September 30, 2022

Migrants pour into Arizona with no Border Patrol to stop them

Migrants streamed across the southern border from Mexico into Yuma, Arizona, on Tuesday with no Border Patrol in sight in new footage from the Daily Caller.

Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura documented the scene at a location in Yuma where the border wall ends and migrants walked through without concern.

“Another large group of migrants from Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, and Haiti just crossed into Yuma illegally and no border patrol in sight as resources are limited with agents undermanned in this sector in dealing with the migrant surge,” Ventura wrote.

“Human smugglers on Mexican side are making lots of money with this constant flow of migrants crossing illegally through the Colorado River and onto Arizona soil, migrants from all over the world continue crossing here , no evidence that ‘Remain In Mexico’ policy is enforced here,” he added.

The concern continues to grow in Yuma as several thousand migrants have reportedly crossed in the past week with no end in sight.

The resources of the nation’s Border Patrol have been pushed to the limit, with the nation now being overrun by people entering illegally.




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