May 24, 2022

Most voters think Trump would be a better president than Biden

A recent poll indicated that most voters believe that former President Donald Trump was a better president than current president Joe Biden. 

According to Breitbart News, a Harvard-Harris Poll released this week found the majority of voters believe in the 45th president in a series of results that support the idea of Trump’s potential reelection campaign. 

“The survey, taken January 19-20, 2022, among 1,815 registered voters, asked respondents who they thought was or “has been” a better president — Donald Trump or Joe Biden,” Breitbart reported. 

A whopping 53 percent said they believe that Trump was a better president than Biden, who fell six points behind with 47 percent saying Biden is the better leader. 

During the same survey, voters were asked if a hypothetical 2024 ballot between Biden and Trump, who they would vote for. Trump won the survey by six points, garnering the win with 46 percent to 40 percent.

“Similarly, a McLaughlin & Associates survey released last week also presented a hypothetical 2024 rematch between the two figures and found Trump leading Biden by five percentage points — 49 percent to 44 percent,” Breitbart reported.

“That comes as Biden’s approval rating tanks underwater by double digits, sitting at -14.4, per RealClearPolitics’ Tuesday average. That coincides with an RMG Research/Scott Rasmussen survey released Monday, showing Biden’s net approval at -10 percent.”

Currently, Republicans appear to be backing the former president as their would-be nominee for the 2024 presidential election with Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida as his only possible competitor for the votes of Republicans. The DNC is also rumored to be looking to find another candidate rather than backing Biden for a second term. 

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