April 18, 2021

Nancy Pelosi accused of trying to steal contested House election

Conservatives suspected that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, but failed to produce indisputable evidence that it was true in time. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may be trying to overturn the results of one House of Representatives race that was already certified — and she’s not hiding it.

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) charged Pelosi with attempting to “steal” the seat away from Rep. Marianne Miller-Meeks (R-IA) and hand it to Democrat candidate Rita Hart, Breitbart reported. Miller-Meeks beat Hart by six votes for Iowa’s Second Congressional District, and Pelosi has agreed to entertain Hart’s objection to the results.

“The American people elect their officials, not Congress,” Hinson said in a video statement she tweeted Thursday, just one day after a joint session of Congress had accepted the Electoral College votes. “Our Constitution is clear about this, whether it’s convenient or not. So that’s why it’s so outrageous that on the heels of last night’s votes, Speaker Pelosi is moving forward with her plan to overturn the will of Iowa voters, who elected Dr. Marianne Miller-Meeks to serve them here in Congress,” she said.

All of the states, including Iowa, had already certified the election results, and the certification from Congress was largely a formality. However, Hart is still petitioning the House Administration Committee to contest her loss, claiming that 22 votes were illegally cast, the Des Moines Register reported. Republicans thought Hart should settle the matter in cour rather than taking her grievance to Pelosi.

“Pelosi fully intends to overturn the voices and, most importantly, the votes of Iowans and install someone that Iowans rejected at the ballot box, and she’s doing this for her own political gain.” Hinson called Pelosi “hypocritical” in her attempt to add to her “razor-thin” majority in the House if Hart and Pelosi succeeded.

Other Republicans also spoke out against Democrats’ effort to remove Miller-Meeks. “Iowans don’t want Nancy Pelosi and her band of D.C. socialists deciding their elections,” National Republican Congressional Committee Mike Berg told Breitbart.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) pointed out that Democrats have long sought to take power away from states like Iowa, first by rejecting to the Electoral College process and now trying to meddle in an election already decided and certified. “Though the margin was close, Iowans spoke and elected Congresswoman Miller-Meeks, and a bipartisan panel in Iowa certified the results,” Ernst said in a statement Wednesday.

“As a senator, my job is not to overturn the will of voters and choose winners of elections—just like it’s not the House of Representatives’ to handpick who serves as Iowa’s second district congresswoman.”

Pelosi and her party were outraged that Republicans tried to contest the 2020 presidential election results despite credible accusations of voter fraud. Now that it could benefit them, however, the Speaker has no problem entertaining Hart’s request. This is just the latest example of the hypocrisy and lack of scruples on the left who seek to win at all costs.

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98 Responses

  1. ALL of the commie libs are Satanic possessed – it’s so obvious!!! With as much hate of PRESIDENT Trump as they have in their bodies, they are all destined to get cancer. Hate is a bad health attitude. For God’s sake – get off Trump’s back!! He definitely WAS a very accomplished president and achieved unlimited benefits for America. He’s entitled to all the post presidential perks and benefits all the other non-productive presidents received. The SLIMY corrupt deep state didn’t like the morals and ethics of a true businessman who knows how to run a company/business —- and that’s what America is – the deep state has been using the government for personal wealth and gain – to Hell with the people!!! With the Biden/Harris greedy, power hungry commie thugs FRAUDULENTLY entering the picture, America will be destroyed – it will become Amerika – a 3rd world disrespected, intimidated, weak country with commie lib dictators in charge stuffing their own bank accounts. I don’t trust one of the libs – I’m disgusted and hate the whole situation.

    1. I’m right with you….I can hardly sleep because of what those Demos have done….They are very very sick….!!!!

  2. Good for you Ashley. Keep fighting. Piglosi is a pickled in booze, brain dead woman. She’s 80 and struts around with her butt sticking out the back and the boobs in front. Sorry Nancy nobody want to see them. Get over yourself you are old and very ugly.

  3. Finally after many attempts we have gotten a purely Marxist-communist government; what is left to do is to make sure that commies preserve their hold on power for the future.

  4. I agree with Doris Johnson. And Ashley keep fighting the nut case has no right to do what she does. To bad they don’t all drop dead. I do not see why CA keeps putting her in office no more than I can understand why the people put the squad in office. The Supreme Court is useless they turn a blank head when certain crime happens. They could not see the fraud, blind as a bat!

  5. I heard President did sign the Insurrection Act on Saturday. Follow X22 Report on Rumble. During the raid, which included many Antifa members, along with some Trump supporters (they were not violent, Special Ops were able to confiscate many computers, including Pelosi’s. She is frantic as she knows there is much info on her computer that implicates her acts of treason. That is why she wants Trump removed, as the info will be brought to Americans by way of the Emergency Broadcast System. The military IS NOT ON THE SIDE OF THE SWAMP. This operation is in the hands of the Military, as we were cyber attacked by several foreign countries who infiltrated our voting system. It is too late for Pelosi ,now , as ALL the info is in the hands of Military. Only letting Americans see the truth will bring civil rest.

  6. Piglosi should be brought up on charges of sedition, she is NOT in charge of our country, she is attempting to circumvent the constitution( like Obama did) and pull off a coup against our president and our country, a hostile take over of our government! President Trump needs to declare martial law ASAP!

  7. I do not condone violence. I hope for a united and peaceful country. However the left has a choke hold on the rest of the country and they are not showing they intend to let up. We cannot even negotiate anything. It has to be their way or else. They spent four years doing nothing but trying to destroy our resident and now they say they want unity. Oh hell yes they want unity as long as that includes having everything their way. I repeat I do not condone violence But where else can we turn. The DOJ will not help, even the Supreme court has turned their back on us and I am angry. No I am MAD and I mean mad as hell and I am sure there are thousands of people that feel as I do. I pray God will find a way but if it comes to all out war , COUNT ME IN

    1. We may have to have an all out war to fight for our country. Count me in too! I am willing to fight for our freedoms that our forefathers, friends and relatives fought and died for. Let’s not permit these idiots to take it all away from us.

    2. There are millions of patriotic Americans that are angry about the stolen election. That’s why the Democrats are going to try and take our guns from us and leave us defenseless, because they know what they did was criminal. Democratic politicians continually call us vile names and make threats toward us, because that is all they have. They never offer any solution to better our country for everyone. President Trump did a great job with the economy and helped ALL America and they still call him horrible names. Sleepy Joe is the one who used racial slurs Throughout his over 40 years in the swamp and did not do one thing to help America

  8. BREAKING NEWS!! Pelosi admits she is a COMMUNIST!!! Also, a democrat(2021) STYLE///Jail time is near for many dem’s…….

  9. Peliosi is just waiting on the chance to become President. She will find a way to get rid of Biden and Harrison so that she can step up and become President. Just wait and see!

  10. Keep fighting for justice Ashley!!! That why you were elected. Vote against Nancy on this issue as well as the phony impeachment

  11. If all of those rioters were Trump supporters there is no he shouldn’t have won by a landslide . There should have been a recount with honest people. Trump has done a lot for this country and the American citizens. I watched as all these other countries were salivating waiting for Pres. Trump to exit, Iran, china iraq and others . He is still the one we need in office everyone that worked so diligently to bring him down should be punished after all he has been through , I still see a strong man capable of leading this country.

  12. the answer to all this hate is TERM LIMITS =– they cant cause all the damage to this country like the garbage they are doing now– beside this is OUR COUNTRY and we should have a bigger say not the oldhags that never want to leave —

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