October 4, 2022

Minnesota Governor is ‘really angry’ that state Republicans won’t allow leftists to overhaul law enforcement

Minnesota has been the unlikely flashpoint for a growing movement to defund and disband law enforcement agencies nationwide.

In the wake of the shocking late May death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, leftists within the state’s legislature — with the backing of Gov. Bill Walz (D) — attempted to force a major overhaul of the state’s law enforcement mechanism.

However, after weeks of discussion, Walz was forced to admit on Saturday that radical leftists within the state’s legislature had spectacularly failed in their quest to fundamentally change the way policing is done in the state. 

After an extensive back-and-forth between the state Senate’s Democrat and Republican representatives, Republicans rejected three different police reform proposals, including defunding of the police, granting voting rights to felons, and giving the Attorney General jurisdiction over police-involved deaths.

Walz was clearly furious at Senate Republican’s refusal to overhaul the state’s law enforcement rules, complaining during a Saturday press conference that it’s “their way or the highway, and that is not acceptable.”

Fox News reported:

“The Senate adjourned without saying what was wrong with that offer on accountability, what was wrong with those issues,” Waltz said during a news conference Saturday, adding: “This is a failure to engage.”

Walz said some legislators take the attitude of “their way or the highway, and that is not acceptable.”

“To take your ball home in the middle of this, this is an embarrassment for Minnesota,” Walz said, making his frustrations clear.

Walz said legislators had more than enough time to read the bill in full and work to negotiate a compromise that both Republicans and Democrats could have agreed on.

“I am a really angry citizen,” Walz added, urging Republican and Democratic senators to come back to the table and negotiate.

Democrats and leftists have been throwing temper tantrums for weeks about Republican calls for law and order, but it’s clear that their hyperventilating will get them nowhere if the silent majority is not behind them.

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