July 31, 2021

Mike Pence office confirms chief of staff Mark Short is positive for COVID-19

Many in the mainstream media who spent hours of airtime shaming President Donald Trump and his closest advisers for contracting Covid-19 and not wearing masks will now have another opportunity to continue the unfair politicization of the pandemic.

According to Breitbart, Vice President Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff, Marc Short, has contracted COVID-19. The vice president’s office confirmed the diagnosis on Saturday.

“Today, Marc Short, Chief of Staff to the Vice President, tested positive for COVID-19, began quarantine and assisting in the contact tracing process,” a statement read. Luckily, the White House confirmed that both Pence and his wife, Second Lady Karen Pence, tested negative for the virus.

Since the announcement of Short’s positive diagnosis on Saturday evening, at least four other staffers or individuals in Pence’s circle have reportedly been diagnosed with COVID-19 as well.

Not surprisingly, CNN was quick to pounce on the situation, raising alarm bells that Short’s diagnosis was just one of several Pence-affiliated advisers or staffers who’ve tested positive in recent days. Pence adviser Marty Obst was one of the notable Pence associates who tested positive over the weekend.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was essentially interrogated by the fear-mongering reporters at CNN on Sunday, as they peppered him with questions about the number of people in Pence’s orbit who’ve tested positive, raising concerns that Pence himself was at great risk.

Meadows gracefully shut down the line of questioning, saying “Sharing personal information is not something that we should do.”

Pence, who is still the head of President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, has a number of rallies in the coming days for which he’s still scheduled to attend. As expected, Pence will be vigorously tested for the virus before the rallies, which include stops in battleground states like North Carolina, South Carolina and Minnesota.

As evidenced by Trump’s remarkably fast recovery, which was due in part to a number of promising and effective new Coronavirus treatments, it’s probably safe to assume that Short and other Pence staffers who tested positive will emerge fully recovered and victorious over the virus in short order.


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45 Responses

  1. It’s great to be able to use the NEWEST treatments with no cost – not for “normal” and underpaid people for sure

    1. So is it your opinion that the US government should not protect the President and the people around him? Is it your intention to allow the important persons that run our government to get sick and die from this?

    2. Contracted Malaria twice In Panama as a Army Ranger and just had COVID-19 contracted from my sister-in-law, guess what Hydroxychoroquine cured me three times…Propaganda BS to get retards to believe anything that gets them a vote. Research in stead of snake oil political propaganda….

      1. That is why I drink the carbonated Tonic water with Quinine in it and also add grapefruit seed extract to my regimen. Zinc and even vitamin D (15-20 minutes of sun a day gives you that) can help as well. Think ahead and protect yourselves everyone, masks are if you are sick not to protect you.

      2. Everyone in the country knows that Hydroxychloroquine works and that it has been used for decades with overwhelming success. It’s the fake media and the leftists that want to control our every thought, our every movement, and how we live. Get a clue people before it’s too late

        1. it allows the big “pill” companies to sell their overpriced junk to us wether they work or not. Stop the fake Media, stop the leftists, stop the squad, stop the Democrats and above all
          STOP BIDEN!
          🇺🇸 Trump 2020 🇺🇸

    3. The President was the first person to receive Regeneron, it is still in the testing part. So, as he said, he will make that available to everyone for FREE once it gets approved. Maybe you should fact check yourself before you say stupid things.

  2. So if he did, what’s the big deal. Thousands have tested positive and there still with us. You jerks just want to make a big deal about anything and everything that happens to Republicans, get a life already.How about the problems democrats have, I’ve never seen one article saying anything about them having COVID-19. Why is that, are they all immune to it or are you just posting things about Republicans..

      1. Their propagandists just never report on it. It’s a page out of the CCP playbook, trying to create a false image that they are somehow superior and stronger than those they despise even while they’re to weak and ignorant to even think for themselves.

      2. Ever considered that they have made a deal with Chinese for the vaccine and wealth for handing over our country? They did manufacture the virus. It may not be a conspiracy theory after all…just saying.

      3. They’re probably the one’s that’s spreading it to everyone else. Seems a little strange that we haven’t heard of one democrat yet that has contracted it. Simply put however no one is immune to the virus unfortunately except the evil ppl

    1. It doesn’t matter if Democrats get Covid-19. They wouldn’t let us know because it would ruin their image. Besides, the President was the first person to get Regeneron, it is still in the trials stage. He also said that he will get the vaccine to everyone for FREE once it gets approved. Would the Democrats do that. Absolutely NOT. It would mean money out of their pockets. Our Wonderful President never thinks about himself, he works 24/7 for the American People who he loves.

      1. He wasn’t the first, their were others as it is in testing trials. It isn’t a vaccine but an aid to making the virus somewhat curtailed in its attack while the body ramps up the antibodies to stave off the infection. Magnus Trump will see to it we get it and any vaccines for the 2 known versions of this Covid when and if they can make one. The virus will continue to mutate so it will be with us like the other one we refer to as the common flu. We may has well get in with our lives and not be licked down or cower in fear like the Democrats would have us to to further their agendas. Be brave and careful at the same time, we truly all are in this together.


  3. Most people who test positive for COVID-19 are wearing a mask. Virtually all people who test positive have no symptoms. So WHY do people get upset about a positive test? This criminal Democratic Party is doing to you exactly what previous dictators did to their people.

    1. Listen to the just released Van Morrison
      songs about the lockdowns and Covid.
      Says it all in them!
      Trump 🇺🇸

  4. Wish the media would shut up about Covid-19-I am over it! Do you approximately 3 million people die in the US EVERY year (7900+ a day)! It’s all relative. We’re on target this year – no more no less. (CDC.gov). Vitamin C, D3, zinc—stay healthy!🇺🇸Vote Red!

  5. 2 + 2 + 4 has been determined by the woke leftist progressives to be racist, it is a white colonialist way to keep the minorities down. Can you believe that sh1t? WTF will these dumbazzes think of next?
    Vote Trump, plow your car thru a protest

          1. They didn’t teech us that maff stuff in Los Angelas pubic skool. It iz to racist!
            Bidin in 2020

  6. ?(1) Are Republicans the only ones testing positive?
    ?(2) Did Demonrats conspire with China re: Co-Vid 19;then, brought it here to release it among Republicans.
    (3) Am I the only one to think of this?
    You know, don’t you, that’s why N.Y. Gov. mandated Co-Vid 19 pts go to nursing homes.
    (a) that age group is most likely conservative;
    (b) that age group is most likely to vote Republican;
    (c) Then, get them all together and just let them die BEFORE voting Republican. That’s what’s called premeditated MURDER !! And, he’s going to get away with it !!!
    Democrats for Communism.
    Republicans for Americanism.

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