October 6, 2022

Minneapolis residents sue city council over lack of policing, safety

Residents of Minneapolis, victims of the ongoing violence and crime have had enough and are taking matters into their own hands. At a press conference on Monday, community activist Cathy Spann put it this way:

“We are here, together in unison, to say enough is enough. I am here today to say it is about all of us coming together to make a difference to stop the gun violence that is in our city — downtown, south, north. We are stopping it. We are no longer asking for a plan. We are the plan.”

Residents of Minneapolis are tired of waiting for the government to protect them and are now suing the Minneapolis City Council for endangering citizens.

Since the death of George Floyd in their city on May 25, 2020, the city has endured rioting, looting, burning, killings, and all kinds of rampant crime. At the same time, the city council voted to “defund” the Minneapolis police department in order to “reimagine” the city’s public safety.

Violent crimes like murders, carjackings, and shootings have surged in that city since the city council voted in June to defund the police. Additionally, hundreds of MPD officers resigned or retired in the wake of the anti-police actions of the city council.

Former Minneapolis city council member Don Samuels joined the lawsuit demanding that more police are needed to keep all the people of Minneapolis safe. Samuels explained the reasoning behind the lawsuit:

“We have made the emotional appeal. We have demonstrated the statistical uptick [in violence], and now, this is the legal action we are exercising because it seems as if the City Council cannot hear us and doesnโ€™t feel what we feel.โ€


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