June 29, 2022

Moderate Sen. Manchin crushes Dem dreams of pushing through infrastructure deal

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said on Wednesday there was no chance of reaching an agreement on President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending package, leaving his party without the votes to past the sweeping legislation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had scheduled a Thursday vote in the House to pass a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that would be passed alongside the other bill in nearly $5 trillion in total spending.

Now those plans are set to unravel, leaving a stinging defeat for Democrats regarding the president’s Build Back Better agenda.

“We’ll take it one step at a time,” she said. “I can’t keep a commitment that the Senate has made impossible to do, but what I have also said is we’re not proceeding with anything that doesn’t have agreement between the House and the Senate,” Pelosi said, according to The Washington Times.

“Every Member of Congress has a solemn duty to vote for what they believe is best for the country and the American people, not their party. Respectfully, as I have said for months, I cannot support $3.5 trillion more in spending when we have already spent $5.4 trillion since last March,” Manchin tweeted.

“As some point, all of us, regardless of party must ask the simple question – how much is enough?” he added.

Manchin may become the enemy of his own party, but his words are accurate, leaving Democrats with new problems related to passing the president’s top legislation.

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