May 23, 2022

MSNBC hosts bash state governors who loosen COVID restrictions

MSNBC had a plethora of negative things to say about the Democratic governors who were loosening their COVID-19 restrictions, including governors from New Jersey, Delaware, and California.

According to Fox News, they are criticizing those governors as well as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for refusing to push mask mandates on their citizens and it has become somewhat of an issue for both parties. 

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan tweeted, “The daily average for COVID deaths in this country is still above 2 and a half *thousand.* 2.5k Americans a day. A day. And yet some say it’s time to move on from the pandemic. It’s ‘peaked.’ Back to normal. Off ramps. Etc.”

Fellow host Joy Reid also tweeted, “So, I’m listening to a parent, who is also a physician BTW, say on TV that masking kids in school is more detrimental than the risk of spreading potentially deadly COVID because her son can’t see the reaction when he tells a funny story. So Millennial parenting is … different…”

Not to be outdone, MSNBC Reports,” anchor Stephanie Ruhle made similar statements saying that children don’t oppose mask mandates in schools: 

“Do you think it’s time for school mask mandates to end nationwide? I live with kids who are more than willing to wear their mask, and it’s my parents who complain about my children having to wear masks. So my kids don’t mind it,” Ruhle said.

“Not yet. Here on Feb. 8, not yet,” contributor Dr. Vin Gupta said in response. 

He added, “I do think as we proceed March 15 toward April 1, which I think will be a watershed moment for the country where it will be truly at an endemic phase based on all four castes. Based on where we are currently at right now which doesn’t feel that way.”

“It’s important also to start peeling these back when we can do so safely, so that come wintertime of 2022, when I’m concerned about what that may look like, we will have the credibility to reinstitute some of these controls that we need to,” Gupta said.

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