September 29, 2022

Military sending 44 medical workers to Michigan to assist with COVID-19 outbreak

Forty-four military medical workers are headed to Michigan to assist in the treatment of the fourth surge of coronavirus outbreaks, according to Breitbart News.

The publication reported that the newest surge is being billed by the White House as the worst wave of coronavirus to date:

“It also will open beds at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Detroit for transfers. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sought the assistance at the request of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association,” the Associated Press (AP) reported Wednesday.

Included in the relief group are made up of 2 groups of 22 physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists that will be on-site next week and are slated to stay for one month.

The government personnel requested by the governor will be serving at Beaumont Hospital located in Dearborn, and Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, according to the health department.

Reports out of Michigan state that around 4,000 individuals have been deemed to have COVID-19 in the area, including confirmed and suspected cases. A lack of vaccinations are being blamed for what is being called an almost 100 percent increase in the state’s highest level of COVID-19 hospitalizations:

“Right now, our doctors and nurses are reporting the vast majority of their patients are unvaccinated or have not yet received a booster dose,” the governor noted in a recent statement.

“We can all do our part to help reduce the strain on our hospital systems by getting vaccinated, making an appointment to get a booster dose and continuing to take precautions to keep ourselves and loved ones safe,” she added.

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced last week that as a precaution there was an indoor mask advisory starting for residents aged 2 and up for the holiday season, regardless of vaccination status.




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