May 23, 2022

Most say Trump better at handling pandemic over Biden in latest poll

A new poll shows that more Americans believe former President Donald Trump handled the pandemic better than President Joe Biden as the president approaches his one-year mark in office.

The new Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey revealed 44 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s efforts, while 39% approve. The numbers are down by two percent over December.

The survey also showed 40 percent of American voters believe Biden has done a worse job than Trump regarding the pandemic. Only 39 percent believe he has done a better job.

“Trump was in office as the pandemic hit, and has touted his Operation Warp Speed for getting vaccines in arms quickly,” Newsmax noted.

“Biden has given credit to Trump for that as well, but has been beset by new strains of the virus, delta and omicron, and has also seen mixed messaging from health agencies take its toll on the public’s trust, many of whom are weary of mandates and threats of more lockdowns,” the report added.

Trump also scored higher than Biden in the areas of immigration and the economy in the new poll, while Biden ranked higher on the environment.

The poll shows the ongoing concerns held about Biden by many Americans a year into the president’s term in office.

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