August 16, 2022

Jerry Nadler: Antifa violence is a ‘myth’

Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, declared that Antifa violence in Portland is a myth being peddled ‘only’ in Washington D.C.

Nadler made the statement when citizen journalist Austen Fletcher asked him about the recent explosion of Antifa violence in Portland — violence that is well-documented.

Austen asked Nadler on Sunday, “Do you disavow the violence of Antifa?” Nadler, amazingly — instead of disavowing the violent group — relegated the reports violence in Portland to a fairy tale, saying:

That’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington D.C.”

The journalist responded that there is video evidence of the violence and that the congressman should look online as Nadler got in a car and drove away.

Nadler is receiving heavy criticism for his comment. Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer, who is on the ground in Portland responded in a tweet:

Portland is at war every night, but Rep Jerry Nadler says my video coverage of Antifa violence & vandalism is a ‘myth.’ Antifa is very real, & they are incredibly dangerous.

The mythical Antifa caused enough trouble in Portland on Sunday to cause the police to declare the “protest” a riot.

This isn’t the first time that Nadler has denied the existence of Antifa. Last month he said Antifa was an imaginary group in a congressional hearing, thus entering those words into the congressional record.

Nadler, along with other powerful Democrats, is creating myths of his own as he condemns the deployment of federal law enforcement officers in Portland. Nadler, along with Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Bennie Thompson (D-MS), requested an investigation into the mythical “secret police force” — marked Department of Homeland Security agents — sent by the Trump administration to protect federal property in Portland.

This is a matter of utmost urgency. Citizens are concerned that the Administration has deployed
a secret police force, not to investigate crimes but to intimidate individuals it views as political
adversaries, and that the use of these tactics will proliferate throughout the country. Therefore, we ask that you commence your review of these issues immediately.

How Nadler’s statements about Antifa be seen as anything other than laying down cover for the violent group of thugs doing the dirty work of the left? Nadler is covering for a group that is violently attacking American cities all across the country and there is plenty of evidence that they exist, while at the same time, accusing the president and federal law enforcement of lawlessness.

Hey Brooklyn and Manhattan, do us a favor and vote this guy out!

Watch Greg Gutfeld address the mainstream media coverage of the mythical violence in Portland:


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Brian (@guest_1028517)
2 years ago

Nadler is an idiot and about as comprehending as Bernie.

Timothy D Schubert (@guest_1028518)
2 years ago

Why would anybody ever take the word of the Representative of the Lollipop Guild about anything, EVER?

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1028520)
2 years ago

Napoleon Nadler’s an Idiot and a documented Liar.

Richard (@guest_1028537)
Reply to  Bemused Berserker
2 years ago

Truly if anyone says there is no violence going on in Demonrat cities then they need their head examined, not that that would do any good.

ILoveEzell (@guest_1028656)
Reply to  Richard
2 years ago

There needs to be something in those heads in order to be examined.

horntex (@guest_1028796)
Reply to  Bemused Berserker
2 years ago

He’s an evil little puke and part of the Democrat Freak Show.

JosephJTerrito (@guest_1028529)
2 years ago

The comment is a reflection of the people who vote for sitting politicians.This is democracy in action.

Larry Gaines (@guest_1028530)
2 years ago

Nadler is a STUPID IDIOT and a BIG POS

Lise Archambault (@guest_1028540)
2 years ago

Are you serious. Is he alive or what. I cannot believe these Democrats they are in a totally different world.

Donald Bramer (@guest_1028546)
2 years ago

After watching the video, and taking a poll it is decided that FOX newsperson Juan is definitely over the top beyond belief and needs medical attention.

Terry (@guest_1028560)
Reply to  Donald Bramer
2 years ago

👍Amen to that. Nadler needs to be dropped off in the middle of the PEACEFUL PROTEST and see how long he lasts. 😱😳

Lydia (@guest_1028600)
Reply to  Terry
2 years ago

What a perfectly wonderful idea! 🙂

Rodger Shull (@guest_1028551)
2 years ago

yes it is a myth jerrold nadler, like there is a myth that there is a SLIM TALL Jerrold Nadler in congress, actually doing the work the voters elected him to do. I’d say Nadler is a want to be antifa punk. but is to much of a fat coward to be one.

Robert Cooney (@guest_1028564)
2 years ago

Mr. Nadler would make a good VP candidate for Joe Bidens running mate in November. Joe could propose one of his left wing propositions for the US citizens and then Nadler could deny he ever proposed any such position since the proposal doesn’t exist. The perfect example of the odd couple. I shudder to think what our country is in for should the Democrats win in November.

David Andrews (@guest_1028570)
2 years ago

Nadler is a lying SOB!

David Andrews (@guest_1028572)
2 years ago

Nadler is a lying scoundrel and he cannot be believed!

Frances Strejan (@guest_1028579)
2 years ago


southern proud (@guest_1028608)
2 years ago

that nut-less Nadler is so out of it. he is as crazy as it gets in demon rat land. anyone with a pair of eyes can see what is going on in the demon rat run states where all this woeness is taking place. he must have his head in his refrigerator all night so he misses what is happening in the world. or else he can’t see over the fat wrinkles on his face. the guy is useless. but wait until November 3, folks. the silent majority will find their voices and it will be deafening. most people are keeping quiet so as to avoid confrontations. that in no way should be considered cowardly. it is the most expedient thing to do. we must all get out and vote red in November. we can take both the house and senate, as well as retain President Trump for another 4 years. after that, we must persuade Don, Jr to take up his dads mantle. there are 8 years with him at the helm. perhaps by then the Trumps will have had enough time to get this country back to what it was and should be now, no thanks to the demon rats. we must appreciate President Trump for the extreme punishment the press and others have foisted on him and his family. I can’t begin to imagine the stress this must be. help with his campaign if you can, serve at a poll, and contribute whatever you can. America is in the biggest fight of its entire existence. we must save her for ourselves and our loved ones to come. God Bless the USA, and President Trump…..

edith walker (@guest_1030704)
Reply to  southern proud
2 years ago

We have to remember no matter what, we have to get out to vote…Narky Nadler is, I believe hoping to be reelected this year as well…It’s ok to yell “Surprise!” as you.pull the lever THIS time!

GW (@guest_1028612)
2 years ago

If the Democrats think nothing is going on in Portland why don’t they go there to prove it, they all are a bunch of cowards with big mouths and Nadler is one of the biggest of them all, his big mouth is all he is, BIG Mouth, and a coward

Steve (@guest_1028643)
2 years ago

Load up Nadler and the idiots from CNN in a van and drop them off in Portland after dark.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1028771)
2 years ago

Nadler, Pieceafeces Pelosi, Schumer, Schitt and the rest of the Democratic Communist Party are ALL Make Believe Politicians who have ALL abdicated their responsibilities, duties, oaths of office, and fitness for holding any political office in the United States of America. Numerous Democratic Communist Party Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs and Sheriffs fit the same characterization. ALL OF THEM NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE THROUGH WHICHEVER PROCESS IS MOST EXPEDITIOUS, BY WHICHEVER MEANS IS MOST EFFECTIVE.

Kristin Decker (@guest_1028772)
2 years ago

All the left wing nonsense going on today is just that : sheer NONSENSE! Shows how much Biden is TOO much of an idiot to be a President, obama was not fit to be a President, nor constitutionally did he even FIT the prerequisites to become the President of the US, such as bring a citizen of the USA. No, obama certainly isn’t one, I’m happy to say. And their Socialism only idiots would approve of! Why would one want it when they could live in the way the USA was formed: A FREE COUNTRY! They would have higher taxes, the Government tell you each and every move you could make. SHISH! Only idiots would want that. Just ask anyone in a Socialist country now, such as Venezuela. It’d be worse than a Hitler’s Germany.

Kristin Decker (@guest_1028773)
2 years ago

OH, they are too afraid to publish what I said. It hits too close to home & is true. They are such cowards.

sb (@guest_1028811)
2 years ago

Nadler is the perfect spokesperson for the MSM, either he’s lying or he has an agenda, either way he is a dangerous fool or a devious traitor. How do these people, Nadler, Pelosi, AOC and the mob get elected? They are proof that elections can be stolen. They are more dangerous than Biden, but together they can end democracy.

Brenda Lee Skaggs (@guest_1028829)
2 years ago

Again I ask why isnt treson charges being filed against Nadler and others like Pelosie. They are not rtanding for America. THEY are standing behind the terrorist. The American people have had enough. Why are we paying taxes so these traitors can BURN down our country. We the people want our country back. Stop holding us hostage. There is a siritual war happing. Our government is working for evil closing our church. Taking our jobs keeping us locked up so we will have to depend on them to survive. Americans stand up and let your voices heard.



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