September 30, 2022

Mitch McConnell blasts Pelosi for holding out on virus relief

The COVID-19 relief bill, which finally came together and was passed in both chambers of Congress on Monday, was apparently unnecessarily politicized for a large portion of 2020, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

According to Breitbart, during an appearance Monday on Fox News’s “The Daily Briefing,” McConnell charged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) with responsibility for “shenanigans” that held up the COVID-19 relief bill for far too long — along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. 

As McConnell explained, the massive relief bill, which will be the second relief bill directly helping Americans in need, could have been passed as early as July.

“We tried to pass — we started advocating that in July and August. The talks were unproductive. So, I essentially put that bill on the floor of the Senate in both September and October. Not a single Democrat supported it. Their view was: Give us everything we want, or we won’t give you anything,” McConnell said.

The Kentucky senator went on to emphasize that everything the Democrats gave them is what they were seeking in July, but he believes that Pelosi and Schumer played political games with the bill in order to prevent it from passing before the November 3 election, suggesting it was used as a tool to make President Donald Trump look bad.

“We got it done in exactly the same amounts and with the same configuration that we would have been able to do back in the summer, but for all the intervening election shenanigans on the side of the speaker and Democratic Leader — Schumer,” McConnell added.

According to NBC News, the COVID-19 relief bill passed through both the House and the Senate with no real issues and is expected to be signed by the president sooner than later.

The relief package will include direct stimulus payments to Americans in the amount of $600 and provide extensions to unemployment programs, the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses and an extension to an eviction moratorium.


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