August 8, 2022

Michigan county scraps Dominion voting machines, will count all primary ballots by hand

Antrim County, Michigan, may be a small county, but it received a ton of press attention following the November election due to tabulation errors that President Trump and his allies believed were due to faulty voting machine software — Trump was attacked for the position, but it turns out that he may have been right all along.

Now, several months later, Antrim County commissioners have rejected a request to use Dominion voting machines, choosing instead to count all ballots by hand, to prevent future voting irregularities in the county during the 2020 presidential election.

The commissioners turned down the proposal of the chief election officer to hire consultants to prepare current Dominion voting machines for the May 4 primary. The group voted unanimously to keep the computer-based system “on ice.”

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy issued the request, noting the machines were not certified after a December forensic investigation. The hand count decision could contrast state law according to Guy.

The county of approximately 23,000 citizens became a public example following the 2020 presidential election. Thousands of vote were initially incorrectly given to now-President Joe Biden.

The votes were soon corrected with then-President Donald Trump winning the county’s election. Trump has argued Antrim County is an example of widespread voter fraud involving Dominion voting machines.

Guy, a Trump supporter, has since noted the voting problem was due to human error.

Dominion has rejected the allegations, despite reports in additional states reporting issues with the company’s software. Officials in Louisiana and Ohio have since rejected use of the popular software voting system.

Biden won the state of Michigan’s 16 electoral votes by about 150,000 ballots. Michigan’s controversy was well-noted following the Nov. election, though emphasis later shifted to other battleground states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Antrim County can likely handle the hand count without problem with its size. Other areas of the country will face much more pressure to continue computerized vote counts, despite ongoing accusations.

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LindaRose1254 (@guest_1184031)
1 year ago

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Nancy (@guest_1184102)
Reply to  LindaRose1254
1 year ago

This is a BLOG … NOT a sales site. CANCEL LindaRose1254 comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle (@guest_1185122)
Reply to  Nancy
1 year ago


PISSEDOFF (@guest_1184153)
Reply to  LindaRose1254
1 year ago

It’s ABOUT TIME somebody used the BRAINS that GOD put in their HEAD, NOT the ones they SIT ON !!!

DS (@guest_1184325)
1 year ago

STINKING FOUL CORRUPT DEMONRATS ! One day they will regret all of their CRAP.

Janelle (@guest_1185121)
Reply to  LindaRose1254
1 year ago

No one cares!!

Caryn (@guest_1187507)
Reply to  LindaRose1254
1 year ago

Becareful most are corrupt

Stephen Russell (@guest_1184076)
1 year ago

Hooray or have other computers for count BUT not tied to Internet.
Or scan signatures can Help.
Or connect to share data once Count done online?
Too much reliance on labor caused problems in Nov.

Franie (@guest_1184097)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Absolutely not….NO AUTOMATION!!!

Ever hear of WIFI aka wireless internet? There’s way too much evil on the other side of the spectrum looking to STEAL even more elections. Electronics are an absolute foot in the door for shenanigans such as this.

Kathleen Hollis (@guest_1184098)
1 year ago

A little to late!!

Mary (@guest_1184132)
Reply to  Kathleen Hollis
1 year ago

It is never too late to put something right. Someone said on the news today that Biden is up 50%, if you believe that, I’ll put you in the white house.

Shirley (@guest_1184617)
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

Ignore the phony polls. There was another that said he had dropped 4% in a week. We all know that Trump won by millions of votes.

Caryn (@guest_1187511)
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

Congress runs media now . Want honest news and truth Francis and friends,message of the cross,insight,epoch news ,now the end begins tru news go there 3 star general has much to say on vaccines and it is not helping to stop problem.

C (@guest_1184183)
Reply to  Kathleen Hollis
1 year ago

Maybe not too late! This should be a lesson to the liberals who stole the election! They must know that they will be caught and identified in next election!! Sorry, no one will even come see you in prison!

scd (@guest_1184404)
Reply to  C
1 year ago

What makes you think there is going to be a “next election”?

Sharon (@guest_1184103)
1 year ago

You must overturn the election to trump to save our Country and the people,
Biden is unfit.

Nancy Portia Barberis (@guest_1184201)
Reply to  Sharon
1 year ago

I second that motion

Jim (@guest_1185559)
Reply to  Nancy Portia Barberis
1 year ago

Totally agree! There should be a hand-count of ALL legal ballots excluding those mail-in ballots that are in pristeen condition with no fold marks and that only voted for the President.

Fred Amirault (@guest_1184104)
1 year ago

All of you idiots are full of it, All that all of this gets us is destroyed as we are end-time Babylon. Revelation Chapter 18 has told us that our end will be ever since the Judges kicked the Bible out of the country Now we are given Trump to destroy us ahead of the Ezekiel 38/39 war. Then we can say goodbye to the USA, and Russia

C (@guest_1184191)
Reply to  Fred Amirault
1 year ago

OK, this has to be a communist speaking….huh, Fred?? Trump was trying to save us from Communism!!!!

Michael Saunders (@guest_1184105)
1 year ago

I my self know the the election of president was stolen from former President Trump. The democrats are all liers and cheaters. The democrats always brake the laws of this country. The democrats don’t believe in GOD and they hate this counties constitution and bill of rights. We don’t need that kind of people in our government.

Pamela (@guest_1184107)
1 year ago

It is NEVER TO LATE. We all know that President Trump won the election while Joe was in his basement. Who in their right mind would vote for a sickly, demented Joe Biden??? I feel bad for the man, but not enough to vote for a person that cannot run this country. There was definitely VOTER FRAUD.

Patty (@guest_1184193)
Reply to  Pamela
1 year ago

I’ve been Election Judging since 2012, Obama’s 2nd run for President. Several voters told me BACK THEN, that the touchscreens were changing their votes to the Democrat Candidates. They said they had to change their vote back several times before the machine stopped changing it. Remember Obama saying, Tell Putin I’ll have more flexibility after I’m re elected??? Notice he didn’t say IF, but AFTER, like it was a sure thing. Hillary lost only because of the Electoral, that’s why this time they flipped the votes and shipped ballots to the SWING states. Biden got to hide in his basement and not campaign, which would have shown his mental state of perpetual confusion, because they KNEW they were going to rig the election AGAIN in HIS favor. Trump was right to fight this travesty of Justice. This had to happen on HIS watch, because a lesser person would’ve just rolled over and accepted it, then the corruption wouldn’t have been exposed.

Caryn (@guest_1187514)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

Need to send to trump to help his case

rb (@guest_1184194)
Reply to  Pamela
1 year ago

Sidney Powell ,Trumps election lawyer testified in court Monday, the voting machines and fraud she and Trump claimed was a Big Lie

Howie Baldwin (@guest_1184230)
Reply to  rb
1 year ago

A multimillion lawsuit against her. Of course shes backpedaling.

L (@guest_1184135)
1 year ago


C (@guest_1184196)
Reply to  L
1 year ago


DALE JORGENSEN (@guest_1184169)
1 year ago

impeach all the crooked democrates

Polity (@guest_1184175)
1 year ago

Great news

JOE (@guest_1184238)
1 year ago

Better late than Never. Now all we need is a USA still working in 2022 so we can correct 2020

Thomas Soriano, Sr. (@guest_1184249)
1 year ago

Nothing that happened during the 2020 elections had to do with “HUMAN ERROR”, it was all part of an organized attack on Donald Trump, our Republic and the American People! Every employee, top to bottom, should be arrested and charged with treason or, at least, voter fraud!

Patty (@guest_1184307)
1 year ago

Agree with all posts! We know full well the machines were rigged, Obama and Biden as good as admitted it” we have the biggest, most sophisticated voter fraud “ Obama used the hamer/ scorecard to steal two elections, they used it again this election! They WILL use it again in the 2022 mid terms!

Bob (@guest_1184331)
1 year ago

If you look and remember that when President Trump said something it was either true at the time or it was said not to be true. BUT, over time, what was touted as not true actually was later found to be true and the MSM never said anything about the truth. I never trusted the results of the machines when irregularities began showing up and now there are districts that are recounting total votes. And I believe there will be more districts that will not use the machines.

Thelma Johnson (@guest_1184369)
1 year ago

Anyone who watches Michael Lindell’s video, “Absolute Proof,” will KNOW the election was stolen! It shows EVERY individual vote and the time that it was stolen by the counting machines. President Trump clearly WON the election in a landslide and should be sitting in the Oval Office right now! Type in the name “” on your computer and you can see the whole video, “Absolute Proof” which has recorded the whole election from the beginning to the end! This was the biggest cyber theft in our history and it should be exposed and CORRECTED! Otherwise, it’s useless to ever vote again! It’s also useless to have a Supreme Court if they will not do the job they were appointed to do!

Ranton (@guest_1184379)
1 year ago

Look up Jovan Pulitzer. Tech guy hired to look at Dominion voting machines used in the stolen election. He said that Dominions made a paper copy of every ballot and that those copies should be hand audited. Leftists immediately began removing the copies and destroying them. He also found: machine hooked up directly to the internet, machine tampered with to

Ranton (@guest_1184382)
1 year ago

To automatically add fake votes, ballots run through repeatedly. He found that a late night dump of B votes was made at the same time in every battleground state.
Estimates are that the true count was 90 mill T, 60 mill B
Chances of B winning fairly was one on a quadrillion.

Patric (@guest_1184480)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

What if millions of Americans did what no politician will do and we have a united citizens recall petition? Millions of names on a petition should let everyone know we are serious about saving our country and people! Of, by, and for the people DC! What is taking place this precise moment is non of that..It would be like me cooking a huge meal and giving it to the neighbor’s while my loved ones are told nothing left for you. Deal with it! Anything for a new vote, right dc!

Bobby (@guest_1184550)
1 year ago

Now investigate the rest of the states that used Dominion voting machines. Van you say fraud.

Edward T. Walker (@guest_1184669)
1 year ago

We need to redo the whole election. Make sure none of those stupid machines are never used again. Then we can say, We the people have spoken. End of the ‘DARK AGENDA’. Exspose them.

monty (@guest_1184781)
1 year ago

Until the lame stream media stops brainwashing willing people, the election will always be touted to have been totally legitimate. Reasonable people who refuse to listen to the lame stream media know that the amount of fraud in many states resulted in the election being stolen by the democrats. This traitorous election fraud not only changed votes for President Trump, but also went down ballot. How else would the democrats win back the number of senate seats to obtain a majority? They had 4 years to work on getting traitors in place to affect the election from president to the congress. This was a planned theft of our election and these traitors should be tried and suffer the consequences. As it was so aptly said in the movie, Tombstone, ” tell them I’m coming and hell’s coming with me”. There will be a reckoning and it won’t be pretty.

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