August 14, 2022

Multiple staffers confirm unwanted advances from Joe Biden

In perhaps the most stunning news of the week, multiple new sources have confirmed allegations against Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The allegations include inappropriate touching, hugging, and “massaging.”

The allegations were buried in a whitewash job by the far-left PBS NewsHour. Thankfully, John Nolte at Breitbart did the hard work of digging through the almost 3000-word article to expose the real bombshell.


The far-left PBS NewHour interviewed 74 former Joe Biden staffers and uncovered even more women who claim to be victims of the former vice president’s unwanted and inappropriate touching.

These alleged victims are in addition to Biden’s eight accusers and the female Secret Service agents who say Biden exposed himself to them (without their consent) while swimming in the nude almost daily.

The list of allegations (without the obfuscating excuses) reads like a horrific example of a twisted power dynamic with a predator at the top:

Nolte again:

Here’s the rest… [emphasis added]

Yet Biden, now the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, was also a toucher, seemingly oblivious to whether physical contact made some women uncomfortable.

“We knew that about Biden,” Byrne said. “He was always massaging somebody’s shoulders. But never anything more than that. There was no vibe about him.”

However, staffers agree it was not in Biden’s nature to gauge social signals about whether someone wanted to be hugged or touched.

A former staffer said that when Biden does things like stroking women’s hair, there’s a complicated dynamic at play.

For others, Biden’s touching evoked some regret. “There were times as I now look back that I think we messed up. We should have said something about that,” a different former staffer said. “We probably should have recognized that made people uncomfortable.”

Stroking, touching and massaging? In a way that made staffers and almost everyone else uncomfortable?

Is there a term for this? Oh yeah, it’s sexual harassment. Scratch that, it’s sexual assault. Unwanted touching is sexual assault.

You’d think that the Democrat party wouldn’t have trouble understanding that.

Unless of course they do understand it, and don’t care.

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