July 23, 2021

Mike Pence leaves DC to fundraise in Pennsylvania – results PROVE it’s not over

Mike Pence just left Washington to fundraise in a key swing state for the 2020 election – Pennsylvania.

The results of Pence’s trip bode well for the Trump campaign – and the media knows it.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Vice President Mike Pence raised $1 million for President Trump’s reelection campaign during an outdoor fundraiser hosted by a wealthy Republican donor in this key swing state.

Pence headlined the Trump campaign fundraiser Thursday, his first stop on a daylong bus tour through central Pennsylvania, a region critical to the president’s 2020 prospects. The event, adjacent to the home of Republican donor Ron Kreider on picturesque farmland in Lancaster County, was held outdoors under tents to accommodate the 150 attendees, as required by local regulations implemented to mitigate health risks posed by the coronavirus.

The $1 million raised by Pence was a significant haul for a sitting vice president.

Biden and Trump are neck and neck in Pennsylvania, a state that was key to Trump’s 2016 win.

The fact that Pence is pulling off massive fundraising hauls is an indicator that enthusiasm for Trump in the state hasn’t disappeared. Biden should be very worried.

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104 Responses

      1. Thank you Vice President Pence…GREAT PATRIOT, AND LOYAL TO THE CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT .🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤👎

    1. God bless America and way to go President Trump! Need you back in Nov.2020 to clear out swamp rats!

      1. We love you both! We really need you to keep us Great and free you do an awesome job for us! Please be with us for the next four years!🙏🏼👏This is so important for us to win again this next four years! God bless you both! We need you to keep our Christian values and continue making America Great only President Trump is Great for this Job! Thank you for all your hard work!

      1. Pres, Trump let Us Down Trying to take my S.S. away .we NEED a raise I worked for that it is my MONEY in a chair FACTORY and Cleaning JOBS .
        Sending the Children back to School Before they have a Shot to keep them from getting the VIRUS

        1. President Trump isn’t trying to take away our SOCIAL SECURITY! He’s trying to SAVE IT! He is the only one in years that actually gave us a raise! If Biden gets ELECTED, they are planning on taking our S.S. Benefits away TOTALLY! It was Obama and other Presidents that used our SS funds to bailout other FOREIGN projects that went bust along with the money that was supposed to be in a fund for SS! Trump was building our funds back, that’s why we got a raise! Biden already said if he became President that he would raise TAXES! What do you think that would do to our SS! In the State that I live in we have to pay taxes on our SS

          1. I agree. If Biden is elected we will become a communist country. We will all have nothing.

        2. Mary may I suggest you review your information as it contains some flaws. Have not read where the president is trying to take away your SS. Just where did you get that information? I know the news media has claimed he is trying to cut SS in 2020 but it has not happened yet only claims of it in order to set seniors against him. Politicians will say and do whatever they think will help them win reelection so careful what you believe of their claims. Thump ha done more for America than any president I can think of before him.

        3. You obviously have no idea what you are saying. Trump is not trying to take away your SS but he did cut our taxes. Joe Biden is the one who plans to undo tax breaks and will raise your taxes so as you said he will be the one to actually cut your SS, Pensions, 401k, etc. Sorry but it sounds like you and Joe Biden do have a lot in common! Did you get your stimulus check. Children do need to go back to school but safely. The virus stats show young kids can deal with the virus and very few deaths. What is increasing the infected is people who do not care and prefer to go out protest, destroy businesses & homes our heritage/history, hurt and even kill defenseless people. A few bad cops that should not be policemen vs a lot of terrorist orgs. who are taking advantage of a sad event.

      2. Dan, that’s just plain funny. How exactly did Trump let you down? Please don’t say ” us” because you are the only one I have ever heard say that…dems of course but, that’s a different issue. Biden has been a lawmaker for 50 years, had the #2 spot for 8, are you happy with where things are? You might want to take a second look…but I’m guessing you never did support Trump.

    2. Both of them, Trump and Pence, need our prayers. Prayer for God to use them to lead our nation for another Term, for their: health, safety, family, wisdom, wellbeing and campaign travel.

  1. I pray that all Pa. voters realize the importance of this election – to keep our freedoms, our history and our safety.
    We must re-elect Donald Trump, keep our Senate majority, and make sure we become the majority in the House of Representatives. VOTE REPUBLICAN! Let’s get this country back on the right track!!!

  2. That’s great!! I heard Vice President Pence speak recently and his patriotism was very moving. We need to get the facts out as much as possible, of the threats from the Congress, Muslim Squad, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley,and the Marxist BLM. The demands of these terrorists are shaking America, and it’s hard to get people to see the truth.


      1. The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to United States President Barack Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people”. … Obama accepted the prize in Oslo on December 10, 2009
        Biden 2020

        1. Judy: Just because someone is awarded a prize does not mean they earned it. Just out of curiosity what did Obama do to earn a peace prize? In my books he created the greatest divide between our races in this country ever. Did nothing for minorities broke more laws with his presidential decrees than any president ever. Remained in office 8 years cut our defence to the bone gave millions to our enemies made us the laughing stock of the world. Should I go on or just consider you as uninformed?

      2. When it became unpopular to be found out as a member of the Communist Party of America, members joined the rank and file of the Democrat Party. Therein lies the reason for godlessness, anti-America, thuggery, lies, name-calling, voter-fraud, and violence coming from the Democrat Party. And most of the MSM is the propaganda mouthpiece of the Democrats.

  3. Great Work Mr. Vice President Pence. We need the two of you back in November to put our country back together again.

      1. I totally agree with you, Laura. Linda Caul must be a parrot for the Democrat Party. Obviously NO substance to her comment.

      2. Laura; I also would like to know. The democrats are the ones supporting the destruction of our unborn at the cost of millions of lives yearly. She must have the political parties mixed up.

    1. Planned Parenthood is the greatest baby killer in history. It is organized, methodical, effective and daily. And it is both government (dems) funded and Soros funded.
      It is killing babies by the thousands, daily. Place your baby killing hate where it belongs – with planned parenthood. They kill more babies in a day than Chicago’s politically organized tribal warfare kills in the streets in a month.

      1. Yes this is so sick! They are using those dead babies for something sick and evil! I’m heart broken by all this sickness We have to have trump back in 2020! I can’t believe all the horrible things the Democrats are doing! If you do research they really are destroying America on purpose! Agenda 21 is scary! We won’t have any rights no vehicles it goes on and on

    2. Linda you complain about killing our children, How many have you allowed the Democrats to morally corrupt and abort over the last 47 years in education through planned parenthood . Through the Clinton years allowing the drug cartel to meet in the white house . Take your own action and see if you haven’t been negligent in your actions which speak loudly of hypocrisy .

      1. So many people listen to the regular TV channels and the news media really omits a lot of the truths and twist the rest. We watch Fox news and OANnetwork. Things are bad and they don’t hesitate to go into telling it all.

        1. Biden win 2020; If he by some miracle or crooked election happen to win he would not realize it until he suddenly met with an accident that caused his demise.

    3. Yes, what are you talking about Linda? Neither the president or vice president want abortions. Pence is a good Christian man and doesn’t believe in such things.
      I’m glad they’re visiting Pennsylvania, my home state. God bless both men and God bless America!

        1. If you got pregnant by a rapist did that child have anything to do with the rape? One wrong doesn’t make it right! That child deserves to be born, if you couldn’t love the child there are a lot of PARENTS that would love to adopt! And don’t ask me if I was ever raped! Yes I Was!

    4. Oh, please,…grow up and stop with the canned statements! You have no idea what you are talking about.

    5. Do you have even the slightest idea of what you are talking about, or are you like all of the other Democrats?
      How is anyone killing children by raising funds to keep the Nation from being destroyed by the Communist Democrats?

    6. Because they put Americans last to try and steal the election
      Trump worst ever

      Vote Biden
      The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to United States President Barack Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people”. … Obama accepted the prize in Oslo on December 10, 2009

      1. If you listen to the Communist Network, or read the Nazi Yonkers Tabloid, then that is all you will know. I suggest that as a woke person you wake up, and get some real news.

        GTLC= Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes.

        If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.

    7. GTLC= Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes.

  4. NOPE; Just a getaway from mainstream crap media period.
    Just think 90 Days in the hole (COVID-19) or listen to it by Humble Pie 😉😜😎.
    That’s what Democrats are pushing.
    I’m glad I’m Independent so I vote my way just like Elvis did.

  5. The Vice President is doing a great job in spreading the truth and hopefully he can get enough folks from Penn. to understand how tragic it would be for Biden to win the State of Pa.

  6. I can not understand how the Propiganda mill stays in business they are unable to revive the truth. The Comunist party would. Rather see America fail than anything in the world.

          1. b?t?h s?tes because all they allow people to do is b?t?h. They do not allow anything constructive to be said.

  7. Keep of the good work both you and our President our doing. Our Great Country, the land I love is at a crossroads, I only hope the RIGHT path will be taken by our Great Country voters!!!!!

  8. I fail to understand why after everything that has happened in the last almost four years why anyone would even consider voting Democrat. The only people I can think of that would vote for Democrats are people who are either paid to vote that way, or people that follow their grand parents and parents who would vote Democrat no matter what.. Too bad they can not think for themselves!

    1. That’s the real problem. People are lazy, don’t want to think for themselves or do a little research on how things are really being done. The Democrats don’t work for us, they haven’t for years. It’s all anti-Trump and anti-American. Such hate and evilness.

    2. Because they are constantly lied to by the communist media. the Communist Network News, and the Nazi Yonkers Tabloid. We need a better way to reach people. Maybe the old way, Thomas Paine’s way. Pamphlets distribute in all neighborhoods.

    3. GTLC= Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes.

  9. Vote for President Trump and prosperity and our nation will heal.
    Vote for Bidon and this nation will fall into dispair if you think rooting and looting is bad now Bidon will destroy America.
    It is better to die standing up
    Than on your knees
    N. N.

    1. Well, I find that I get a much better sight picture on my knees because I can hold my weapon steadier.

  10. Alright Mr. Pence way to go I always thought Pennsylvania was a Republican State I guess because all my relatives were Republicans.

  11. Thank you Vice President Pence, we appreciate the great work you are doing for our Beloved America.
    May God go with you and protect you every day. Our prayers are with you Sir.

    1. Yes and it will only get worse! I’m scared to Judy! We have to tell every one what is really their plan! Do you people really understand how scary it will get! Do some research they will control every thing we do even how much food they feed us and they will know everything we do! No God only satan

      1. And they will have listening and video devices. they will even see what you do in your bedroom. the communist party ( DNC ), are a bunch of perverts’.

  12. I don’t know the singer that had a tissy wigging out on President Trump using his song for his rally? Goodness! That is a honorable cause. Being a singer/musician myself it threw me for a loop! Why on God’s green earth are we taking in wrongs and making them rights? Mr. Singer whoever you are you have your pants on backwards. You otta be ashamed. You sound very un american like some of the comments I just read. Native Americans for Trump and all lives matter if you red, yellow, black or white. Jesus loves us all!

  13. Vice President Pence is doing a truly great job of backing up our President. He spends unknown numbers of hours working behind the scenes in support and gaining support for Trump.
    We need to continue to Pray for, not only both of them, but for the entire group that is working for the Trump administration, and pray that those working against him, both Democrat and Republican will turn their hearts and start supporting America that has been so good to them and given them everything they could possibly have dreamed of.

  14. thank you for the hard work,both of you and president does for this country,please tell sugest that trump does more for native american/alaska natives please ,i am one of the few alaska native’s out here for you and trump,we are left out of main stream news often,many native woman are missing and we feel no one cares,God bless you and the president and your family’s

  15. Yah, Vote Trump or Biden+? Or Whom ever you want in November, 3 months, 90 days etc.
    NO POLICE or defunded MEANS WE ARE.
    CONGRESS (Upper Chamber) SENATE & (Lower Chamber) HOUSE needs defunding too for the purpose of taxes overpaid.
    PROTESTING is NOT RIOTING, Not taking public property or damaging property.

    1. Rioting, looting, killing is not protesting. It is illegal and anyone involved in this kind of activity is a criminal. And should be arrested, put in jail for a long time.

  16. Vice President is doing a great job. We need to get votes to get rid of these hateful Democrats that want to destroy America.

  17. We the people wish to thank you for the hard work that you have done for all of the people.
    We know that you have had a hard way to go, and we hope that it will get easer. Thank you for hanging in.

  18. If anyone wants to see, what our Country will become if BIDEN becomes President, you need to watch THE FREEDOM Of SILENCE! I watched it last night and it freaked me out! You know how the movie starts, then it says it’s a decade later, that’s what happens in this movie and it goes to the year 2030. A MUST SEE! I found it on Tubi !

    1. If you want to know what it will be like after Biden. Just look at what is happing in Hong Kong, see what China is like now. Your life will be pure misery.

  19. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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