August 12, 2022

Nancy Pelosi accused of trying to steal contested House election

Conservatives suspected that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, but failed to produce indisputable evidence that it was true in time. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may be trying to overturn the results of one House of Representatives race that was already certified — and she’s not hiding it.

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) charged Pelosi with attempting to “steal” the seat away from Rep. Marianne Miller-Meeks (R-IA) and hand it to Democrat candidate Rita Hart, Breitbart reported. Miller-Meeks beat Hart by six votes for Iowa’s Second Congressional District, and Pelosi has agreed to entertain Hart’s objection to the results.

“The American people elect their officials, not Congress,” Hinson said in a video statement she tweeted Thursday, just one day after a joint session of Congress had accepted the Electoral College votes. “Our Constitution is clear about this, whether it’s convenient or not. So that’s why it’s so outrageous that on the heels of last night’s votes, Speaker Pelosi is moving forward with her plan to overturn the will of Iowa voters, who elected Dr. Marianne Miller-Meeks to serve them here in Congress,” she said.

All of the states, including Iowa, had already certified the election results, and the certification from Congress was largely a formality. However, Hart is still petitioning the House Administration Committee to contest her loss, claiming that 22 votes were illegally cast, the Des Moines Register reported. Republicans thought Hart should settle the matter in cour rather than taking her grievance to Pelosi.

“Pelosi fully intends to overturn the voices and, most importantly, the votes of Iowans and install someone that Iowans rejected at the ballot box, and she’s doing this for her own political gain.” Hinson called Pelosi “hypocritical” in her attempt to add to her “razor-thin” majority in the House if Hart and Pelosi succeeded.

Other Republicans also spoke out against Democrats’ effort to remove Miller-Meeks. “Iowans don’t want Nancy Pelosi and her band of D.C. socialists deciding their elections,” National Republican Congressional Committee Mike Berg told Breitbart.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) pointed out that Democrats have long sought to take power away from states like Iowa, first by rejecting to the Electoral College process and now trying to meddle in an election already decided and certified. “Though the margin was close, Iowans spoke and elected Congresswoman Miller-Meeks, and a bipartisan panel in Iowa certified the results,” Ernst said in a statement Wednesday.

“As a senator, my job is not to overturn the will of voters and choose winners of elections—just like it’s not the House of Representatives’ to handpick who serves as Iowa’s second district congresswoman.”

Pelosi and her party were outraged that Republicans tried to contest the 2020 presidential election results despite credible accusations of voter fraud. Now that it could benefit them, however, the Speaker has no problem entertaining Hart’s request. This is just the latest example of the hypocrisy and lack of scruples on the left who seek to win at all costs.

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Patty (@guest_1100987)
1 year ago

If Piglosi does this dastardly deed, the entire state of Iowa should sue her for election meddling. Miller – Meeks was certified as the winner! Piglosi has NO right to go against the will of the voters of Iowa! Then, every Republican in congress and senate should bring articles of impeachment against Piglosi for abuse of power and election theft! Get that crazy old hag out of OUR congress. Allowing her to remain only damages our country more, this should NOT be allowed to go on! Iowans, fight back on this, you are tough people, I know because I am one of you, and you have the right to demand justice!

Sailor (@guest_1101077)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

I see Trump does not have a right to objection to the fraud of the presidential election, but Piss-Noisy and her gang have a right to change a true election by the Iowa voters. Trump according to Piss-Noisy committed a crime by ever questioning the presidential election. But she now takes it upon herself to say I don’t care what the Iowa voters said, it’s my way or the highway.

The Iowa voters should get a petition started to have Piss-Noisy impeached.

Joy Bryan (@guest_1101185)
Reply to  Sailor
1 year ago

That’s true. She is power hungry.

Elizabeth Galloway (@guest_1101274)
Reply to  Joy Bryan
1 year ago

pelosi and schumer all should be put in there place and the republican should start fighting back fire with fire she help still the election from TRUMP and took the house.senate.wh and she will continue do it because no one will stand up to her,Ms meeks don’t let her do that hold your place.

Donna Smith (@guest_1101340)
Reply to  Sailor
1 year ago

Iowa ought to fight to have PissNosy arrested for Treason

wayne c zimmerman sr (@guest_1101120)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

Pelosi is a douche bag!!

Theodore A Perry (@guest_1101150)
Reply to  wayne c zimmerman sr
1 year ago

That is being to kind…She is a traitor douche bag, with a hole in it !!!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1101207)
Reply to  Theodore A Perry
1 year ago

She is a traitor to America and treason requires the death sentence. Actually the majority of the demonrats and the rinos are all guilty of treason and need to die!

Mary lou (@guest_1101321)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

Yes theyR….all DEMOCRATS R
TREASON: means:
U do not stand trial
U will be charged full blown TREASON
Those R what happens too TREASONESS ACTS

Anne Galloway (@guest_1101275)
Reply to  wayne c zimmerman sr
1 year ago


Curtis (@guest_1101124)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

I totally agree but unfortunately nothing will be done about, never is

sharon v knudsen (@guest_1101143)
Reply to  Curtis
1 year ago

I totally agree!!!

Jeanine Jennings (@guest_1101134)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

Im for it thw Evil witch of the west needs to pay

Robert E. Wallace (@guest_1101170)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

If she can do that to a certified Elected member the we the people with Senators should be able to remove Biden and Harris the same way.

Trish (@guest_1101201)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

I agree, and while we are at it, add treason, sedition, incitement and staging a coup along with that charge. I’m sure we could go on. We the people of Iowa must stop this.

Howlingmad (@guest_1101203)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

PIGLOSI is what she ( AN the Democrats ) are . . . clearly, nothing but a THIEF, . . . something needs to be done !, as they have already STOLEN one election . . .

Jerry Wong (@guest_1101223)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

I see that she even approached the military to have Trump forcibly removed. They said no … so far. Isn’t that an attempted coup? Why isn’t that in the headlines? She probably won’t even be censured for that attempt.

Michele Eastman (@guest_1101227)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

I’m so glad you said that!! That woman is evil!!

Terrell Stairs (@guest_1101034)
1 year ago

Pelosi and Schumer have been involved in many immoral and illegal acts over their many years in the House and should be tried for conspiracy and sent to jail, just like HRC, Schiff, Comey and Obama. These are just some of the people that have contributed to the fall of world respect for our nation.

Jan Goude (@guest_1101172)
Reply to  Terrell Stairs
1 year ago

Why should we be surprised; she is involved with the election being stole from President Trump and has gotten by with it, so she will just keep doing the evil she has been doing for years

Mary S Schiller (@guest_1101218)
Reply to  Terrell Stairs
1 year ago

Very true!!!

Marsha Spangler (@guest_1101315)
Reply to  Terrell Stairs
1 year ago

Great idea

Norm (@guest_1101071)
1 year ago

PIGLOSI needs to be strung up in public (without alcohol of course) and BEATEN !!

1st NH (@guest_1101118)
Reply to  Norm
1 year ago

No, there’s only 1 way to deal with a rabid dog

Pollty (@guest_1101113)
1 year ago

Her time is comng to an end

Botanica2072 (@guest_1101188)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago

Can’t come to an end fast enough. She’s disgusting. By the way, if she can pay someone to vandalize her house and make her look like a victim (and she did – just look how the vandals clearly avoided harming anything that would be expensive to replace…) then why not pay some vandals to make like Trump supporters and “storm” the capital too? Pay off the guards to let them in and show them the way to chambers too…. This whole election’s been bought and paid for right from the beginning, But at least it served to show us how deep the “deep state” roots are.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1101211)
Reply to  Botanica2072
1 year ago

I believe this also and have posted it before. EVEL DEMONRATS DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY ASAP!

Cheryl A Bellerose (@guest_1101254)
Reply to  Botanica2072
1 year ago

The democrats have always been evil!! Look at Lucifer Hillary, traitor Muslim Obama, Nancy wicked witch of the USA! They are nothing but lying, cheating, arrogant, ignorant, morons who do nothing for the people of the USA! They do not care about Americans or America!!! All they want is their paychecks, and they think they are above the law!! Look at Bengahzi, who was there, Hillary and Obama, they knew what was going on but ignored it and look what happened??? People died including a government Congressman! They want to rule the world with their so called Democracy!!!! That is nothing but a lie. How come the justice department has never prosecuted Hillary for the emails! They do anything to get what they want. I guess the KKK trained them good!

gene smith (@guest_1101117)
1 year ago

Truly amazing and all things considered it should be given some very thorough thought.
Pelosi is evil and just a mite bit deranged….show her the error of her ways and then show her the door. Sending Schumer along for good measure would also be very effective and show purpose to the rest of us.

Barbara A hopper (@guest_1101119)
1 year ago

when she starts to go home after she exits. lock the door ,, she is not welcome…………………………………, she is always instagating trouble maker. with trump out she will be in and the usa will go to the devil

Gary (@guest_1101121)
1 year ago

Nancy; your DISGUSTING and….. your days are NUMBERED !

sharon v knudsen (@guest_1101144)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

I Totally Agree!!!

Connie (@guest_1101123)
1 year ago

Pelosi, Schumer and the others who are again trying to steal their way, all need to be impeached and/or forced to retire. Due to interference with due processes by law. They don’t want what the citizens want, but only what serves them money and power. Get them out NOW!! By force if necessary, and the “squad ” too.

Roger (@guest_1101166)
Reply to  Connie
1 year ago

God will dell with this just beleave and keep your faith.

Rocky Scott (@guest_1101127)
1 year ago

Pelosi needs prosecuted punished and never allowed in politics again.

MICHAEL (@guest_1101128)
1 year ago

I just wish that these Demorats disappear off the face of the earth. We are living in a very dangerous time and its because of the Demorats and Liberal losers. Things are going to blow up.

Rocky Wayne Scott (@guest_1101133)
1 year ago

Pelosi needs to be prosecuted serve time and never allowed in politics again

Ronald A Stephens (@guest_1101135)
1 year ago

They have been boldened by their possible theft of the presidential election. Like most criminals they will eventually convict themselves. This may be SanFran Nan’s time.

Henry D. (@guest_1101137)
1 year ago

Why the hell are my comments always censored?

Is this some more of the liberal bull—t?

Marlene (@guest_1101180)
Reply to  Henry D.
1 year ago

I had the same problem, was told my post was too toxic. Didn’t curse or threaten anyone just told the truth.

Jeanine Jennings (@guest_1101140)
1 year ago

she needs to pay for her unamerican ways to hurt america

Jeanine Jennings (@guest_1101146)
1 year ago

If she does this she shows how dumb she really is we are divided know it will get worse

WILSON Bud (@guest_1101147)
1 year ago

Morbidly Despicable Evil Satan’s Disciple Politician!.

David Holtzclaw (@guest_1101164)
Reply to  WILSON Bud
1 year ago

Give it two weeks and God is going to remove a lot of the Evil ones in D.C.

Jeanine Jennings (@guest_1101152)
1 year ago

you are against free speech i guess i will have to find another way to post this

J Lara (@guest_1101178)
Reply to  Jeanine Jennings
1 year ago

You are not alone! Its just the begining of what the BIG WIG companies are going to pull on all of us. FREE SPEECH? Money talks and is why the rats had so much $$$$ donated. Its power, and they will have much or else the rats will be OUTED! REALLY ticks me off that evil money can buy elections! ANY AND ALL!

DebraGilbert (@guest_1101154)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi needs to set down and shut up!! Witch….

CB (@guest_1101155)
1 year ago

The second the Dems expand SCOTUS the 2ND Civil War starts!

Rebecca Bowden (@guest_1101157)
1 year ago

Pelosi is old and approaching the time that comes when one will leave this earth and stand face to face with God
You would think she would be working to see that her life was preparing for that day
We all know who is the father of lies
We also know that she has done nothing but swear over and over one lie after another
Knowing what she is saying is a lie
What does she hold over Schumer and Shiff that they are her side kits in every lie she says
I pray that the Truth will always prevail
That lies will be exposed for the lies they are

ajk (@guest_1101161)
1 year ago

What is it with the Republicans???!! Why don’t you speak ….Why are you letting the Democratic Party “take over”…they did NOT win fairly!! Yet, the Republicans just follow like meek little lambs. Also, there should be an age limit to all of those Senate seats…Once they are sworn in it is for “LIFE!!” Our whole electoral system needs an overhauling!! God Bless America!

horntex (@guest_1101181)
Reply to  ajk
1 year ago

We have a few spineless Republicans willing to take a knee and lick the Democrats’ boots. We need to put them on a list and field some Republicans that we can trust, against them, when they are up for re-election. Democrats only talk unity when they make the rules.

MICHAEL (@guest_1101162)
1 year ago

Just watch, millions of jobs are going to disappear, gas prices will go higher then ever before, people who can find a job will see sky high Federal taxes taken out of paychecks and prices at the stores will also go up due to taxes. The nightmare is only beginning.

G. Sgt. Bennett (@guest_1101163)
1 year ago

Henry D. don’t feel bad, they have done it to me several times.

rick (@guest_1101169)
1 year ago

Her Royal Arrogance is the “‘queen” of the Criminalocracy. With any luck, her head will just explode from all that ego.

LadyB (@guest_1101177)
1 year ago

Pelosi should have been thrown out of office long before this. This mousey old hag has got enough brains to know right from wrong. the only word she knows hold to speak is impeachment so lets give her a taste of what the word means. IMPEACH PELOSI its time she pays for her crimes, actually the DEMOCRATE PARTY should pay for all their crimes. IT’s time for we the people to stand and fight for our rights.

Brenda (@guest_1101196)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is an illegal president, and the whole of the democrapic party of dung beetles are traitors to this great Republic. they will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get their way. They should all be charged with sedition and treason!

Jackie johnson (@guest_1101199)
1 year ago

Pelosi thinks you can do anything she wants to do and no one can stop her,
She has tried everything she can to destroy trump, this last episode she paid and ordered antifa and others to riot at the capital just so she could blame trump, he had
Nothing to do with the rioting, his people were there to support trump, because we all
Know pelosi is the one that did the entire fraudulent election, she paid people from
Everywhere to vote for biden but mostly she paid people to destroy trumps ballots this is why she pushed for mail in ballots, she is a disgrace aNd a danger to this country
She needs to be impeached and jailed for what she has done to the president of the
United States she has ruined the democrat party and made them as evil as she is, she
Needs to be stopped, and why are you so concerned about her in these votes, you just
Dropped the whole fraud part of our election we all know trump won and no one is doing anything about it , I am mad as hell about it as well as thousands of other people it’s just a disgrace the way everyone is just walking away and giving this to biden so he
Can give it up to harris and pelosi she is running the country already step up do the right thing

Cyn (@guest_1101214)
1 year ago

WOW – Pelosi is like the Eveready Bunny – Keeps on going, going deeper and deeper into more and more betrayal to Americans and our great Nation – Bet she’d sell-out her own mother to get the seat at the head of their family table! She’s liar, she’s a killer, she’s a hopeless thief, and like her counterparts… she’s a treasonous douche – Huh, now there’s a song for ya!! The quicker she’s gone the better off America will be!

Cyn (@guest_1101215)
1 year ago

WOW – Pelosi is like the Eveready Bunny – Keeps on going, going deeper and deeper into more and more betrayal to Americans and our great Nation – Bet she’d sell-out her own mother to get the seat at the head of their family table! She’s liar, she’s a killer, she’s a hopeless thief, and like her counterparts… she’s a treasonous anti-American douche – Huh, now there’s a song for ya!!

Cyn (@guest_1101217)
Reply to  Cyn
1 year ago

Didfn’t realize my first post was entered – sorry !!

Wayne (@guest_1101219)
1 year ago

So it’s OK for Pelosi to overturn a duly elected and certified House Representative? But it is not alright for the Republicans the have faulty results challenged, even though the Constitution tells you how to do it? Talk about a 2 faced liar. So do as I say, not as I do is OK for dems, huh. What a HUGE bunch of worthless Hypocrites!!!

Connie (@guest_1101224)
1 year ago

The Republican party cannot let this slide. Rona McDaniels and her crew need to spend some of the billions they are sitting on and make sure this crap does not continue. If the Republican party doesn’t take action we may as well bend over and kiss our a— goodbye. We will lose every freedom we ever had, we will be a country of 1 party and as close to dictatorship as we can get without having a dictator.
And we all need to get term limits on the ballots for all government elected positions, city, county, state and federal.

Matt (@guest_1101225)
1 year ago

Everyone knows Pelosi is a dirty snake. Why do the Republicans and Independents tolerate it. It’s beyound time to grow some guts and fight for what’s right. All of the career politicians needs to be replaced! As Sam Cook sang a change is a coming. Eye for an eye!

Pauline Applegate (@guest_1101230)
1 year ago

We really need term limits on the House and Senate Members! Contact Phillip Blumel, U.S Term Limits ([email protected])
House joint Resolution 12, THE term limits for congress resolution, was just introduced in Congress!

Diane p Harner (@guest_1101234)
1 year ago

I hate to say this but i think there is going to be a civil war to get rid of the people like Pelosi who are trying to ruin our country President Trump was the best thing that ever happened to the United States it is so sad the way he is being treated

raymond lombardi (@guest_1101238)
1 year ago

Nancy needs to be charged to the fullest extent of the law, and should never be aloud to run for speaker of the house or any united states office again, it’s time for her to retire!

Rick (@guest_1101286)
Reply to  raymond lombardi
1 year ago

Can anybody please tell me why anybody on the left has not been arrested 33,000 emails going 25 million for uranium $600,000 paid to Bill Clinton for a lousy speech everybody else from the fake fake impeachment all the way down the line everybody lying and now you have this election fraud everything else we the people want transparency we want them arrested you’re exactly right Roger stone was sleeping when 20 fully suited soldiers came with gunpoint and took him out of his home we need to do that to every one of them we the people want it

Hal Broughton (@guest_1101248)
1 year ago

Never ever give up – the deep state had the fraudulent votes all ready to go weeks before the election hoping to win and protect those Dems who would have been prosecuted and thrown out of DC, but they have succeeded to save the Biden family/families plus Clinton’s and Obama’s, etc. Trump truly tried to help, but he didn’t realize how evil the media was going to be. Again, never give up and never forget or not vote.

Jim apple Apple (@guest_1101267)
1 year ago

they wont even print my responds to the own demise

No. (@guest_1101283)
1 year ago

Trump ted Cruz. Josh hawley and all the rest of the insurrectionist that attacked the capital are all Un. American treasonous traitors that have tried to overthrow the government are no better than ISIS and the TALIBAN. And should be dealt with accordingly these are not patriots they are dangerous criminal thugs

Bruce Walters (@guest_1101318)
1 year ago

Hang the hag for treason, then feed her corpse to the pigs so we don’t have to waste a hole to put her in

Randy Justice (@guest_1101351)
1 year ago

This old hate filled hag has to be tried and convicted of TREASON !!! She contacted a top general and tried to lie her way into convincing him to be her accomplice in a coup to unseat a sitting President of the United States of America !!! With the information that is readily available, ANY first year lawyer could have her convicted and jailed, WHY IS THIS NOT BEING ADDRESSED ??? PELOSI IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW, NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHE THINKS SHE IS, SHE IS A TRAITOR TO THIS COUNTRY !!! LOCK THIS OLD HATE FILLED HAINT AND ALL OF HER COHORTS UP, NOW !!!!

No. (@guest_1101362)
Reply to  Randy Justice
1 year ago

The sitting president that pelosi tried to unset is a insurrectionist treasonous traitor that incited a riot to overthrow the government of the United States of America Impeachment and prison should be the solution Lets never elected a monster like this AGAIN



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