August 12, 2022

Mike Pence to join Fox Nation series honoring Rush Limbaugh

Conservative talk radio fans are still reeling from the death last month of legendary host Rush Limbaugh, with tributes continuing to pour in from across the country, from everyday listeners and political luminaries alike.

According to the Daily Caller, Fox News announced on Thursday that former Vice President Mike Pence will provide narration for a limited series on the life of Limbaugh, Age of Rush, set for release on March 10 through the network’s subscription streaming service, Fox Nation.

The four-part documentary is set for release on March 10 and will feature remembrances from Fox personalities Bill Hemmer, Brian Kilmeade, and Sean Hannity, as well as from James Golden, known to Rush’s legions of fans as call screener and producer extraordinaire, “Bo Snerdley.”

As described by the network’s release, the program plans to “document Limbaugh’s childhood beginnings in the hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to his eventual place as the most powerful radio talk show host of all time.”

Limbaugh, self-styled as “America’s Anchorman,” and “the Doctor of Democracy,” announced last February that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and pledged to continue hosting his three-hour daily program for as long as possible while also undergoing grueling treatment for his illness.

On Feb. 2 of this year, Limbaugh hosted what turned out to be his final live broadcast, providing some reflections and perspectives on the twists and turns that helped his own groundbreaking career take shape, telling a caller:

You started small and you had to prove yourself at every step along the way.

You just climbed the ladder, hoping somewhere along the way you get a break, and I didn’t get mine for 20 years [until] Sacramento, 1984 – and that’s just how you did it.

Limbaugh was buried in a small, private ceremony in St. Louis on Feb. 24 on a “gorgeous,” yet chilly day, according to his widow, Kathryn. In describing her husband’s final resting place, she said:

It might remind you a bit of Arlington or other historic cemeteries around the world, with winding hills and pathways and big trees that are bare right now but in the upcoming months they will be full and green and very lovely to walk around.

I’ve always said Rush is just shy of a president, in my view. And we did a funeral that was very worthy of him. So we concentrated a lot on tradition and ceremony at every turn.

Premiere Networks, the distributor of The Rush Limbaugh Show issued a statement to radio affiliate stations last month indicating that the host’s program will continue airing in its noon to 3 p.m. weekday slot “until his audience is prepared to say goodbye,” making use of archived clips and content, as The Wall Street Journal reported.

In his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference last weekend, former President Donald Trump joined those paying tribute to Limbaugh, declaring him “irreplaceable,” echoing a sentiment with which millions of Americans certainly agree.

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Sgt York (@guest_1165232)
1 year ago

Faux best be careful as if things get rabid he will turn on them.

MICHAEL (@guest_1165258)
Reply to  Sgt York
1 year ago

Mike Pence should just go away. I can’t think of anything he did as Vice president. The only thing he did was collect his paycheck.

Larry M (@guest_1165305)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago


MICHAEL (@guest_1165319)
Reply to  Larry M
1 year ago

So in other words, you don’t like Pence??

Susan Carr (@guest_1165562)
Reply to  Larry M
1 year ago

I won’t watch because of him. He did nothing but cause more problems . He was suppose to be officially in charge of COVID from beginning, that was a joke and then let Pres. Trump take the licking when problems arose. He should had stood with Pres. Trump when all the lies and cheating was going on against Trump.Loyalty is not a word he knows. Our country would had been so much better off.

Orrie (@guest_1165750)
Reply to  Larry M
1 year ago

Pence is a backstabbing traitor. What he did to President Trump was the most disloyal act any VP could have done to a President who had given him a place in history. He is no better than the Democrats who went after President Trump with a hateful vengeance.

Maria Bono (@guest_1165317)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Millions are with you on that. Even though he was a traitor, I know that the Trump supporters were not the ones making threats. It was Antifa, trying to make it look like it.
He should just move to an island because Indiana does not want him.

toots (@guest_1165299)
Reply to  Sgt York
1 year ago

another reason never to watch fox again.

Cici (@guest_1166068)
Reply to  Sgt York
1 year ago

Just yet another reason to forego watching trash on Fox News.

JanD (@guest_1165233)
1 year ago

Didn’t I just read something the other day about Mike Pence’s connection to Fox’s Ryan? Ahem!!!

Frenchie (@guest_1165329)
Reply to  JanD
1 year ago

Judas Pence on Fox ?
Getting more 6 “pence” of silver
Sure does make sense with his cohort lying Paul Ryan on the Board .
Never again is FOX on in this house ..
RIP Rush Limbaugh …

bruce (@guest_1165245)
1 year ago

Rush Limbaugh was a true American and didn’t mind mixing it up. None of the Lame Stream media would ask him on because he would clean their clocks with their false narratives. So their tactic was the try to marginalize him. It didn’t work. We need 20 more Rush Limbaughs’. Oh, and Mike P. Maybe you can redeem yourself with an honorable treatment of a great man who had the guts to do the right thing, not the popular thing.

Stevo (@guest_1165252)
1 year ago

The moment America needed pence the most , he screwed over Trump & America . You can’t ever trust him again !

Lynn (@guest_1165254)
1 year ago

Who do you believe anymore…??? Can’t trust our Goverment….Can’t trust the Pope….That as-hole Obama did this He s Blaming Biden and he s doing all the bad stuff…he made Biden do all those E.O….He could not stand it that Pres Trump did what he did1 term…Look at the people who STABED our Pres in the back….Even his own V.P…. ..We all better WAKE UP… .They sold us to China….!!!!!

Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1165261)
1 year ago

Pence is a back stabber. He should just go away, quietly!

William F Kutschera (@guest_1165270)
1 year ago

Pence is a professional campaigner who did nothing as Governor of Indiana (unless you consider attending dinners and throwing rose petals on whoever was being feted) and carried his well-veiled uselessness to Washington. He is a mouthpiece and while I did endorse Trump as POTUS I knew from day one he picked Pence because he presents well, speaks well (when given a script to memorize) and could never be accused of doing something wrong. One has to do something in order to be judged on that action.

Maqqty (@guest_1165309)
1 year ago

I hope nobody watches it’s a disgrace to have Bendedict Arnorld narrate a documentry about one of the greats American Patriots

George (@guest_1165315)
1 year ago

As it stands at this time we are just barely above the rating of a third rate country. Thanks to the traitors in the democrat party and the bastards in the main stream media. If i were ever in a position to help any of them being accosted I would break out the popcorn and watch the show!!!!!!!!!!

abbiness (@guest_1165318)
1 year ago

Who, pray tell, will even listen to his drivel…I won’t. I scarcely listen/watch fox news anymore.

Jane (@guest_1165323)
1 year ago

Mike Pence is one of the last people to ever be a part of any tribute to Rush Limbaugh. Just do some research on what Lin Wood has to say about Pence. Mr. Wood is a very successful Defamation Lawyer and would not make this information public if he didn’t have solid evidence to support what he says. Enough said.

Terez (@guest_1165390)
Reply to  Jane
1 year ago

His “whistleblower” is very credible, somehow, I connected two videos and realized who it was. It was the exact same voice and stories verbatim. Yes. Pence has skeletons in his closet, very dirty ones, much to my surprise. Not to mention, he was a traitor to the President long before Jan. 6th. He and Ryan are rat scum that were jealous that Trump won over them.

Marksman (@guest_1165473)
Reply to  Terez
1 year ago

Start with a little research folks…”Ryan-Pence Campaign 2016″ or “Pence-Ryan Campaign 2016”. Then inspect the rabbit holes that will appear. SHOCKING is an understatement!!

Penny A Hoerauf (@guest_1165398)
Reply to  Jane
1 year ago


Chaz (@guest_1165426)
1 year ago

Totally not interested in what Mike Pence does or things.

Barbara Waddell (@guest_1165864)
1 year ago

Don’t care about anything Mike Pence is doing

Lois (@guest_1166281)
1 year ago

I listened to Rush for a long time on local Fox radio. He loved America and is very deserving of a tribute to his life.
However, a traitor is not the person to do it. Like others who commented, I will not be watching it because I do not want to see Pence’s face nor hear any word he says. Just wish he would go away and stay away.

Daffodil White (@guest_1213716)
1 year ago

Agreed. Pence is a traitor who did not fight for election integrity.
No more Trust in him.

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1 year ago

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