August 19, 2022

Nancy Pelosi bars 1,400 from attending Biden’s first Congressional address

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cut the guest list to President Joe Biden’s first Congressional address. She said it’s because of coronavirus, but some think she’s playing politics.

Pelosi axed 1,400 invitees from Biden’s address Wednesday, bringing the number down to just 200, Breitbart reported. However, most members of Congress have been vaccinated and therefore would have no reason to stay away.

“We went from 1,600 people to 200 people. That is a different dynamic, but it has its own worth,” Pelosi explained to the press. “It will be its own character, it will be its own wonderful character, no not worried at all.”

Some lawmakers like Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio don’t see it that way, however.  “It’s interesting — when it came to coming together to impeach Donald Trump for the second time after he was out of office, they put 100 senators in the same room sitting just inches apart for hours at a time over five or six days,” Rubio explained on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday.

“Apparently COVID was not an issue then,” Rubio continued. “But now, of course, for something like this, we can’t have that many people in the room sitting next to each other. So it’s kind of silly season here.” Rubio said he would not be attending because of the limited admittance.

A group of 12 lawmakers took a similar stance in a joint letter to Pelosi. They pointed out “that on January 3, hundreds of members were on the House Floor for their swearing in, including hundreds of guests in the gallery,” it said. “If it could be safely done then, it can be safely done now, especially with more members vaccinated than ever before.”

Others objected to the address being arranged when the House of Representatives was not in session. Some House Republicans were on retreat in Florida while other lawmakers had planned events in their home districts.

Coronavirus caution has turned into pandemic hysteria for some. However, the inconsistencies in Pelosi’s practice of applying the rules may point to other motivations for cutting down the number admitted to the address.

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Anderson (@guest_1231119)
1 year ago

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MICHAEL (@guest_1231295)
Reply to  Anderson
1 year ago

GEE, I didn’t watch that idiot last night but did Piglosi tear up his speech??

andrew (@guest_1231442)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

she stood and clapped like a little school girl for her puppet crackhead joe

MICHAEL (@guest_1231459)
Reply to  andrew
1 year ago

Lol, I am sure she did. She is such a pig.

DrJ (@guest_1232247)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

They call her “Pig-Loser” in the south and California. I big movement to remove her from office, by an underground group.

patricia (@guest_1232396)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

amen good one Andrew

Carolyn Brumber (@guest_1231493)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

I didn’t watch either and thought the same thing. She didn’t rip up her papers and I didn’t see any white uniforms on all the other idiots.

Esther Martin (@guest_1231920)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Exactly what I thought during a local news update segment and as the mute button was swiftly pushed!

madmemere (@guest_1232202)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

You didn’t miss a thing; commie pelosi did NOT tear up his speech, even though it wasn’t worth giving; commie pelosi and the harris kamel looked comical, trying to mimic a couple of jack-in-the-box characatures, pretending they were giving him standing ovations. Notably, Beijing joe did NOT wear a mask, but the two “jacks” did.

Beijing joe was able to string some coherent sentences together, but he never bothered to address important things like economic recovery, jobs recovery, or crisis at the border- – -all he could talk about was his communist agenda and the fact he talks with China’s Xi, constantly, like two best buds.

boguslaw stecko (@guest_1231364)
Reply to  Anderson
1 year ago

your good machos methods are same fraud like all of them you are guys internet disgrace and dishonor without of honesty or any guts

Larry Mcger (@guest_1231456)
Reply to  Anderson
1 year ago

OMG; The Wicket Witch Pelosi just Wet her
Pants sucking out to that BOZO we are in BIG TROUBLE IRAN,CHINA,Russia are ready to eat BOZOS lunch.Australia is calling it Elder Abuse him being President ie Sky News Australia has a videos week in at Biden is Soooo funny an Sad.

Melly. (@guest_1232143)
Reply to  Larry Mcger
1 year ago

I have said that before, that I think it’s elder abuse. He should be protected from himself and others who’ll prey on him. It’s disgusting that his wife puts him into the arena instead of lovingly protecting him but I guess that’s what we’re looking at in terms of the make up of these guys, isn’t it?

Patricia Cochran (@guest_1231257)
1 year ago

How stupid does Pelosi think we are anyway? Guess she’s going by her intelligence level.

ILONA BOGDAN (@guest_1231278)
Reply to  Patricia Cochran
1 year ago


alicia cervera (@guest_1231360)
1 year ago

She is the most disgusting being in US politics.! notice I sont even call her human being.

Howard Brody (@guest_1231370)
Reply to  alicia cervera
1 year ago

Love your reply.

LINDA (@guest_1231346)
Reply to  Patricia Cochran
1 year ago

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Reallytickedoff (@guest_1231403)
Reply to  LINDA
1 year ago

What? Did Nancy Pelosi put you in this business? She is a pro in human and child trafficking. Watch your back. You are going to need it

Ray Valentine (@guest_1231260)
1 year ago

Idiot PIGLOSI is at HER Self Gratification, AGAIN!!! Too Bad SHE does NOT like the USA as much as She LOVE’s Herself and Her SELF IMPORTANCE!

Kenneth Bottomley (@guest_1231270)
1 year ago

More lies/ bull the truth is they don’t have but the democrat party and some selected reporters that will show up and they don’t want Biden to look bad again. He couldn’t get enough people to fill a small room when he was running, plus they want to keep the Republican party from attending so they don’t attack him with questions…..

Willie1955 (@guest_1231583)
Reply to  Kenneth Bottomley
1 year ago

You said it she only invited ones who think lyin Biden is actually president, ones who will cheer and applaud every stupid thing he says.

Michael C (@guest_1231285)
1 year ago

Pelosi has FAR to much power for someone who obviously is suffering from the same “vacancy of the cranium” that Biden has. She should be “put out to pasture” long ago & it seems she must spend much of her time roaming pastures and feeding on “prarie muffins” because every time she opens her mouth it seems the result of that feeding comes flowing out. If you take a look at just how much Dems believe in The Almighty, they all take oaths with their hand on the Bible and then immediately go against all they just swore to uphold! I sure hope that Satan has plenty of room for all of them!

Melly. (@guest_1232146)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

Maybe Bible but on an upside-down cross. And kh had to have something between her hand and the Bible.

LaVerne (@guest_1232723)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

For som strange reason pelosi keeps getting voted in

Marlene (@guest_1231288)
1 year ago

Did she even let any republicans in? Or just a few rinos? She didn’t want witnesses to Biden’s speech he had to rehearse for two weeks to even get it right. As it was he said nothing about the state of the nation, just over used platitudes.

Michael C (@guest_1231306)
Reply to  Marlene
1 year ago

Piglosi doesn’t even know how to spell Republican but can spell RINO. I sure do hope the Republicans make a clean sweep come 2022 and take back the house & senate, if there is anything left to take back because the way the Dems are going, they might eliminate both if they get there treasonous, communistic, dictatorship ways. If the Republicans do take back both houses, they will be busy for YEARS trying to straighten-out all the crew-ups the Dems have done to this country!

Peggy (@guest_1231292)
1 year ago

I agree with all of the above comments!!!!!!!

Marine who cares. (@guest_1231309)
1 year ago

Well here we go say good by to our way of life.everyone knows the Demigods, won’t give up the house or the Senate, all of what they have started and put into play will be changed, in 2022 election and in 2024. Do you think all there deals and all there power. Do you think there just going to let all that go.look at the big they want one party only and how do you think they will keep what they have….lm a Marine vet. And I’m worried..God help us.

Michael C (@guest_1231341)
Reply to  Marine who cares.
1 year ago

Hey there Marine: I am an Army vet and the good part of the upcoming election will be the fact that many of the voters that voted Dem, are seeing the err of their ways when they realize that they have been lied to by the whole Democratic party. Every day it becomes clearer that nothing good does or ever will come out of the “horses rectum” of the mouths of the Dems. They MUST be stopped in the voting booths, and i’m afraid if things get much worse before the elections of 2022, there will be some who have had enough of the degradation of the U.S.A and the Constitution that they will take matters into their own hands to stop the downfall of “The land that I/we love”.

Melly. (@guest_1232157)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

Coastie, here… we need to remember that the country belongs to we, the people, not those in DC and that there are many more of us. The “drips” that are coming out are to get the sleepers awake. At that point, it’ll be for all of us to stand up to protect our Constitution and for that we’ll need strong leaders…

Juliet B Badem Affonso (@guest_1231320)
1 year ago

“You can fool all the people some of the times, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” The only fools here are the Democrats, a few Republicans and the chief fools, Pelosi, Kamilla and those who hang out with them…. especially the one giving the speech. We are not fooled at all Just waiting on our Chief Administrator, Gor Himself to move and finish the work of cheating and lying. Amen

Juliet Baden Affonso (@guest_1231326)
1 year ago

Error… God, Himself, will administer His truth… Looking forward to His day in court for the liars, the perverters of the truth and those with evil intent correction by Juliet Baden Affonso

Carol Powell (@guest_1231329)
1 year ago

PIGGY playing politics as always

Rita Downey (@guest_1231334)
1 year ago

Surely everyone can see this Pelosi move for what it is! Another power grab! She is totally obsessed with what she believes to be her rightful power, and she is also obsessed with exerting that power!!!

Thomas F Berger (@guest_1231369)
1 year ago

Is Pelosi the President or someone else? It seems that the House better change its rules and bring down the authority of the Speaker. What happened to 3 branches.???
Also, please cut the ads on your site…I can’t read a thing without x ing out all the junk. It isn’t fair to the advertisers either and no one sees their merchandise.
Your headlines are also deceitful. How can you set an example for the media if you are doing the same thing?
I try to avoid sites that cover copy with ads.
So why did Pelosi not allow other House members? They all have a right to be there. We the people elected them not Pelosi, unless she is admitting she had something to do with the illegal election of 2020.
America we must get rid of the democratic house members and clean up that party before electing new democrats into office. Washington is not just a swamp but a refuse dump. Shameful doesn’t describe it.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1232133)
Reply to  Thomas F Berger
1 year ago

Agree with your comments about totally irrevalent posts about going to work for Google or something. The hyperbole of everything, every article, is getting tiring. I wrote them about it, but nothing changed.

dwight . Murray (@guest_1231401)
1 year ago

Did anyone other than me watch Pilopsi chew her cud when Trump was selected as president and the demo craps took a big fall? I don’t think I’ll ever forget that sight.

Old Vet (@guest_1231438)
1 year ago

Sorry, this sure does stink. Only Nancy Pelosi would be willing to pack the Chamber with her few friends, but no Republicans. This was another one of her stunts of against people she doesn’t like. But if a Republican Speaker had done the same thing, the Democrats would be raising all kinds of hell. Bet Pelosi and the VP had helmets and bullet proof vests under their seats.

StealthFighter7 (@guest_1231458)
1 year ago

Somebody put it out to pasture. PLEASE!!!

American Son (@guest_1231461)
1 year ago

That room was filled with Phony useless morons
and the highlite for them was listening to Adolf
Biden run his mouth about all the policies he has
changed to be able to destroy American on behalf
of Idiots like the Squad and Traitor John Kerry.
An invitation to a chicken fight would have been
a lot more entertaining.

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1231475)
Reply to  American Son
1 year ago

Affirmative…Least chickens lay eggs, all these idiots do is sh_t on our nation…

Vietnam vet (@guest_1231492)
1 year ago

Military Oath states “To defend against all enemies
foreign or domestic and obey the orders of the
President of the United States”
What does the military do when the President has
become that domestic enemy according to the
belief of US citizens.?

Melly. (@guest_1232168)
Reply to  Vietnam vet
1 year ago

Oh, THANK YOU. I’ve asked that question many times… Ultimately, they’re supposed to protect the Constitution so when do they, hypothetically, step in?

Jim (@guest_1231532)
1 year ago


WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP in DC and DEMAND NANCY PELOSI BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE ABUSE OF POWER and NOW, INSIDER TRADING! Can we seriously sit back, do nothing, and allow this vile, evil person to continue her senior role in destroying our country and stripping us little by little of our constitutional rights?

People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

Members of the House


One call per rep!


CLB (@guest_1231602)
1 year ago

Are we sure it’s not a stunt double! She’s a puppet master for all her Communist friends. I cannot wait until the wicked witch of the west flies her broom, back to the California. Turn California red!

Betty Bryans (@guest_1231984)
1 year ago

The entire adress was a disgrace to americas citizens. Full of phony BS so one in their right mind believed one word. I caught a repeat( had to rearrange my sock drayer when first aired) about 45 seconds was all i could stomach. BIGGEST TAKE AWAY FOR IT ALL GOTTA REMEMBER THEIR HATE FOR AMERICA NEXT VOTE , BE IT A REP. A GOVERNOR, SENATOR. GOTTA VOTE REPUBLICAN !!!!! VOTE THE OUT, EVERY LAST ONE!!! TAKE AMERICA BACK FROM COMMUNISM !!!!!

Bella. (@guest_1232025)
1 year ago

Nancy what comes around goes around ,.you get your day when we get to see you booted out of office will make sure the door will hit you were the sun don’t shine.

MARA LYNN (@guest_1232089)
1 year ago

ONE HAS TO LAUGH. We find that Piglousi cut the invitees to allow only 200 people to attend!!
Thru out this whole charade of a canned speech, I truly believed l was hearing ‘canned applause’.
Every tract had the same rhythm and pause.
Also, l strongly believe ONLY 200 PEOPLE or maybe a handful more responded YES to the ‘invitation’!!
So, of course, Piglousi, covered the absences with her ‘B.S.’ statement claiming SHE cut the list BECAUSE
OF COVID. A perfect coverup in her empty, addled, intoxicated stupor. BIDUMB needs a new speech writer. DULL & DUMB! THEY CHEW THE SAME CUD OVER AND OVER. THEN DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1232136)
1 year ago

The DEMS continue to PUSH THE VIRUS PANIC to enable them to abuse their power. BIDEN says when he cam in “the economy was in shambles, not seen since the GREAT DEPRESSION”! Of course, all Trump’s fault, and talked about the vaccines, which he wouldn’t have if Trump didn’t get them! So sick of Biden I can’t stand to listen to his lies anymore! OF SIGNIFICANCE WERE TWO ITEMS! The first the Chief Justice of SCOTUS WAS THERE TO SIT WITH BIDEN’S WIFE, signaling that Roberts is in lock step with Biden, and the second, a conversation Biden had with some FAKE NEWS people prior to the speech where he said that “AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENTS ARE BETTER THAN DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS today as changes come so fast only an authoritarian government can respond quickly enough”! THIS MUST BE FOLLOWED UP BY A FREE PRESS! THIS IS TRULY FRIGHTENING TO HEAR BIDEN TALK ABOUT HAVING LONG DISCUSSIONS WITH PUTIN AND XI ABOUT THIS! NO ONE MADE YOU “KING” BIDEN!

Melly. (@guest_1232177)
1 year ago

TAIWAN… I didn’t watch it, intentionally.
All you particularly military out there, isn’t a statement like that treasonous? He doesn’t get to run the country the way he wants, change it to an “authoritarian government” C’mon — I’m having to sit by while no one stands up for the country.

Vietnam vet (@guest_1232543)
1 year ago

Melly: I’m not sure what the protocol is for who or whom
determines when he is at the point of undermining
the sovereignty of the nation and becoming an enemy
of the Country.
One thing is for sure everytime he reaches the top of the
stairs of Air Force One and salutes it makes me want to Vomit.!

Rocky Bronzino (@guest_1232629)
1 year ago

Biden ,Pelosi and Governor Como should all be JAILED!!!!

American Vet (@guest_1232757)
1 year ago

After watching a snipit of Bidens attempt to speak
to the people of Georgia and what a joke that was.!
He still just doesn’t get it how many thousands of
people really hate him and everyone connected to
him.!He is a complete joke,travesty,and worst of all
the total laughing stock of the international world
and he will go down in history as the person that
destroyed the greatest Nation ever due to incomp-
etence and the quest for money.

Mad as Hell (@guest_1232858)
1 year ago

Double standards!!!! We all know Pelosi didn’t want her boy Joe to get to rattled & screw up, plus she & Harris couldn’t do their monkey show & jump up every 10 seconds & clap!!!

Billy (@guest_1233072)
1 year ago

She is using a typical Social/Communist tact of only wanting those who agree with her. Its called misdirection.



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