May 24, 2022

Musical artist Cher claims nation is ‘f***ed’ if Dems lose House or Senate

Musical artist Cher drew attention on Friday when she posted to Twitter her belief that if Democrats lose the House or Senate during the 2022 midterm, “We are f***ed.”

“What’s coming is DIRE!! Know Its Scary,You Dont Want 2 Hear it,But If
Dems lose House or Senate We’re f***ed!!” Cher wrote.

“If We Lose Presidency, STICK A FORK IN AMERICAN DEMOCRACY,ITS DONE,” she added.

The emotional words come as more than two dozen House Democrats have announced plans to retire or run for another office in 2022. Polls increasingly show the House will likely go to the GOP in November.

The Senate also has the potential to flip red. Most elections open in the Senate this year are likely to remain with the same party, but NFL great Herschel Walker has the potential to win in Georgia to upset the Democrats’ power.

Cher’s attacks on West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema also emphasize her concern over Democrats’ inability to pass its radical legislation.

The party will continue to push similar emotional pleas from more angles as the election approaches, seeking any advantage as the left sees concern ahead in November.

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