August 1, 2021

Moderate Dems revolt, say they don’t want to push bills through without bipartisan support

New Jersey Democrat Congressman Josh Gottheimer declared Tuesday that moderates within the party are not interested in passing the left’s partisan bills without Republican support — throwing a major monkey wrench into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) plans for the coming years. 

Gottheimer said, “We’re not interested in just passing a bunch of partisan bills that sit in the Senate without action. There’s a feeling among many of us that we’re here to govern. The issues are far too important, and it will take bipartisan work to make it happen.”

The news comes as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to push President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill. The controversial legislation has come under scrutiny for its many unrelated political pet projects.

Some of the provisions in the original stimulus bill included more than $100 million for a San Francisco mass transit project some have dubbed “Pelosi’s subway,” as well as tens of millions earmarked for “climate justice” grants.

The Democrat-controlled House has accelerated the left’s agenda since taking session in January. However, the Senate has become somewhat of a safeguard, as most legislation requires 60 votes, requiring 10 or more Republicans to support a measure to pass it.

Gottheimer serves as co-chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. The group seeks to include both parties earlier in the legislative process to present legislation that can actually pass–and help the American people.

Texas Democratic Congresswoman Veronica Escobar supported Gottheimer’s approach, saying, “We should be as bold and ambitious as our caucus will bear in the House. We should not negotiate against ourselves.”

A growing number of lawmakers are concerned about passing trillions of additional stimulus dollars without careful consideration. As the nation’s debt continues to climb, Americans and their legislators require a greater focus on targeted solutions.

Gottheimer’s call for bipartisanship represents a hopeful perspective for the nation’s future. Time will tell whether enough Democrats will participate to help make his plans reality.

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54 Responses

  1. Well I am impressed by these two Congress peoples’ efforts.
    Finally there are folks there who realize and appreciate the positions they hold and are willing to step up and make their voices heard in a meaningful way.
    FINALLY !!!!!

    1. Piglosi needs to be put 6 feet under, ALSO, you people need to stop showing your last names. It’s not a good idea.

        1. It looks like you already know since it’s only showing your first name but all you do is click on your name and delete last name before you hit “POST COMMENT”

      1. Thank God someone has the good sense to want to be fair, I’m so happy, bless them. It should have always have been this way, their way not pelosis way. She is going unhinged, hate has eaten her up, that is a shame.thought she was a good Catholic, guess not.

    2. It is refreshing to hear from real “bipartisan” thinking Senators. That’s all any of us could hope for.

  2. I am hopeful with this news that there are still politicians who are willing to stand up for our country’s best interests.

      1. Holy crap !!! Finally some common sence from a democrat !!! Just do whats right for America, your family and all your neighbors !!!!!

  3. Why would anybody expect anything different from the group of idiots that we have in D.C. ?? These people are the most ignorant corrupt beings that ever walked the earth, nothing but a bunch of self serving criminals, every one !! Now they have even found the way to keep themselves in office forever without any interference from us pesky voters !! This is the results of decades of the fox being in charge of the hen house with absolutely no oversight !! Its long past time that we were rid of this entire totally corrupt government, WE DESERVE MUCH BETTER THAN THESE CRIMINALS IN D.C. TODAY !!! TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE AND START OVER WITH NEW CROOKS AND TERM LIMITS FOR ALL OF THEM !!!

  4. As I have said not all democrats are theifs and con artist. Some such as pelosi and her other dem-o-rats (schumer, schiff, watters, nadler) are the biggest con artist and crooks in out government. Some such as Congressman Josh Gottheimer are in government for the betterment of the United States and are willing to work to do the best for the country.

    1. The most corrupt President in history, he and his property’s made millions of dollars while he was in office.Example Secret Service paid $650 per agent a night. Now Fulton County investigation of voter fraud .NY investigating business fraud. He may end up like the former President of France

  5. Hooray, awesome now restuff budget bill with:
    Term limits for House & Senate
    Term Limits for GS7 employees
    Pay for Performance by House, Senate
    No budget=No pay
    Balance budget
    Cut staffing
    Cut DoD civilian workforce.
    Reform OPM & OMB

  6. There is a say so about: live within your means” and I am sure the Democrats that agree upon the spending in a way of “We the People ” can get benefit from the politicians as a whole and be able to save this country from over do the spending we do not have….. God Bless them Democrats to support the Republicans………Be safe you all!!!

  7. Yes there are a few good dems ,just like there are some useless reps but more importantly these dems are encouraging for the nation but let us not let down our guard and continue to keep best interest for the Nation in the forefront.

  8. Nancy Pelosi is the most corrupt, evil, destructive, woman in our government.. along with her other demented minions.
    They’re are group of swamp rats , that are bringing down the greatest country on earth . “USA “!!
    She and Biden really are too old to be in government. He, as president… Pelos,i as the speaker of the house

    1. Nancy is putting more pork than anything into the $1.9 trillion package including $100 million for the Pelosi subway in San Francisco. If she wants that and since she accumulated over $120 million in her 31/2 decades in power she should use her own money.

  9. Finally someone with some kind of sense! I am tired of queen pelosi’s pet projects. She has crowned herself and needs to go back to San Francisco and stay there. Can’t imagine why the fruits and nuts keep sending her back to D.C. She doesn’t do anything for them. She is only for pelosi.

    1. Pelosi may be the pork queen of San Francisco, but she is the court jester of DC. Awe such’s I forgot that Always On Calls job. I guess I will go back to the drawing board, will circle back later.

    1. Yep. I too have been having issues with my comments being deleted before I could post things. More Suppression if our 1 st Amendment rights by those Leftist POS’s.

  10. Applause for these Democrats who are standing up to the Beastess Pelosi! About time someone stood up to her! She has been acting like the spoiled brat she is! We Americans have suffered her tantrums long enough!

  11. Let’s reduce the troops in DC that would reduce spending and make our country at least look less communist even though the communists have taken over our country with the stolen election

    1. The troops are the old hag’s ( Pelosi’s) private army! Why would she want to get rid of them unless she is forced to!

  12. time for Pelosi to go That woman has a Mental Problem Just like biden maxine and the other screwball

  13. You know, sometimes I am guilty of judging people by their affiliations. These two congressmen have finally had enough of partisan politics and apparently know that the people will make the choice come election time. Thank you for affirming my faith in my government.


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP in DC and DEMAND NANCY PELOSI BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE ABUSE OF POWER!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  15. Bless them for actually putting our country and people before a friggin party. With new leadership dems may get their priorities straight again like these folks!

  16. These lib bullying dems need to step down… yeah, that’ll happen…. all they seem to do is try to destroy the USA…. back when the nasties said if Trump wins they would leave..sadly they didn’t…had many places to go….. With biden in where do the people who love this country go??? They are getting their wish…. dumpy San Fran…messed up L A…….goooo there and leave the rest of the country alone…….

  17. A poll ask should Harris ask Biden to resign? Naturally I said yes, then I said she should resign right after he does.

  18. Rep. Ilhan Omar calls out Biden, Dems over stimulus: We’re ‘sending money to less people’ than Trump.
    Ilhan is right Trump gave people far more money than all the Democrats combined. And he did in a unique way. He did something that the Democrats would consider immoral.

  19. Critical Race Theory pushes the idea that society as a whole is racist,
    and that all white people play into it, and are racist by virtue of their skin color.
    and that all black people play into it, and are racist by virtue of their skin color.
    and that all brown people play into it, and are racist by virtue of their skin color.
    and that all yellow people play into it, and are racist by virtue of their skin color.
    and that all red people play into it, and are racist by virtue of their skin color.
    and that all pink people play into it, and are racist by virtue of their skin color.
    and that all purple people play into it, and are racist by virtue of their skin color.

  20. Finally a dem with a conscience! Glad to hear someone is willing to stand up to Piglosi, it would be nice if the republicans would instead of whining. Come on , off your seat, on your feet, fight back and remove Piglosi from congress totally! Impeach her !!!!

  21. Arizona State Dean: Grading Writing Based On Quality Is ‘Racist,’ Promotes ‘White Language Supremacy’
    This dean is a nut case that should be fired, he just does not want to earn his pay. He wants to send all his students out without an education, so that they can spend the rest of their lives being welfare bums, and being a burden on the rest of us. Personally I don’t like the idea of giving someone a check every month, so that they can sit on their a** with a crack pipe in their mouth. Get a job stupid.

  22. New law, may not get kick backs for political campaigns from any entity that gets money from the government for any reason.

  23. Ok Dems. sounds good now put your words into action & stop Pelosi from pushing things through without Rep. input!!

  24. She’s nothing more then a ventriloquist dummy sharing one lap
    on Obama and Biden on the other…

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