May 6, 2021

Mike Pence endorses GOP Senators’ election challenge

Vice President Mike Pence might have remained somewhat quiet about President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election over the past two months, but that changed this week in a big way when Pence stepped into the fray with a shocking endorsement.

Pence reacted to the news that a growing number of both Republican lawmakers and now GOP senators joining together in an attempt to object to Congress’ Electoral College vote certification in several battleground states, saying he “welcomes the efforts.”

Pence has recently been in the spotlight of both the media and Trump’s die-hard supporters on social media, with both groups curious as to how Pence’s role as the Senate president will affect the outcome of the vote certification on January 6.

Marc Short, Pence’s chief of staff, explained in a recent statement that “Vice President Pence shares the concerns of millions of Americans about voter fraud and irregularities in the last election.”

“The Vice President welcomes the efforts of members of the House and Senate to use the authority they have under the law to raise objections and bring forward evidence before the Congress and the American people on January 6th,” he added.

An impressive list of Republican lawmakers had already agreed to join in on the objection efforts, but on Saturday, a cadre of 11 Republican senators — including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — announced that they were planning on partaking in the objection event unless Congress immediately agrees to a 10-day audit of the 2020 election.

“We intend to vote on January 6 to reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given’ and ‘lawfully certified,'” the group wrote in a joint statement. “Unless and until that emergency 10-day audit is completed.”

The announcement came just weeks after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warned GOP senators to stay away from the attempt to object to the state’s electors on January 6. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) was the first sitting senator to agree to join Trump’s efforts.

There could certainly be additional senators and lawmakers who join the cause before or on January 6, but either way, there appears to already be enough to cause some level of fireworks this week.

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120 Responses

      1. The republicans trying to destroy democracy should scare the living crap out of every American that believes in the constitution and freedom

        1. Surely you mean the Democrats. They always accuse the Republicans of doing exactly what they are doing. Always trying to direct the attention away from themselves. It takes one to know one.

        2. You need to watch the video in 2016 when the democrat’s objected to the elector’s and pelosi praised them for it and said what pratriot’s they were for standing up for democracy!!!!

        3. Its not the Republicans, it’s the communist aka democrats that are trying to destroy our constitution.
          Have you ever lived in a communist country? If you haven’t just live there for a few months!!! I was born in one and escaped! Go live in Cuba, China, or Venezuela and see how it goes. Who knows, you may not make it home!

        4. The republicans are trying to save America from communism, which is what the demonrats plan is for the future. Is that what you want???

        5. Thats how we all felt about you for the bast 4 years!!! All we heard was resist, resist, impeach, impeach. russia, russia russia!!! bs!

    1. Who are you saying is “another” whining loser? If you are saying it is Pence it is YOU who is the “WHINING LOSER” & also you are what’s wrong in our Country. “IF” in fact that is what you are saying THEN YOU are part of the HORDE of IDIOTS in this Country & I wish I could get my hands on you. You are dragging the finest greatest Country straight into the gutter!! A POX ON YOU!!

        1. Bull. Demon rat criminals like Hillary and biden/Obama selling out our country have turned us into a 3rd world banana republic run by communists with the help of Nazi war criminal George Soros who betrayed his own Jewish people. Wake up. Moronic remarks DONT change the true facts!

        2. Democrats have made US look like a third world country with an election mired in “FRAUD – CORRUPTION – DECEPTION – LIES ” which cannot or will not result in a successful – positive outcome.

        3. You speak like the communist propaganda of mainstream media. Could it be because you are one of the few people who still trust them? It was communists aka democrats that gave you a chance to peek into the communism where they are leading the American Nation. 

      1. No sir it is people like you and others like you that is try to drag democracy down trump lost by a landslide and you need to get over it

        1. He lost with the help of your dear friend George Soros. He paid off all the countries involved in bringing down the US to the level of a cheap Cuba or Venezuela…just what the dems ordered…just what the dems can handle. They don’t know how to win honestly or work for their constituents so that they would vote for them. They promise everything prior to an election and then poof,,,it’s gone like a fart in the wind.

          1. You are speaking about the Dems I suppose. They are the ones that have never accepted the REAL election of Donald Trump.

        2. Not!!! President Trump won by a landslide !!! Demonrats lost by a land slide!! Cheaters and Demon lead democrats fixed it so they can ruin America!!! God is watching!!! Better wake up!!!

      1. The demonrats have been cheating in elections for generations! The demonrat party needs to be thrown out of the country. They are anti-American.

    2. You probably live with, and are supported by your parents, and dream of joining ANTIFA. In fact I hope you do, then maybe I’ll get lucky and watch you head explode in my crosshairs.

    3. DRT reminds me of Biden … demented, self-deluded, does not know “that thing” is the Declaration of Independence, cannot see facts and allegations before his face, probably doesn’t want to leave his basement, just like his hero (quid pro quo Joe/Burisma Joe/China Joe) or heroine (Slaver Ho Harris).

    4. Anyone with ANY intelligence knows that President Trump WON this election by a landslide! The only hope for the democrats was to CHEAT and STEAL; therefore, it’s a JOKE for any of you to call President Trump or Vice President Pence a loser. If your party completes this steal, I personally hope we divide this country and give you Democrat “winners” Biden/Harris. We Republicans would gladly take our “losers” Trump and Pence.

      1. AGREED! This is the most IDIOTIC representation by Republicans, that ALL of them are not supporting President Trump, as NO OTHER President has loved this country as much as President Trump, DOES! I am DISGUSTED with VP Pence. NOT the person that we all thought that he was. WIMPED OUT on having the back of this country! WE WHO SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, KNOW that he won the election. We all saw what went on with the rigged machines; the ballot boxes; continuance of ballots showing up and being counted, long after the deadline; illegals let to vote; witnesses to the fraud of votes, and the abuse at voting points, where Biden suddenly had votes, that should not have -appeared out of thin air- and, many appeared, overnight . No more proof needed. Dead people do not vote; ghosts do not vote; if 100 people live in a city- 10,000 do not vote! VP Pence , we expected, would do his duty, but instead, he wimps out. Stabs our President in the back, and he did not stand with him. INSTEAD, Pence stands down, not caring about letting our country, fall! HE, has the responsibility -TO MAKE THIS ELECTION- RIGHT! SALUTE TO YOU, and, THANK YOU, Senator Cruz, and ALL of the others who are standing up for this country. Thank you to the Democrats, who are honest, and have spoken out, that President Trump, is a victim of a fraud election. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! you Republicans who are taking a stand for America and it’s citizens! WE ARE OF MANY, WHO HAVE YOUR BACK!

    5. Then you should stop whining…’s childish. Be a MAN LIKE OTHERS ON THIS SITE. I AM A WOMAN AND NOT WHINING…I am disgusted with the stupid leftoids.

  1. This is only right. The Dems should go along if they want the truth otherwise it is clear the Dems are guilty of election fraud and cheating.

    1. the devilcrat party and a hand ful of rinos ought to leace our country from this election on election bureas that cheat 10 years in prison we the people will have watchers mostly marines with authority to no trials straight gitmo no talking to anyone gone?

  2. Go for it. The majority of the American People need to be heard through our Constitutional Law. Trump-Pence will win and save the Country from Collective Tyranny.

    1. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP! WE CAN NOT LET WRONG, RULE THE DAY! DEMONCRATS are crapping on us, and thinking nothing about it. TURN THE TABLES ON THEM! DROP TRUCKLOADS OF POOP ON THEM, GIVE THEM, WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN GIVING US! If we do not stand up for ourselves and our country, what does this say about us? President Trump needs our help! SPEAK UP! WE NEED TO BE A PART OF SAVING OUR COUNTRY!


  3. Our congress is like kids playing in the mudd.Both are dirty and we the people are being held hostage Yes I feel it was a dirty way to get into office. OUR for fathers did not intend for this to happen. But they made provisions just in case.

    1. YES THEY DID! WE THE PEOPLE must stand by our forefathers, and, our President Trump, and the Republicans like Senator Cruz! MAKE THIS ELECTION BE, AS IT WAS- BEFORE THE DEMONRATS CHANGED IT, BY CHEATING!

      1. You mean Kamala…..that is what was planned from the beginning. Joe is so beholden to Big Tech, Media, China and Soros that he has to do whatever they say. Kamala is also under their thumb.

      2. You are brainwashed do some research on Biden. Then came back and convince me why I should vote for a democratic

    1. HE HAD BETTER or he can leave this country! He will be the MOST AWFUL AMERICAN, EVER! In SC, after the Civil War, Carpetbaggers tried to take over our state, but the people backed up the REAL ELECTED, and RESTORED the right man – who WAS, the winner, into office! WE MUST DO THIS FOR OUR COUNTRY!

  4. NEVER surrender to buydon and camel! do not count the corrupt states that the top levels sold out to. NEVER give the ccp another crumb of bread. WWG1WGA

  5. I’m with you Dr. Wayne…any Dem who fails to join the search for the truth will be glaringly endorsing fraud at any cost. Imagine if you will, having your beloved country run by these lying, cheating thieves?
    If not us, who? If not now, when? Our president spent 4 years giving the country back to we the people. I’d love to see him back in the Oval for 8 years! To make up for the misery they put him through in his first term. I’m 82 and think he’s the best president
    EVER. My prayers are with him.

  6. An article on Yahoo suggested that Mike Pence might be interested in running for president in 2024…What makes you think that and why would he want to run anyway? Let some new blood run and win. He is very low key, but that doesn’t get voters excited and ready to get to the polls. I do not think he will choose to run.
    Regarding his position as president pro-tem of the Senate, he should have considered enough fraud to give him the balls to rule in favor of a President Trump, whiney dems be damned. It’s in the Consitution and provides for him to act accordingly.

    1. The President needs to FREEZE EVERYTHING, as he is in control/HE can stop these things, until a new Congress can be formed. President Trump has the ability to get it all done. WE NEED to get our country back into order. We can not keep on letting fraud and wrong doings take our country from us. If we let Demoncrats pull this sham over us and win, we will never be, again. American people need to have President Trump’s back. Demoncrats will take our guns and China will walk in and take our country over. Can not depend on Pence. FOOLS if we do. He has shown who he truly is. Let him not be tragic for us! We have elect Republicans who are- keeping President Trump’s back, as are MANY of -US, The American People!

  7. This election has been wrought with fraud! The only way to correct this is for congress to refuse to certify the fraudulent votes.
    Then congress votes and we get President Trump back for 4 more years! Exactly what we need!!

    1. The only Coup event who be the Muller Investigation brought on by the DNC, you voted for corruption but just not smart enough to finger it out. It’s called lack of common sense and a low IQ….

    2. RB. How about a new election. Would that suit your fancy. Any objection. If so what are you and your party afraid of. NEW election without the fraud

    3. I think you have your head screwed on backwards & in the process you lost your brains! Go back to your sewer where you came from!

  8. I am concerned If the election fraud is not challenged, we are headed for a Civil War. We the SILENT MAJORITY are pissed and not giving up our country.

    1. RIGHT! WE AE NOT!! GIVING UP OUR COUNTRY! MANY of us have the guts and intellect to- MAKE RIGHT, HAPPEN! Let’s get this done!

  9. Hey RB, what do you think the ANTIFA, BLM, and the FAAAAR left are doing. The Asian & Mid-east nations are are laughing at the Keystone cops on the Pacific side of our republic. Brenda, you are right on…. and if there’s a Civil War in the making, guess which side hold the most states and the most guns.
    Hey you guys, come on in and let’s sit down with a gallon of white lightning and talk about it (yuk-yuk-yuk.)

  10. McConnell is a “PIECE OF [email protected]!!!!!! He is as EVIL, as any of them!!!!! DRAIN THE STINCKING SWAP ALREADY!!!!! That includes that piece of crap McConnell!!! He is a piece of “LEFT OVER GARBAGE!!!!” I don’t want him there and neither does anybody else!!!!!

  11. Thank God for Trump’s soon to be re-election! Democrats and China thought that they had it figured out by lying and cheating! Now they need to pay! DRAIN THE SWAMP PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  12. Just like Trump, can’t stand loosing. That’s what his cousin said “he’s a cry baby over losing.

  13. call your senators -reps-tell them to support trump or else forget being reelected-remind them they are there to serve people-nothing else-


  15. I’m with you, Jan!! My prayers are also with him and also with Mike Pence! I surely wouldn’t
    t want his job right now. I do believe he is a good Christian man and as honest a politician as I have seen in my 83 years.

  16. Listen, you people !
    I LIVED in Communism in China in 2010 and THAT is the reason I am doing everything in my power to help STOP 🛑 it !!! I KNOW what it is like and so do many Cuban escapees.

    They had no You Tube there in China and you canNOT send emails in gmail now.

    They frequented your house to make sure you belong there. If you have a picture of JESUS, you have to replace it with a picture of Xi Jing Ping !! They now are even eliminating government controlled churches with the goal of having none !! They are approaching 600 million cameras to spy on their citizens.
    When I was at the university, I was lucky to STUMBLE across ONE toilet !!
    Electric wiring was hanging from ceilings from some of the most plush places like where I lived and my university.
    There was stench all over from terrible water conditions including near where I lived and the university’s front lobby.
    I strongly advise you to go to

    Videos.Utahgunexchange .com

    to get news that is even better than OAN and Newsmax because it is NOT mainstream media .

    1. Wow, thank you for the information Robin! My neighbor/good friend is an engineer who moved here from China. She has told me the same horrible things about China and said that’s why she moved to this country!! She also said that ALL of her Chinese friends voted for President Trump and are praying that he remains in the presidential office for the next four year!!!

    2. Wow robin I heard it was bad but I had no idea it was that bad. I am so sorry you had to go thru that. Maybe if some of these Democrats lived there for awhile they would appreciate our beautiful country. We need to fight for 🇺🇸 America

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