September 29, 2022

More Americans have died of COVID-19 on Biden’s watch than on Trump’s

President Joe Biden and his allies on the left have long blamed former President Trump for the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in this country, but according to the New York Times, more Americans have died as a result of the coronavirus on his watch than during his predecessor’s tenure in the Oval Office.

Data provided by Johns Hopkins University reveals that the death toll in the United States attributable to COVID-19 since the pandemic began stands at roughly 770,691, as The Hill notes, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicating that 385,343 of those fatalities occurred last year.

As such, no fewer than 385,348 deaths due to coronavirus have taken place so far this year, and given that there is still over a month to go on the 2021 calendar, that tally is certain to rise, and these stark realities come despite the widespread availability of vaccines – even for children as young as five years of age – as well as booster injections for anyone over 18.

The Times suggested that the greater death rate in 2021 is owing to a “confluence of factors” including what the outlet called “crucially lower-than-needed vaccination rates” as well as a sense among the populace that precautions such as social distancing and masks are no longer as necessary as they once were.

In the paper’s words, public experts believe “many Americans are behaving as though COVID-19 is now a manageable, endemic disease rather than a crisis – a transition that will happen eventually but has not happened yet.”

Blame was also laid by the Times on the notion that “many are also refusing to get vaccinated in the numbers required to make that transition to what scientists call “endemicity” which would mean the virus would still circulate at a lower level with periodic increases and decreases, but not spike in the devastating cycles that have characterized the pandemic.”

Those explanations, however, do not necessarily hold up to scrutiny, considering that CDC data indicates that nearly 70% of the American population has received at least one COVID-19 vaccination shot, with nearly 60% considered fully vaccinated, according to The Hill, protection – as leaky as it is revealing itself to be – that was not available to the citizenry during the Trump administration.

Furthermore, a state such as Florida – where statewide mask mandates have never been in place and freedom from mitigation requirements has always been a priority – is now experiencing the lowest per capita COVID-19 case rate in the nation, as Breitbart notes.

Biden cravenly used the coronavirus pandemic as a disingenuous cudgel against Trump during the 2020 presidential campaign, saying, “anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America,” and that is a statement with which – for many reasons – millions of voters might now wholeheartedly agree.




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