April 18, 2021

Mike Pence pushes back against pressure from GOP, Dems

Vice President Mike Pence started last week like it was any normal week — until Wednesday when tens of thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters gathered at the Capitol to protest the certification of the presidential election, a protest that quickly turned ugly.

Pence, who continues to face intense pressure from all sides in regards to President Trump, received a standing ovation from his staff during his weekly Friday meeting, as he ended any speculation that he will cave to the mob. 

“What he said was, you should hold your heads high and focus not on the actions of people in the past 48 hours, but you should focus on everything you accomplished in the last four years and the good that you did,” a person reportedly involved in the meeting said.

Leading up to the riots, Pence broke with the president’s demands that he somehow overturn the Electoral College results from certain battleground states that Trump lost, which prompted multiple outbursts aimed at Pence by the president himself, including an accusation that Pence lacked “courage” to make it happen.

Trump’s supporters quickly turned on the vice president throughout various social media platforms. The hatred was so intense that the hashtag “hang Mike Pence” trended on Twitter for the better part of the day before the social media network took it down, according to Newsweek.

That same official from the meeting said that the violent actions of the rioters on January 6 were “hanging over the group” which is what reportedly prompted Pence to address the issue. That was probably especially important given the growing number of GOP officials and politicians who have come out against the Trump administration in the past few days.

Pence also reportedly exchanged gifts with his staff during the Friday meeting and his staff presented him with his Cabinet chair. In addition to the gift exchange, Pence joined a long-standing tradition of signing a wooden drawer in his official desk, just like his predecessors.

Proving how classy he truly is, directly after the staff meeting, Pence called the family of the Capitol Police officer who died as a result of injuries sustained during the violent uprising, offering his sympathies and support to the grieving family members.

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163 Responses

  1. I will pray with you Barbara, for a miracle that our President gets to stay in office. What happened was not his fault. I think many of these people would have been there on their own just to show their support. This was another way to get at Trump, call in the jerks.

    1. Agree president trump has all the rights to remain in the office of president, what occurred his not his blame if anyone is at fault it is the swampy corrupt democrats, and rino republican who seen evidence and know that the election was stolen from us american people and our votes were dumped and stolen by them. You need to show your support for President Trump. His supporters will keep with him they do not run like chickens like the democrats and rino republicans . He is a great president best we have ever had and he really cares about us and our country. NO DEMOCRACY, NO COUNTRY especially NO UNITY due to the corruption of the democratic party for the full term Trump has served and then the corrupt democrats to pay off rino republicans and they did not support him when they truthfully know there was a stolen election. So no democracy in voting in the future so interesting but I do know the trump supporters will stick together and Trump in 2024.

      1. You have said it all. I am completely with our president. My accounts have been compromised so I can’t speak freely anymore. God help and God bless us one and all.

    2. No way can he stay and I hope he doesn’t wish to. America is no longer good enough to have a man like Trump run her. The Federal Government in my opinion is a crooked and any Mafia outfit was and the five States that illegally changed their voting laws are n better. I wish there was some way the rest of the country would understand what is happening. America is nothing more than a Third World Country the way we stand now. Our Military is the only difference and I do not believe it will stay this way. At my age I wont suffer much maybe but in my opinion if the truth were known the Democrats were partially responsible for it outbreak to get rid of a large number of old people. Those I leave behind will be treated like the Anti-Christ sees fit.

      1. I believe you have hit the nail on the head. Pelosi made a trip to China in 2018. And shortly after they start report about the virus wipeout in china. That is what she helped to get started over here. Why else would New York Gov. Send sick people to nursing homes where the most vulnerable live. They want us dead. But you can’t be king or queen if you have no subjects. Pelosi will rule over nobody.

          1. Correction. 73 million people. 81 million said he shouldn’t be in office Maybe it’s you that should be in jail

        1. You really need to educate yourself about what is happening and how we have gotten here! Open your mind and eyes so you can get a clearer picture than you have been thinking! If you are interested and will be honest to yourself you may find things are not as we were led to believe. If you still feel that President Trump is a Dictator then I will say I tried to help you out but some people you just cannot reach!!!

      2. I pray President Trump does remain in office he can call marshal law and clean out these devil wicked people !

    3. You are so right Helen we Conservative Americans are in for a long haul. I do not do social media however all I have been reading about Facebook & Twitter banning & kicking people of amazes me as the article above just stated people were posting on Twitter hang Pence etc etc & that is not what they supposedly are against.? Again another double standard for the left.

  2. This needs to be Stopped!
    The only people who should be removed from office and arrested for treason is James Comey, Nasty Pelosi, Chuck Shumma, Joe China and his Crime family, Barack Obama, and many member of his former administration and many others.

    1. Still what 10 days left we never know the final Trump card might Just be all of them in military tribunals…. Amen

      1. That would be a wonderful gift to all the Americans who supported President Trump with all the attacks from the Democrats he had to endure for 4 years. The corruption in Congress must be stopped and the only way that will happen is if arrests are made to prosecute everyone who is guilty of treason.

    2. it’s coming … just like a genie in the bottle you will get that wish. And by the way Pence is guilty of a few things. It will all come to light within the next few days, Pray for America and the safety of our Republic. Pray harder than you have ever prayed. It will be hard for everyone for about 10 days but America will shine with a new beginning and the biggest evils will be sent to Gitmo. It holds 200,000 and there are arrests of 196,000 coming. Hold onto your hat this storm is going to be epic. And then I can do my “I told you so ” dance. God Bless <3

      1. Definitely they should already be in prison but they are part of the swampy corrupt democrats and the swampy paid off by corrupt democrats rino republicans which all should be in prisons charged with treasons and many more charges.

    3. Amen to that my sentiments exactly…..
      As far as I am concerned Joe Biden and his son are Traitors, they should be taken down for Treason’
      Nancy Pelosi is a egotist, as long as she has her wall to surround her, she cares nothing about the people;.
      Hillary should be behind bars, and Barack obamnation should join all of them………
      Leave our President ( who was the best thing that ever happen to this country) alone, we the people want him at the helm.

    4. Believe it or not Comey is against impeaching Trump.i like you was shocked. but maybe he can be save. here;s a thought. where Trump isn;t going to be President these four years why doesn;t he go back to being a democrat and run on the democratic ticket and his son on the republican or cndace owens whom i love. she;s awsome but i like the idea of father against son. we could sell tickets ha ha.

    5. So very true Nancy Pelosi and Schumer are like an serious fungus and they keep infecting our government someone please please arrest then both for Treason. Bury them under Gitmo. Better than what they deserve. Put their heads on a platter. Trump knew Pence was a traitor in 2016. When they promised him the presidency to impeach Trump on the FAKE hoax Nancy Pelosi needs to be gone Schumer Coney Cortez. Listen REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS TO THE PEOPLE WE ARE TIRED OF THEM GET THEM OUT BUT ANY MEANS POSSIBLE

  3. Pence is a wimp . He should heat today up for the constitution and election integrity more . Wimp like some of the other republicans or we wouldn’t bein this predicament right now .Donald Trump would still be President and we could have another great four years. The wimpy republicans not all but a lot of them would not stand up for election integrity and the constitution. Bunch of bozos

    1. Agree totally with your great post, that is reason moving out of republican to independent since now found to many swampy corrupt republicans that are rinos now with the corrupt democrats. They were just acting like they were republicans but truly their profile follows corrupt democrats profile.

    2. I agree with you. I was so disappointed with Pence. I read he is running for President 2024, hope the Republican will not support him.
      I was surprised of his action. I read Twitter and Facebook are closing Trump’s account. There are other social media to go to like Parler, Clout Hub . They may not be popular at the moment but if everybody left these 2 media, possibly they’ll loose. Choose Club Hub in lieu of Parler as I read Apple and Google will not support them. I also heard from one of the speeches that DuckduckGO is also a good search engine, private.

      1. Who are all you people? Do you really support sedition? The dye is cast – No one is above the law or the Constitution of the United States. The dye has been cast

  4. There is not a doubt that the election was not rigged for the Democrats. The Democrats are the ones who rigged this election and THEY are the ones responsible for the ruckus at the Capitol on Wednesday. They are also the ones who let in the paid (by the Democrats and by Soros) to let in the antifa and the blm people so they could pretend to be part of the Trump supporters. Everyone who has any sense at all knows that this action was NOT done by the Trump supporters. A bunch of Democrats set this up with themselves and Soros!!! What they hoped to gain from it, only God knows. It certainly did not help them at all, BECAUSE everyone knows they were behind it all!!! But God does not, and this is a good thing, because ultimately, it is God who metes out the real punishment!!! In whatever ways and time He sees fit. So, they will get their comeuppance!!!

    1. I totally agree that this was a set up to keep the people from discovering the truth about the election being rigged. Why wasn’t there more police protection? They knew their would be thousand of protesters to begin with. What happened to the National Guard that the Mayor had requested to be there? If Trump was so unhinged they should had more police. This makes you wonder about that. I’m outraged about the way they blame Trump for this mess. I blame them. If Biden truly won the election what difference did it make for them to lay out their evidence since they said there was evidence of voter fraud. Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t be wanting to impeach Trump so bad considering the fact her home was vandalized before this happened. You would think she would be afraid of someone coming back to her home and do her harm.

        1. The National Guard was there, they had them stationed at the Lincoln Memorial. Which makes no sense, isn’t that one of the ones they want to remove? People said it was so weird with these troops all over there. Either the Mayor is clueless, or this was a pre-planned trap, maybe both. People said the police kept shooting percussion bombs and tear gas off behind them. They were trapped by the barricades on the sides, so the only place to go was towards the Capital. So, the police were herding people there. Then when they got there the police opened the doors, stood back and let them in. Sounds like a set up to me!

      1. This people like Pelosi and her gang of thieves think they are untouchable and no one can arrest and prosecute them. I would love to see the look on their faces being removed from the Capitol for the crime of treason.

      2. I heard if trump had been there their was a threat to his life. so i;m glad he wasn;t. obama wasn;t anywhere when the rioters were in detroit.or any other place he sent his vice President or att general.not positive on who he sent the guy is gone but they have stayed friends kind of makes you wonder why he fired him doesn;t it.

  5. Typical of the left to use inflammatory statements like “overturn the Electoral College results from certain battleground states”. What garbage! Pence would not be doing any such thing. He simply could have said, “I have competing slates of electors from these states. Under the current law, it is my right and my duty to return these to those states so that THEY may decide which set of electors to certify.” That’s perfectly legal and Constitutional. But no…. Pence didn’t want to rock the boat so he wimped out. Just like the “Hollywood” Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he was afraid of the rioters. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the name of the Newsmax commentator who said it, but I agree with him wholeheartedly: “Pence can forget about running for President. After this, he couldn’t be nominated for dog catcher.”

    1. Don’t be surprised if Pence “Runs”—Hillary ran though She KNEW she was the most hated person in the USA. I am a TRUMPER (MAGA) but Rinos & Democraps have NO SHAME….

    2. Agree with your honest great post. Yes Pence will not be in politics in any position due to his wimpy out and stabbing Trump in his back. He is not a republican he is a rino democrat.

  6. The DC RIOT and Break in of the white house was all orchestrated for the sole purpose of preventing TRUMP from running in 2024. Also to paint him in a bad light so if he is able to acquire indisputable evidence of election fraud the evidence will be looked at as false and never even looked at !

  7. The incident at the Capitol on Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021, was well orchestrated by the Democrat Party and Soros funded. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that wasn’t Trump supporters. The Democrats have done nothing in 4 years except try to remove a Sitting President duly elected by American Citizens. I have never in my 69 years of life on this earth have I seen the Multitude of FRAUD in an Election as the one that took place on 11/3/2020 by the Democrat party. It was said that God will prevail over all the Evil and Criminality that has been orchestrated by the Democrat Party. Every one of the Representatives and Senators that did not support President Trump, prepare for your punishment, by due process.

    1. The evil forces were at work in these corrupt politicians in both Parties. They planned and attacked President Trump for 4 long years and could not succeed with all their lies and falsehoods to remove him from office. Now Pelosi who is still on a vindictive rampage wants to impeach him again. This obsession of her’s is a result of a mentally ill individual who badly needs psychological help. They are committing treason and I sincerely hope and pray President Trump brings all of them to stand trial for their crimes.

  8. You want to let Pelosi know your opinion? Call her number in Washington DC. It’s on her site. When you reach it dial #1 and you can leave an opinion or message. Believe me, she hears a lot from me. Of course, I’m sure someone is going through them for her so she doesn’t actually get the message but I keep calling her anyway.

  9. If You read about Geo. Soros, You will find out, He was & is an Admirer of Hitler…Where does that lead him to? I Pray he repents, publicly & Soon, He’s an old man, Hell will serve him just like it did Hitler… Have no Doubt…

    1. Soros, a hungarian jew, was a hitler admirer ánd he steal from his jewish neighbors by their DEPORTATION, he’s a traitor from his own people. He’s against TRUMP and our GEERT WILDERS, Wish him burn in hell. 84 yr old SCUM, sorry bad language.

  10. The ones that should be impeached and/or arrested are Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Sanders, O. Cortez, Ilhan, Tlaib, Presley, Waters, Clintons and all the Cohorts who from the very beginning of Trumps Presidency delt him a continuous underhanded deal.

  11. What’s happening with all the different democrats who l understood were being looked into for “questionable actions”? Hmmm.. The criminal doings with Obamagate, etc.. lotta actual crimes that seem to have disappeared. Look people we are 100% entitled to have justice and you must do your flipping jobs! Pretend they are all Republicans and that will get the lead out! Millions of citizens are over all the bias and partisan BS overflowing in DC

  12. What is UGLY IN and OUTSIDE Skeleton PELOSI desperate, with her impeachment against the WORLD POTUS TRUMP, so famous He is , so HATED SHE. DRAIN THE SWAMP, UP TO 2024.

  13. VP Pence,
    You have been a wonderful VP and I am proud of you doing the right thing. I know you were, and are, a real true friend of President Trump. It is not always possible to please friends or anyone, but you should always do what is legal and right. I am a true member of the Republican Party and I believe in President Trump. I agree with him that the election was rigged but we all need to follow the Law. I am so sorrow you were hurt by the words of President Trump and others. It was unfair. I want you to understand also that the betrayers have crushed the President. Not an excuse just a human reaction we need to control. Please, I know President Trump knows that you did the right thing and is proud of your honesty-please forgive him. You know personally how much he has been through. Seeing so many “FRIEND” betray him it is hard for him to trust anyone. God bless you and your family. Thank you again. Mrs. Patricia Foster
    Another person born and raised in Indiana

  14. Worrying about capitol hill treason, why are they not worrying over B.L.M. & Antifa TREASON, all they are is domestic terrorist. Since police & Democrats don’t want to do nothing about it, maybe the true re blooded American’s should.And yes I will say it God Bless True American’s.forget the rest of the terrorist!

  15. You people are supporting a want to be dictator who just staged a insurrection to overthrow the government of the United States of America just like hitler did in the 1930s. I’m ashamed of trump the republicans and most of all you people who want to see treasonous traitors stage a COUP just like they do in third world countries SHAME

    1. You really need to educate yourself about what is happening and how we have gotten here! Open your mind and eyes so you can get a clearer picture than you have been thinking! If you are interested and will be honest to yourself you may find things are not as we were led to believe. If you still feel that President Trump is a Dictator then I will say I tried to help you out but some people you just cannot reach!!!

  16. I will always support President Trump. He was a great President. I wish he would stop Obama’s Dodd Frank bill. It is stealing our money. I wish Trump all the best. Also there is 2024 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Here’s my opinion: Trump should pardon all the people the democrats want to prosecute, and then on the 17th resign. This will allow Pence to become president. He then pardons Trump.

  18. People like Zuckerberg @& Dorsey have zero right to to block our 1 amendment or anyone’s else’s. This is America. Where in the hell is our DOJ and FBI. Arrest these unAmerican and put them in prison. Shut them all down until they adhere to the Constitution. This include Apple and Amazon and other unAmerican platforms.

  19. MSM & BigTech deserve to tank, just like the stock market is. Biden & his administration are going to completely bankrupt our country and get us into WWIII.

  20. Praying for God to heal this country. The covid virus was NOT President Trump’s fault. The Capitol riots were NOT Trump’s fault. People are all adults here and have a free will to do right or wrong. Just as the radical left for months destroyed businesses, etc etc while people in Congress seemed to enjoy it. Now the radical right mixed with the radical left joined forces to riot the Capital. President Trump did not want this. The HATEFUL media together with some of the HATEFUL members in Congress have all joined together to TRY and destroy Trump mostly to save their own futures or jobs or whatever. God help us all!

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