September 29, 2020

Nancy Pelosi admits defeat, will not seek removal of Washington and Jefferson

For a moment there it looked like Nancy Pelosi was going to side with the radical Marxists who want all history destroyed – not just former Confederates, but American heroes like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Grant.

She must have seen a poll of how most Americans think about that.

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will not seek the removal of Capitol statues depicting George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, telling reporters only the likenesses of Confederate officers should be expunged.

“It’s not about Washington and Jefferson,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday.

Make no mistake. Pelosi is only backing off because she knows just how bad this sort of thing is for the Democrat party. The silent majority is hard to arouse, but they’re a terrible force once they wake.

Americans are proud of their history. Pelosi knows this, and she’s crafty enough to back off – for now.

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114 Responses

  1. What’s really too bad is that half of the Americans give or take don’t know anything about our Countrys begining. They don’t know we already tried Socialism and a form of communism and both failed badly. The thought then was ,let the other guy do it the Gov’t will take care of me. It did not work, Capitalism evolved and saved our
    Country. Why can’t the dumbocrats and Socialist people understand they are not going to help our Country with their dumb ideas.

      1. exactly. It also appears that most of them can’t read or shut up long enough to actually learn the true facts!

    1. The wild-eyed liberals think that everything that pops into their heads is a stoke of genius. History and experience be damned – but the conservative hangs onto that which we know has worked for us in the past, and doesn’t go running off after every silly philosophy and promise that comes along. As Abraham Lincoln once asked:

      “What is conservatism?” Abraham Lincoln once asked. “Is it not the adherence to the old and the tried, against the new and the untried?” Uh Duh.

  2. So Nancy failed yet again why is she still speaker of the house she has failed to follow her oath more than once continues to obstruct has a lot of skeletons in her closet uses the people’s money for family transportation charges alcohol to we the people over a hundred grand
    Makes calls to China to bolster her claims on the virus and no dought planed more from the Chinese for obstruction
    Has not performed her duty our her oath yet nothing happened on her being sensored the republicans rino’s must be napping the democrats supported the riots not one word from the democrat criminal organization during there riots the last liar thief and never chief approved with a smile
    The democrats are full of immoral people doing such things but nice to not have to listen to there nonsense

  3. We need a petition to remove all the trouble making democrates,who are not really American at heart, from Pelosi to the AOC little group. If they want a ruined country go to Venezuela or Iran for example, they will fit in perfectly!

    1. Agreed and when Nov. is here true and patriotic Americans need to show these evil and corrupt Democrats that we still believe in our country and socialism is not going to happen. The best way to do that is vote to re-elect President Trump and remove these troublemakers like Nancy, Schumer, Schaffer’s, Nadler, Maxine, and the goon squad. That would be a good start because they are corrupt and supported the hate, chaos and violent rioters. If we are to make our country great again we have to remove the real source of the problem and a President Trump is trying to do that. The Democrats and their pay for play fake news media’s are working hard to blame Trump for everything and cover up for the corrupt Democrats and Rhinos. Radical Democrats plan to take over our govt. and country so they can reap the rewards. I say collect these traitors load them up on a slow leaky boat to China or maybe Venezuela but even they would not welcome them.

      Proud Veteran & Patriot

  4. Pelosi and Biden need to go to to the mental ward and get admitted. Their brains are defective and neither one can even speak coherently anymore! Just look at Pelosi’s eyes and face as she speaks…she is not all there! Biden’s mind has been missing for several months!

  5. These Confederates were also part of history and conducted themselves properly while fighting for their States Rights and independents, just like the Revolutionary people did back in the late 1700’s. Leave them alone and allow us to honor the Confederate dead who also fought for their States and homeland, very few of whom ever owned a slave.

  6. The biggest problem that we have in our beautiful country that today’s democratic party has nothing to do with democracy, that all liberals, unfortunately in the entire world, are not liberals at all, they are pure neo-fascists…, all 20th Century has proved that all liberals, starting with the first living devil Lenin, following the intellectually retarded, with the intellectual level of 11-12 years boy, real monster Stalin, scisofrenic Hitler, Mao Dzedung, Fidel Castro, all North Korien sugs, all of them were political adventures And sugs from the beginning or just sugs from the beginning, all of them are the biggest anemies of the humanity…

  7. Oh no not her again! Everytime I encounter a article on Nancy Pelosi all I can think about those jumping teeth back in the 70’s. You wind them up and it jumps up and down clicking? “CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK…”

  8. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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