August 10, 2022

MTG charges Pelosi with using Capitol Police as ‘political pawns’

In a war of words that continues to intensify, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) charged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) with opportunistically using members of the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) force as little more than “political pawns” to fulfill a desired anti-conservative narrative, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Citing decisions such not to deploy reinforcement officers to quell the unrest at the Capitol on Jan. 6 as well as orders to enforce a mask mandate on the House site of the legislative complex, Greene voiced her concern that “USCP officers are being used as political pawns by Speaker Pelosi and other party leaders.”

Putting her comments in a letter sent to Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger, Greene said that the decisions made by Pelosi and others gave Democrats “precisely the ‘optics’ desired” to set the stage for a second impeachment of former President Donald Trump for allegedly inciting what they deem, in hyperbolic fashion, an “insurrection.”

This is the latest salvo from Greene, who has been a controversial figure since her arrival in Washington, D.C., having had her committee assignments taken from her earlier this year over what were perceived by Democrats to be incendiary, even threatening comments.

Greene has been probing the manner in which Capitol Police engaged with protestors on Jan. 6 and who was behind the decision not to provide sufficient backup support on that fateful day. She has also sought details of of how those put into custody for their involvement in the unrest have been treated in comparison to many involved with Black Lives Matter and Antifa profests, who have seen charges against them dropped.

The Aug. 5 letter sent by Greene laments that many of the questions she has been asking for months remain unanswered as well as the fact that the congresswoman is “convinced that the events of January 6 could have been mitigated had house and Senate leadership responded to requests for support.”

According to Greene’s letter, then-USCP Chief Steven Sund made requests of House and Senate leaders for the D.C. National Guard to be placed on standby ahead of Jan.6, though he was denied, reportedly due to “optics,” and she alleges that “perhaps an overwhelmed and unsupported Capitol Police force was precisely the “optics” desired by Speaker Pelosi.”

Greene went on to request formal responses to a series of questions by Aug. 31, including why Sund’s requests were not fulfilled, whether Pelosi was in contact with Capitol Police about the anticipated protests ahead of Jan. 6, and whether Pelosi engaged in adequate communication with USPC officials in advance of the events at issue.

Whether the truth of what happened in the run-up to the Capitol demonstrations at the start of the year will ever be revealed remains unclear, but given the Pelosi’s iron grip over the highly politicized one-sided select committee that so far has produced little more than made-for-tv drama from overwrought lawmakers, skeptics seem justified in their doubts.

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Donna L Graham (@guest_1279715)
1 year ago

Pelosi has been behaving in an unconstitutional, borderline traitorous manner ever since being elected to the House. She has no intention of doing anything FOR the American people. She is interested only in more power for herself and money and to hell with the people. She is a good example of why there must be term limits for ALL politicians, including their not being able to move from one house to the next, the senate, and back.

JCE (@guest_1279717)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a criminal. She has weaponized Capitol police, FBI, and the DOJ. The whole Democrat minion dynasty should be arrested. Pelosi created the insurrection. The hidden evidence should show she caused it all. She had the murdered woman taken out. She has had the arrested people illegally held. She has the Capitol police doing illegal activities. She should be charged with being a traitor and the highest punishment meted out for her crimes.



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