October 18, 2021

Mitch McConnell addresses rumors about odd bruises seen on hands, face

Rumors began to swirl this week as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was spotted on Capitol Hill with bandaged, bruised hands and various bruises on his face, prompting questions about his current state of health from several concerned reporters.

Luckily, the 78-year-old Senate Majority Leader responded positively to the rumors, insisting that there are “no concerns” with regard to his health while telling reporters that there’s nothing concerning that the American public should be aware of, according to Just The News.

The Kentucky senator has faced increased scrutiny and pressure from the opposition in recent weeks as the upper chamber moved to push Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court prior to the upcoming presidential election.

Many social media users raised questions about McConnell’s skin condition, especially given that the senator’s hands seemed to be completely covered in bruises.

As Fox News reported, Dr. Doris Day, a Manhattan-based dermatologist, revealed that McConnell’s probable skin condition — known as senile purpura — is common for seniors and is caused by thinning skin, which tends to happen with age.

“Your skin just naturally becomes more fragile as you age,” Day explained. “It’s not a problem if it goes away. If you do bruise and the bruise does not go away, then you need to see a hematologist.”

As expected, due to the number of liberals who loathe McConnell’s politics, there were plenty of nasty conspiracies on social media suggesting that the senator must have been recently hooked to an IV for unknown health problems or is otherwise disease stricken, which they demanded to be made aware of due to McConnell running for a seventh term in the Senate.

Hopefully, McConnell’s skin condition is not a cause for concern and as we all know, the Kentucky senator is as tough as they come. A few bruises isn’t going to stop this guy from continuing the great accomplishments he’s achieved with President Donald Trump, but I’ll say a prayer for him anyway.

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paw paw (@guest_1066914)
11 months ago

Nothing to worry about.

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1066966)
Reply to  paw paw
11 months ago

A prayer for his health will help!!!

Dolores (@guest_1066973)
Reply to  alicia regina cervera
11 months ago

I’ll pray for Mitch. Sure hope it will not be too serious.

steveo (@guest_1067153)
Reply to  paw paw
11 months ago

that’s what happens when you punch nasty nancy in the face.you get chit on your hand!

Patricia P Hundley (@guest_1066946)
11 months ago

This man has been attacked. His hands show “defense wounds ”
I believe the people who have been protesting at his home are responsible .
Of course I have no proof but , look at the evidence . Look at his hands , the WHOLE HAND is bruised. I am elderly also but , when I get bruises they are small & on many different areas .
VERY suspicious , needs to be investigated .

Jeanne (@guest_1066995)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
11 months ago

I tend to agree with you. I think he has been attacked and don’t want to say anything. These liberals are ruthless and they are not happy they are confirming ACB. So, I do agree with you Patricia!

Glenda Stokes (@guest_1067005)
Reply to  Jeanne
11 months ago

Agree also

Thomas J Kirchhofer (@guest_1067000)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
11 months ago

I examine people with Purpura all of the time. Older people who have thinning skin and take aspirin, (even baby aspirin) will tend to break blood vessels and the blood will leak or flood to areas of the extremities furthest away from the central body. The only danger here is that everyone is speculating without any information. Dangerous stories tend to run rampant.

Ann E Horn (@guest_1067034)
Reply to  Thomas J Kirchhofer
11 months ago

I am elderly.My hands look terrible.old age gets it all.Just happy to still go and do.Dont worry about his hands.that dont make or break him

Robin Andrews (@guest_1067142)
Reply to  Ann E Horn
11 months ago

Ann I also do the same thing as I’m older. I do also take blood thinners for mitral valve prolapse which I just touch against something n it looks like ive been severely beat up. Especially my hands arms n legs.

Glenda Stokes (@guest_1067006)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
11 months ago

Sure looks like it.

Michael Bramblet (@guest_1067007)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
11 months ago

You’re out of your mind just because he has bruises on the back of his hands don’t mean he was attacked it’s people like you that’s a big part of the problem with America today talking about things you have no idea about what you’re talking about but you want an investigation into it just to waste tax payers money because of you stupidity

Petra (@guest_1067030)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
11 months ago

I agree. That was my first thought, that he had been beaten/attacked. He has been threatened, I feel.

Sandra Frisbie (@guest_1067115)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
11 months ago

The Deep State trying to Stop him.

Rene' Donk (@guest_1067155)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
11 months ago

I too say it looked like he had to defend himself. The swelling with bruising is suspicious. My husband has the purple fingers and hand but no swelling with it. Sometimes the arms are involved also and the hands do clear. Besides elderly folks 75 and over do have to be careful even a little bump will set the under skin hematoma of.
Nothing to be concerned of.

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1066967)
11 months ago

You may be right. They do look like bruises by beatings…. INVESTIGATE!

Sharon galbraith (@guest_1067027)
Reply to  alicia regina cervera
11 months ago

My hands look like his.it is thin skin I am 80 and also bleed if I bump them or bruise easily.

Christiann (@guest_1066974)
11 months ago

We need a young (about 40), true red conservative, America loving, Constitution loving Christian candidate to take his place.

Michael O'Connor (@guest_1066980)
11 months ago

Democrats say,” believe the science”, but when they get science they don’t like the ley their imagination do the talking.

Dave Pokorny (@guest_1066985)
11 months ago

A few years back they found two blood clots in my lungs so they put me on blood thinners. That medication makes me bruise like an old banana.

James R. Mahan (@guest_1066987)
11 months ago

He’s on Blood Thinners, and his dose needs to be dialed back. Seen this so often with Warfarin Medication.

Carol (@guest_1067023)
Reply to  James R. Mahan
11 months ago

WE will find out soon enough. If he defended himself good for him. If is medical then hope and pray for it to get better. remember Dems have no boundaries as to what they will resort to doing.

Chris (@guest_1066992)
11 months ago

Hope you get better prayers going out for you

robert sanders (@guest_1066998)
11 months ago


9085 (@guest_1067002)
11 months ago

If he’s on Blood Thinners, this is not unusual for those on Blood Thinners.

Randy Lewis (@guest_1067004)
11 months ago

Dear American Digest, I enjoy your well written articles but could you please tone down the “Bombshell” lead-ins? It’s very misleading and it makes the whole experience sound like that I am entering a carnival complete with a center ring barker!

Richard Minzlaff (@guest_1067012)
11 months ago

I’m praying for you Michael , we need you to continue being well . I think you are a wonderful person, we can all hope to be good and faithful Americans just like you . You Are a great role model to follow . Thank you

christa owens (@guest_1067028)
11 months ago

really…and for what reason??!!

Charles e Schimpf (@guest_1067029)
11 months ago

He probably is on a blood thinner.

Kenn Honadle (@guest_1067032)
11 months ago

Warfarin is the worst blood thinner on the market. I’m using Xalarto and I don’t have such bruising as he has. I’m not as old as he is either.

Pico (@guest_1067037)
11 months ago

Our grandson is a trainer in Palm Springs Desert area. He trains many, many elderly people who come to him for their health training to keep them active, and he sees many of the elderly with such bruises on hands and arms and face. As one gets older the skin becomes more thin and the blood comes to the surface and makes the bruises appear worse than what they may be. This is nothing new for a man of McConnell’s age.

Rosemarie Weleski (@guest_1067048)
11 months ago

We appreciate him. He has been a great Senator for a number of years. Prayers for him…whatever the problem. I am sure he is taking good care of himself. Also praying for wisdom for those treating him.

Dee Dee Grant (@guest_1067053)
11 months ago

I went through the same thing last Spring. the back of my left hand (ONLY) was completely covered with bruising. I am a Nurse and sometimes under stress, so Mitch and I have the SAME problem. It was only on one hand and went away after about a month or six weeks. No trouble since. . .

Laurie (@guest_1067072)
11 months ago

If he’s been taking steroids for like me I get spinal injections hip and knee same thing happens I bruise very easy

Tumbleweed (@guest_1067077)
11 months ago

I have the same condition and I am only 72. It is no big deal, you bruise easy and it clears up slowly.

KAREN (@guest_1067256)
11 months ago





Gail Wehling (@guest_1068185)
11 months ago

I will be praying for you. Have your blood checked by a Hematologist also just to be sure. I get the bruises from blood thinners .We really need you and you do an awesome job, hang in there and my prayer will certainly be with you. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless you, Sir.

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