June 14, 2021

Michigan tabulation software gives Trump votes to Biden

Ever since President Trump questioned the integrity of the election when swing states stopped counting their ballots at 2 am on the morning of November 4th, the mainstream media — including Fox News — condemned him for speaking too hastily without “evidence.”

As of Friday, Fox and other news outfits are saying that President Trump’s allegations of fraud are “unfounded.” But the swing state of Michigan just provided the president’s legal team with the hard evidence they need to go after election irregularities or fraud in that important swing state with 16 electoral college votes.

Antrim County, Michigan just provided evidence that irregularities are suppressing the vote for Trump and giving votes to Biden.

An Antrim county election clerk brought to the attention of election officials a tabulation software error that switched 6,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

Michigan’s Republican Chairwoman Laura Cox pointed out in a news conference that 47 other counties in Michigan use the same software. According to Just the News:

Addressing the alleged software glitch, Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox said Friday during a press conference that “47 counties [in Michigan] use this same software in the same capacity.”

After Antrim county fixed the problem, President Trump was ahead in the county by 2,500 votes.

According to WLNS-TV the “Dominion Voting System” used in the county is also used in 64 others across the Wolverine State.” Cox admonished the 47  Michigan counties that use the same tabulation software to check their tabulations for the same error. “These counties that use this software need to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies.”

The question then arises, what other states are using that same tabulation software?


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