in her district have had their votes “HARVESTED” by Nancy’s staff.

Retired4Ever (@guest_1032764)
1 year ago

Pelosi & Biden would make a good couple; maybe they wouldn’t find their way out of the basement?

faithful1228 (@guest_1032766)
1 year ago

time to put Pelosi “out to pasture”. She has done more than enough damage to our country with her lies and extremely bad behavior. Also has taken the democratic party to a new low!!

MB (@guest_1032767)
1 year ago

Foot-in-mouth diseases with additional foot-in-crack Newly diagnosed!

SR (@guest_1032908)
Reply to  MB
1 year ago

So True!

Stephen M. Ripley (@guest_1032768)
1 year ago

As long as the news media kisses up to her she will continue to verbally abuse any & all that fail to agree with her.

Robert (@guest_1032771)
1 year ago

Nancy, with no due respect I think it’s better that you just walk away now and save any reputation you may still have!

Alan (@guest_1032807)
Reply to  Robert
1 year ago

I’m sure Pelosi told her dems states to let the BLM mob run free and have the police stand down,let the virus continue.if it was a u or l ,we would be one the fbi most wanted list.

Pat Dietrich (@guest_1033148)
Reply to  Robert
1 year ago

What reputation? She never had a sane one ever!

Janet Owen (@guest_1032774)
1 year ago

Nancy is a really sick woman and is mentally unable to make important Decisions for our free Nation. Nancy must be removed from office,NOW before she makes more serious mistakes and hurts our country more than she has already.

Ted Wissler (@guest_1032775)
1 year ago

plain and simple …. see is mentally deranged ……

Deedra Ice (@guest_1032776)
1 year ago

i personally feel that pelosi is getting too much attention an authority-we live in pennsylvania an we dont want to suffer- because pelosi with cohorts-cannot work with our senate republicans in a humane just way to benefit- us citizens-to pelosi herself-your democratic cities are under attack-california is undergoing earthquakes-dont forget the pandemic began in california-you need to stop being jealous of pres trump an stand down-we have a right to vote an keep our pres an mcCarthy would be our rep-we donot want to be ruled by california or follow their lead!!!!!! thank you for giving me a moment!!!

Carolyn (@guest_1032777)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is nothing but, a moron! The rest of the Democrats are following suit!
They need to get the stimulus package past, if they can’t do that, then they don’t need to recess until it gets done! The American come first, not the stupid Democrats.

John F Grychak (@guest_1032788)
1 year ago


Old Mort (@guest_1032790)
1 year ago

She has to be one of the most hated women in the USA. When I saw her tearing up the state of the nation documents right behind Trumps back, I knew I would never vote for another democrat. I have in the past voted mostly democrat by the way. She is no different than a twelve year old vicious girl who feels she has been spurned. She and her democrat minions have done nothing in the last three and a half years except try to oust Trump. But little does she know he has more back bone than any 10 democratic politicians. GO TRUMP!

James A. Fleming Jr. (@guest_1032791)
1 year ago

The Democrats are just Evil,I mean that literally and they will destroy America. I have never seen such Evil in a group of people and they are paid to represent this country not themselves and their personal interest. I believe Schumer,Pelosi,Nadler and Schiff are all possessed by the Devil. Such hatred is no where near normal. If America does not wake up we will be destroyed by them. If Pelosi had lived in Salem during the Witch Trial she surely would have been burned to death. I truly think some so called Republicans are in the same boat and all of them are jealous of what a non politician has accomplished and they know it shows what can be done.

sue (@guest_1032826)
Reply to  James A. Fleming Jr.
1 year ago

James you are spot on!! I agree that some so called Republicans are rabidly jealous of our President Trump because they know they have ALWAYS been do-nothings, interested only in securing their own future and padding their wallets. Example: “Cotton Balls” Romney. He needs to be run out of Washington and go hide out in the Temple in Salt Lake City. Maybe he could do something there. He has no guts, no brains, and has only ridden on his daddy’s shirt tails to fame and fortune. He sickens me. ALL the Rhinos need to be voted OUT and some new blood, perhaps some more smart businessmen like Mr. Trump? They know how to get things done and not play ring around the rosy with the Demotards.

SR (@guest_1032912)
Reply to  sue
1 year ago

Romney the Clown is a POS! Toss him out!

Sic&Tired (@guest_1032792)
1 year ago

Pelosi and Cortez……Are Just Two Miserable – Waste of Spaces.!!!!! How they ever got into Office is beyond me…
except that their were a lot Dumb A _ _ – People out there that Voted them in and that is Really a Scary thing that we have to put up with in our Country……..The Dumb Ones.!!! AND – I totally mean Dumb.!!!!

James H. Pierson (@guest_1032795)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a grade school bully with her name calling.

Gary (@guest_1032796)
1 year ago

Nancy can become a thought in the wind if her constituents would grow a pair and vote her out of office. If she were my Representative, I would be putting together a concerted effort to get her out. She is not deserving of her position in DC. Never was.

Rajani (@guest_1032799)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is uncouth and a disgrace to her party and to her position as a Speaker of the House.
She should be asked to step down or be forcibly removed.

Mike (@guest_1032801)
1 year ago

Pelosi is an idiot and her comments, which are totally unfounded and tasteless should be devoutly ignored. If the Dems don’t replace her, please stop sharing her stupid statements. If they don’t oppose her stupidity then they are just supporting her. We need to clean HOUSE, literally as Dems don’t have the balls to throw her under a fully loaded bus!

Jack hall (@guest_1032802)
1 year ago

I can’t wait for Piglosi to go ballistic when Trump is reelected and then replaces the dirty old Jew Bolshevik Ginsberg when she drops dead.

Pastor-Phil Biggs (@guest_1032804)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi has used he position in government to cash in big time by using her son Paul to collect the payouts received by his mother which included payments from the Ukraine China and other nations around the world. Trey Gowdy who is critically attacking Pelosi is also an enemy of we the people having worked with Paul Ryan to ensure the investigation of the Barrack Obama and his treasonous bunch of traitors. Both Paul and Trey were paid by George Soros to ensure progress was halted over the first two years of the Trump Presidency then baled with their pockets filled with leftist cash. While Paul Ryan has joined Fox news channel as a board member with his main responsibility rigging election results coming in with an 80/20 Democrat Republican sampling Trey is attempting to show himself to be a loyalist faithful to we the people. This is the only reason Gowdy has decided to attack Nancy Pelosi. To begin anew we must weed out the phonies like Trey who see government as a great way to serve self. God bless America!!!

chief 1937 (@guest_1032805)
1 year ago

Don’t remember exactly how many times I have read on this site that Pelosi has done something and she is done but she is still around. Instead of concentrating so much on censoring post it would be nice to be truthful with your articles and stop spreading lies. If Pelosi isn’t actually history please stop stating she is. This site is fast becoming another CNN with no validity. Now if the truth hurts go ahead and block me.

Dottie Steel (@guest_1032806)
1 year ago

In,all my year’s as an American citizen. I have never ever in my life seen one woman that’s to be setting an example for the people. Be so childish,evil and immature. Why she is still in her position is way beyond me. It time we as American citizens take back our country. Personally I think we need to go back to the old ways for awhile. That’s just me.

Meadowlands (@guest_1032809)
1 year ago

I had no idea a speaker had so much power. Never have I seen one that had so much to say
Who died and left her boss?

Gb60 (@guest_1032812)
1 year ago

Pelosi needs a senior strait jacket for her clown costume Halloween night out & Antabuse med for her alcoholism..

CJ (@guest_1032814)
1 year ago

Pelosi is an evil, vicious, demented liberal, and hopefully she will be voted out of office. She and the rest of her cohorts need to be investigated for theft, since they have been stealing from the taxpayers for years!

bob (@guest_1032815)
1 year ago

PINCHA Pelosi is just a Raggity Hag that is just pissed off at the world . Maybe this wench should stand next to the railing of the Golden Gate Bridge and go into deep thought !!!!!

Barb (@guest_1032816)
1 year ago

The bible says…God humbles the proud…Pelosi is being humiliated and the world is seeing her arrogance and pride…She definitely needs to go…she is wayyyyyy too proud of herself..

Wyatt Earp (@guest_1032819)
1 year ago

Once she ripped up Trump State of the Union Speech. There the sign! She need to go! But she won’t because she rig the election polls in her district.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1032823)
1 year ago

Have a new bag of fresh marbles that have never been bounced Nancy could rent. Deposit needed as she is not that trustworthy. Guaranteed to make her appear saner.

Steve C. (@guest_1032824)
1 year ago

She should be put out of OUR misery. It’s not difficult to do. Just do it somebody and quite talking about it, JUST DO IT !!!!! !!!!

Vern (@guest_1032831)
1 year ago

Nothing Pelosi has done to date has stopped her so why expect anything different now. She is who she is and is not going to change so expect more of the same.

southern proud (@guest_1032868)
1 year ago

I guess I hit a nerve. the webmaster won’t print my statements.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1033002)
Reply to  southern proud
1 year ago


Carol Poor (@guest_1032923)
1 year ago

I agree with most the comments above. It is past time for Pelosi, Schumer and others like them to be forced to leave office. They are poor representatives of who should be in office and the longer these people are allowed to stay the worse things will become.

Wyatt (@guest_1032925)
1 year ago

Totally humiliated ? Were Nancy Pelosi a normal sane and rational individual I might agree . But seeing as how she is a deranged , alcoholic leftist who has been in office with her head up a certain body cavity , I seriously doubt humiliation even bothers her

Leonid Bokarius (@guest_1032970)
1 year ago

I will consider that that this disgusting old witch is really DONE when I know she is buried in any of cemeteries.

Mary Wooldridge (@guest_1033220)
1 year ago

She worships Satan!



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