October 23, 2021

Nancy Pelosi admits she’s never been tested for coronavirus

In shocking news that just broke, Nancy Pelosi admitted to reporters that she has never been tested for coronavirus.

Record scratch…Is this the same Nancy Pelosi that said “Testing is the key to reopening?” Why yes, yes it is:

Testing is the Key

Testing is the key to opening our economy. The truth is the Administration has failed on testing. We need to acknowledge that fact and move forward.

Posted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday, April 19, 2020

Never mind that Pelosi comes into close contact with dozens of staffers, representatives, and lobbyists during the course of the day. Never mind that she could be an asymptomatic carrier exposing others by her negligence.

Let’s just focus on the fact that Pelosi is presiding over a Congress that’s yet to fully reopen, passing proxy voting rules while members cower at home and refuse to fulfill their constitutional duties.

Let’s focus on the fact that Pelosi is criticizing President Trump, who has been tested multiple times, for failing to provide enough tests. Pelosi isn’t in charge of the whole country, with the logistical challenges of providing millions of tests across all 50 states. She’s in charge of one thing – Congress.

Not only has she utterly failed to provide testing for the one thing she’s in charge of, but she’s also refused the president’s offer to help her do her job. Is there any wonder that she can’t reopen Congress?

Can you imagine if Pelosi, or any Democrat, was in charge of handling the crisis? She’s clearly incompetent and incapable of doing anything except criticizing others.

What do you think of the news that Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been tested yet? Scroll down to weigh in on our new comments section!

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Richard (@guest_1001826)
1 year ago

Typical worthless person
Say all kinds of bad things about other people but wont do what is necessary to make sure anyone she is around is safe
California voters deserve her, but hopefully the voters get some common sense and get rid of the disease named pelosi

Meenakshi Mallahan (@guest_1001827)
1 year ago

After all the drama this woman has caused the tax payer and abused the tax payers’ money it cones down to the fact that she never got tested…,. Laughable or very sad…… sorry to say this woman has done major issues …. she needs to see a psychiatrist ….. I doubt if that will help ….. I think she is so full of herself that she is beyond all help!!!! SAD CASE

Edward (@guest_1001829)
1 year ago

What mess, she is a mess? i

jose jimenez (@guest_1001830)
1 year ago

This what i read is all true only problem we have is that she continues to get re elected people in California are at times stupid people.. why ele would she get re elected.. there has to be someone else in that area thats is qualified.. God help us we are doomed and does she care HELL no.. all she wants is the power .. mark my word we as a nation are screwed if they take control… put this bitch out to pasture its time .. all Democrats … she cares for no one but herself…..

Earl (@guest_1001832)
1 year ago


Jim (@guest_1001833)
1 year ago

This woman needs a mental evaluation since she became Speaker the second time. When she tore up the State of the Union proved she’s mentally disturbed. Her hatred for her President is so disturbing it has corrupted her rational thinking. Either her Family or Peers should demand it. Our Country deserves a Speaker that supports our President not hate him. Period.

Clarence Boone , Jr. (@guest_1001834)
1 year ago

What A Sad Thing , Our Congress being Led By A Socialist Piece Of Trash … Pelosi …

Peggy Dumesnil (@guest_1001835)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a corrupt communist POS. She needs to go.

Michael Black (@guest_1001838)
1 year ago

Of course she hasn’t she’s incompetent she should be removed she’s a liar she’s does it a disgrace to our country and our political values. She’s constantly criticizing our president on every step he takes and if she can’t walk to watch you shouldn’t talk to talk

Scott Joseph (@guest_1001839)
1 year ago

She’s never been useful, and her city literally has an app to avoid human waste in the streets. (That last is thanks to the California ACLU). Whst fo you expect from Frisco?

mickey (@guest_1001840)
1 year ago

nancy peloisi is dead but she is to stupid to lay down

Annette Moore (@guest_1001841)
1 year ago

Nancy is due to go into assisting living. Her mental health has really gone down in past year.. She should resign go home and stay there.

Mmj (@guest_1001930)
Reply to  Annette Moore
1 year ago

She says that TRUMP IN HIS AGE GROUP….isn’t she 80. OLDER THAN TRUMP

Kimberly J Akin (@guest_1001843)
1 year ago

Pelosie is simply doing what we the People are letting her do. Until we the People grow some overies she will continue to do all the things she gets away with. We will never be rid of the rats in office unless we stand up and take back the power we gave them. Simple as that…

Wilber Williams (@guest_1001844)
1 year ago

Just another case of do what I say ,not as what I do…Don;t think she has been in her right mind for years,but she appears to be drunk most of the tine…Booze,pills or whatever..Time for her to resign an go home to retire.Another swamp creature needs to go .Drain the swamp and vote Trump come Nov 2020…

Ann Marie Buffa (@guest_1001846)
1 year ago

She is a Selfish person in business and in Life who could care less about
anything but getting her Way. She is a Disgusting, Evil, person Full of Hate
who Needs to Retire.

James T Portwood (@guest_1001847)
1 year ago

She’s a do as I say not a do as I do type person,not a good leader
Always criticizing others,and yet she can’t even take care of her
own backyard . Poor California.!!!!

Jan Anders (@guest_1001848)
1 year ago

Can’t wait till November! For the first time ever I’m voting straight republican. Don’t care about their past experience. Just so sick of Democrats fighting and looking for something against the president. They are doing everything to keep the country shut down to blame Trump.

Rick (@guest_1001853)
1 year ago

She’s too busy eating $25.00 popsicles out of her $25,000 freezer to go back to work or get a nose test that’s probably closed up so bad with Schumer’s crap, OH! maybe That’s the reason for not getting a Covid test!!

Stephen Milkereit (@guest_1001854)
1 year ago

Normal disgusting, shamefull, 2 faced Peolsi as always. Do as I say. Don’t do as I do. All democrates are shamefull and disgusting liars.

Stev (@guest_1001855)
1 year ago

TSK.TSK. Why did her mama not swallow her/??????

Kevin Wiederhoeft (@guest_1001857)
1 year ago

R.I.P Nancy your time is coming.

sandy raymond (@guest_1001858)
1 year ago

I feel the best comment was “NO WORK, NO PAY!”. The congressional people have ruined our method of voting and all for their own sake! But come on people—why are they still being paid if they aren’t in the House?!? Haven’t they used enough of the tax payers money on the travesty of the lies, controls, and impeachment of our president? When is it enough of the tax payers money for the rest of us to SCREAM “Stop already!”.

Sandi (@guest_1001860)
1 year ago

I agree with all of you …..she is disgusting and needs to go….along with her buddies 👍

Luigi (@guest_1001861)
1 year ago

No if no buts. She needs to be removed from serving.

Susan (@guest_1001863)
1 year ago

Nancy Piglosi is a mean hateful incompetent -ITCH and is an elitist who thinks she is better than everyone else. All she and her cohorts are interested in is POWER and CONTROL. She is a disease that needs to be eradicated.

Semyon Valshtein (@guest_1001874)
Reply to  Susan
1 year ago

100% agree

alicia Cervera (@guest_1001885)
Reply to  Susan
1 year ago

i AGREE 100% ASAP!

Jo (@guest_1001894)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

She should be tested or shut up about Trump! Maybe she’ll get it and pass it on to the rest of the democraps. Waiting to see if she and Cuomo use the dead bodies for votes come Nov.

Roger Brunson (@guest_1001888)
Reply to  Susan
1 year ago

I agree 🤬🤬 PELSI IS A **tch

Ron (@guest_1001900)
Reply to  Susan
1 year ago

Unless President Trump declares Marshall Law the SDEMS will have stolen the elections; I mean all of them by the Pelosi team of Socialist Demorats, SDEMS. With fraudulent ballots, ballot stuffing, and stay at home rigged voting
President Trump please to help your fellow Republicans, please declare Marshall Law.

Anne (@guest_1001865)
1 year ago

She needs to have all democrats hiding at home to get tested and back to work or suspend they pay until they return to there job’s

Bill (@guest_1001866)
1 year ago

Throw her in prison for being a traitor and endangering the entire nation with her stupidity.

Steve Barrette (@guest_1001869)
Reply to  Bill
1 year ago


Sgt. Preston (@guest_1001877)
Reply to  Steve Barrette
1 year ago

Absolutely agree..she needs to be in prison, but not just for the corona virus, but for her treason in trying to stage a coup against the legally elected President of this country. Then there is her issue with vote “harvesting” which is Constitutionally illegal. She is committed to doing anything possible to see that President Trump is removed from office, legal or illegal. She needs to be in prison for her actions as she sought to bring about a coup against President Trump.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1001886)
Reply to  Sgt. Preston
1 year ago

a scum of the worst kind.

Karen Villasenor (@guest_1001867)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! She fights President Trump on EVERYTHING!!! She supports NOTHING!!! And, she a WEAK LEADER who has NOT EVEN been tested for Corona Virus!!! What the hey??? That woman NEEDS to be FIRED!!!! It would happen in the REAL world! Democrats, YOU NEED TO DO IT! Fire her butt!

Granny (@guest_1001868)
1 year ago

Do t worry about her Fauci and the Chinese have given her the vaccine. She’ll never get sick and if she would by chance Satan will fix her so she can finish his work.

Sherrill. Adcock (@guest_1001871)
1 year ago

She is the poorest excuse of a member of Congress ever elected!

Sharon (@guest_1001873)
1 year ago

Pelosi is the biggest hypocrite ~ “Do as I say; Not as I do” is her mantra and she lives this BS every day! I hope she’s taken down come November.

Linda Keys (@guest_1001875)
1 year ago

Why would anyone be surprised? It’s do as I say not as I do!!! She thinks she has the power of President Trump and I pray that the people in her district will show her she doesn’t in Nov!!! She has helped ruin the state of California, along with many other democrats!!! But George Soros is the down fall of California too! Old Jerry Brown was in there to long too, stole his money built a fancy house in AZ. Looks like they would learn!

Pertine (@guest_1001876)
1 year ago

She is EVIL!!! She wants the New World Order. She hates our country and American citizens.

melvin dean burns (@guest_1001878)
1 year ago

I think she should be deemed a terrorist and arrested for treason against the United states,and immediatlty removed from office along with her partners shcumer and adam shiff

Irene Mejia (@guest_1001887)
Reply to  melvin dean burns
1 year ago

I wholeheartedly agree. Their actions are clearly treason. Holding office should not give you immunity from prosecution for treason.

monika bingham bingham (@guest_1001880)
1 year ago

do she know KARMA?

. Barbara Desanto (@guest_1001881)
1 year ago

If we are decided we’re not going to work just because we don’t get a paycheck. Now President trump Is over all these people am I correct. If he’s at work they should be at work and if they’re not at work he should not get any paycheck what so ever.I’m tired of listening to all the bull up in Washington.People are nation are doing without they need their paychecks they need help and yet Nancy Pelosi has her paycheck. President trump needs to stop all payment of all their checks until they get back to Washington and get back to work.

Kenneth Duncan (@guest_1001882)
1 year ago

Did Nancy get the vaccine the week before when she was in China, before it showed up here. Did she get paid enough to bring it back with her. Inquiring minds want to know.

Charlotte (@guest_1001883)
1 year ago

Susan I agree and with so many other comments. She needs to go.

Irene Hernandez (@guest_1001884)
1 year ago

She should get tested for covid19 and get back to work ASAP. NP stop being hypocrite and complaining person.

Donnavean Rheuark (@guest_1001889)
1 year ago

I still remember her statement when obama (still can’t bring myself to capitalize the traitor name) care health plan was up for approval. “You have to sign it before you can read it” REALLY?? Or everyone must get tested for the COV19 Viruses BUT me, I’m special!! REALLY??



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