August 14, 2022

Mike Pence takes Kamala Harris down in vice presidential debate

Vice President Mike Pence surprised everyone on Wednesday’s VP debate, taking Kamala Harris down and winning the debate with a solid, substantial, and consequential performance. After the debate, Americans can feel confident in his leadership abilities should he ever have to step up for President Trump.

Pence and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris met on the debate stage in Salt Lake City, Utah. Susan Page, the Washington bureau chief for USA Today, moderated the debate.

If you watched the debate, you know that Vice President Pence won hands down. He outdebated and outclassed Harris the entire 90 minutes. The contrast between the two debaters could not be starker. Harris, a cynical politician willing to say and do anything for power, faced Pence, a man who exudes credibility, sincerity, gravitas, and civility.

Pence questioned Harris on issues like Biden’s support for the Green New Deal, abolishing fossil fuels, taxes, and whether a Biden/Harris administration would pack the Supreme Court. Harris appeared as duplicitous on these issues that she and Biden must support to retain support from the far-left, but also must downplay or avoid to retain the moderate Democrats and independents.

Harris ran every Democrat trope against the president. She accused President Trump of killing 210 thousand people with COVID-19. She ran the Charlottesville lie, saying that President Trump has refused to condemn white supremacy.

Pence met every challenge and lie with his own measured responses reminding Harris that she was “entitled to her own opinion but not her own facts.” He brought up hers or Biden’s own words to remind Harris and America what the Democrats will really do when and if they recapture the White House.

In the exchange about the devastation of the coronavirus in the US, moderator Page asked Harris about the vaccines that are being developed. The Democrats loudly decry the loss of human life due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Pence was able to show that the Democrats are willing to sacrifice lives if it gives them more power. Harris said she would not take a vaccine recommended by President Trump. VP Pence, showing this was no game, rebuked Harris for undermining American’s confidence in a life-saving vaccine. Watch:

The Democrats and the mainstream media have been arguing that President Trump would not accept the results of the 2020 election, and the Page asked Pence to address that issue. He completely turned the tables on the Democrats with his answer, reminding everyone that the Democrats never accepted the results of the 2016 election. Watch:

What did you think of the vice presidential debate? Scroll down to the comments section and tell us which moment of the debate you liked best.

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Sherry Chase (@guest_1059158)
1 year ago

Harris knows that corrupt pervert joe is going to Federal Prison.

JUNE (@guest_1059162)
1 year ago

Pence was the gentleman he always is, and his leadership showed at every turn, unlike Harris, who snickered, and clearly showed an attitude unbecoming of the “possible” #2 person. She was a big disappointment to me as a women. Harris showed she is not ready for the position and Pence clearly has been a major asset for the past almost 4 years and will continue to be an asset for the next 4 years.

Christina Creasy (@guest_1059508)
Reply to  JUNE
1 year ago

I totally agree Pence did one heck of a job well done. He was quit the gentleman and I for one pray we have a great election with Trump – pence 2020 praying four more great years with our Greatest President we have ever had in my time. God Bless President Trump and VicePresident Pence!

Dorothy Cole (@guest_1059170)
1 year ago

Vice president Mike Pence was alsome. It doesn’t bother Harris to flat out lie, she is a terrible person. God please save us from these evil people. Amen.

Robert W (@guest_1059384)
Reply to  Dorothy Cole
1 year ago


Teri Smith (@guest_1059181)
1 year ago

I liked it when he told her “I believe we are going to win this election and your party has been trying to overturn the 2016 results since the start of the republican takeover”

Evangeline Roller (@guest_1059185)
1 year ago

She lied about Trump did nothing about COVID-19 .She is not black according to her Father.

Farmer (@guest_1059215)
Reply to  Evangeline Roller
1 year ago

Kamala Harris’s mother is Indian (from India), making her 50 percent Indian.

Her father is Anglo and African. To look at him, he appears mostly white. He maintains he is descendent of an Irish slave owner.

Her husband is white.

Explains why she works so hard to present herself as African American.

Cleora Craw (@guest_1059189)
1 year ago

Vice President Pence was the picture of class. Everything about him was perfect.
He was confident, polite even when stating his opponent was being disrespectful.

Congress needs people that want to help everyone in this country. Not just their LUST for power.

Kathleen Mulligan (@guest_1059190)
1 year ago

Harris lied every step of that debate. She is a wise guy that should not be in this race. She showed her true colors and could not match Vice President Pence knowledge in a million years. She was a waste of everyone’s time. I hope President Trump wins by a land slide. Kathleen Mulligan

Steff (@guest_1059192)
1 year ago

Mike Pence allowed Kamala to make a complete fool of herself and that of Joe Biden also. She refused to answer the questions asked of her and instead lied repeatedly about statements and/or events that were easily recognized as the lies they were. All the while she smirked and made condescending remark sand facial expressions to VP Pence. She showed what a disreputable liar and marxist she really is.

Pico (@guest_1059291)
Reply to  Steff
1 year ago

Actually it was good thing for Harris to lie and make her ugly snickering condescending faces for the whole of America to see. She herself has let everyone see and hear just what she is and biden is also.
She’s nothing but a hateful liar and a bottom swamp slug and slimy as can be.
Vice President Pence was a gentleman and got his point accross despite the biden moderator catering to the Harris hag.
God bless VP Pence as the Lord had directed him in the way HE wanted him to answer questions.
Trump and Pence in 2020 and beyond!!!

Jeffrey C Simms (@guest_1059195)
1 year ago

Pence totally destroyed her without without much effort. There is no way she can handle the job. She is way above her level of competence.

Ron (@guest_1059201)
1 year ago

The staggering amount evidence that exists would have taken up a whole hour to show the Demorats lies, and terrorism against the
USA. Even after being confronted with all of the hypocracies and their own denyles, dangles, and twists from the truth the, the Demorat-Commies would try to change the info to the nonsense that the lying major media shuffles out the brain washed liberal denyls.

Jan (@guest_1059327)
Reply to  Ron
1 year ago

Good grief there were some many issues that were brought up that it’s very hard to choose. But VP Pence won the debate . That’s for sure. ***Trump and Pence for Four More Years 😘🤗!

Bob Holt (@guest_1059207)
1 year ago

Harris, proved that she lies at every twist and turn: She will say anything for a vote.
Also, she showed that she is condescending fool, who thinks she can fool the public any time she chooses.

Karla (@guest_1059346)
Reply to  Bob Holt
1 year ago

Her and Pelosi are two peas in a pod!

Charles Dundas (@guest_1059504)
Reply to  Karla
1 year ago

please, lets not spoil my taste for peas(veg.)

Richard Nevarez (@guest_1059211)
1 year ago

Pence is an exceptional VP. Unlike Harris who has no qualifications or experience to run for government office of any kind. She could barely run her office as Attorney General for the state of California. And even then she did not do a great job, and now she thinks she can handle a VP position let alone as President of the United States. We can not let the democrats win this election, for we all know where we are headed. Do us, as Citizens of these United States really want to become any part of a socialist country. I believed in freedom of our country and its people not government run dictatorship.

Liz Carroll (@guest_1059212)
1 year ago

I am so thankful for a voice of reason (Mike Pence) during this very stressful time for our country. The outside world is, no doubt, shaking their heads at our show of ignorance or lack of decorum, let alone plain common decency or ungratefulness that we have so much more available to us than billions of people in other countries. Maybe those folks are expressing thanks that they don’t have to put up with the daily rants and despicable comments that come out of the mouths of some of our highest ranking elected officials–most noteworthy–Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I don’t know how much lower they have to sink before their own political party tells them to shape up or ship out. Have we, as Americans, lost our ability to think before we speak or to be grateful for what we have in our own country that millions, or maybe billions over the world will never see in their lifetime? May God help us!

Farmer (@guest_1059216)
1 year ago

She came a ross as obnoxious, condescending and phony. Reminded me of Hillary.

Robert Bates (@guest_1059219)
1 year ago

Kamala Harris put on a very poor performance, VP Mike Pence showed her what true American is Great job VP Pence

EMA (@guest_1059233)
1 year ago

Her facial expressions belied her words.

Chivis (@guest_1059239)
1 year ago

Kamala Harris needs to go back to the kitchen, maybe she is good to make a soup

Ron Servant (@guest_1059243)
1 year ago

I loved the way Vice President Pence handled all her lies. She used the same lying tactics as Biden. She couldn’t lead a thirsty horse too water never mind be second in command of the greatest country in the world.

Damasio Moreira (@guest_1059351)
1 year ago

The vice President Mike Pence last night should class and ready to take care of our country if need. Kamala should no class and she’s not ready to be vice president she’s a liar and a fake

Thomas Lyon (@guest_1059428)
1 year ago

Pence WIPED the floor with Harris. Yet he did it so CALMLY and with class and maturity. Harris’s BLATANT lies to questions asked of her and her inability to answer ANY question without either changing the subject or lying is typical of how the DEMO-RATS have run their campaign. Nothing but rhetoric and lies with total disregard of the facts. I think this presidential election will be the most lopsided victory in history in favor of Donald Trump.

Gillian (@guest_1059503)
1 year ago

Kamela Harris lied because her eyes blinked a number of times and she did not answer about packing the court
with radical judges so Vice President Pence trounced her and to another 4 years of President Trump.

Charles Dundas (@guest_1059506)
1 year ago

please, lets not spoil my taste for peas(veg.)



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