July 4, 2022

Michelle Obama steps into spotlight to stump for Dems in upcoming midterms

Democrats always overestimate how popular their previous leaders were. This is most apparent when they trot out the first ladies of past presidents.

Former first lady Michelle Obama is planning star-studded events for her When We All Vote organization in anticipation of the 2022 Congressional elections, The Hill reported. Though the midterms are more than a year away, the Democratic Party is ramping up for an important election.

Some of the stars featured will be radio host Angela Yee, actress Regina Hall of “Scary Movie” fame and NBA player Chris Paul. This is only the beginning of a series of such events to register and energize new voters over the course of the week, with some virtual events on Instagram.

The effort begins Thursday with what’s being dubbed as #BacktotheBallotBox events. The first lady will host the first rally to “call on its volunteers, supporters and student ambassadors to host voter registration drives in their local communities, sign up to register voters in high-traffic areas and call on the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.”

The left has been mischaracterizing any elections security measure as a voter suppression effort while Democrats propose sweeping legislation that would nationalize the election process. “These harmful voter suppression tactics will negatively impact Americans’ freedom to vote, especially Black, Brown and young voters, and voters with disabilities,” When We All Vote claimed in a statement about elections security measures.

During the pandemic, nearly 160 million voters turned out for the 2020 presidential election, with many of them voting by mail or other novel methods. Since this presents a problem with verifying ballots, Republican-led states have sought to tighten up these potentially problematic methods.

Still, Democrats are determined to take the power out of the states and further loosen restrictions on how and when people can vote. Both of the bills currently being pushed by When We All Vote would face legal challenges if they were even to pass, Fox News reported.

Democrats have an uphill climb to retain their Congressional majority in the midterm elections. Michelle Obama may be revered on the left, but she was one of the most divisive first ladies to ever grace the White House — next to Hillary Clinton, of course.

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