April 11, 2021

Michelle Obama says pandemic, racial unrest have taken a toll on her mental health

Former First Lady Michelle Obama just took to the press to share the toll the pandemic and racial unrest in America have had on her mental health in a recent People interview. 

“I needed to acknowledge what I was going through, because a lot of times we feel like we have to cover that part of ourselves up, that we always have to rise above and look as if we’re not paddling hard underneath the water,” Obama shared.

The former first lady specifically noted the 2020 George Floyd controversy. “We had the continued killing of black men at the hands of police,” Obama continued. “Just seeing the video of George Floyd, experiencing that eight minutes.”

Her concerns also addressed the impact of COVID-19. Obama added the mental health concerns were more difficult due to “being in the middle of a quarantine.”

The quarantine included Obama’s two college-aged daughters returning home for online education. People noted, “Malia, now a Harvard University senior, and Sasha, a University of Michigan sophomore, were sent home to attend classes online when the pandemic shut down college campuses.”

The battles of 2020 also included a controversial presidential election. Obama sidestepped Trump political attacks, focusing on current efforts. “Barack and I are focused on developing the next generation of leaders through the Obama Foundation … so that each year we step further out of the spotlight and make room for them,” she shared.

Other future plans noted in the People interview include the construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago, her new film Waffles + Mochi debuting on Netflix next week and a new young-reader edition of her memoir Becoming.

Obama continues to remain involved in politics through her voting rights reform involvement and the Obama Foundation. However, no mention was made of future political involvement as a candidate.

Instead, she spoke of looking ahead to retirement, a time when she and former president Barack Obama spend more time together. They enjoy life together in Hawaii, where the former first lady hope to never “experience winter again.”

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112 Responses

    1. but she did not say how many black men kill each other , & how her husband Barack Obama/ alias Bary Soeterro did nothing to help the shootings & killings under his & Joe Biden’s watch when they were in the White House , & she also did not mention the he caused Racism against White people to grow.

      1. Bless her evil heart!! It must be tough having to quarantine in a mansion and not have to worry about putting food on the table. There are literally millions of Americans who have to worry about how they will feed their family due to lockdown!!!

      2. And not one word about the 68% children’s born out of wedlock and what race they are ,it is always me,me,me .

    2. Mrs. Obama should shut up for good. Americans are not interested in the mood of a fake woman who lied all her life and was the Queen of the executive power for 8 years. It is time for her to get a hike and leave Americans alone fighting for their live and their rights in a country which lost her direction, her security and wellness because of the China intrusion in their life. She should stop whining about your mental health when America gave her more that she deserved and more she ever dreamed of when she was younger with personality’s recognition issues. She gave only good words with promises but nothing concrete to the black communities. Americans are not stupid anymore and hope to have her with her husband leave their country forever. They did enough harm.

  1. With the headline of this story. I was truly hoping something fatal. After what her and her husband did to this country. But another crappy headline.

    1. I believe they both have been executed. true or not, hopeful thinking! their time has or will come

  2. Mrs. Obama was the most hateful First Lady ever. She was not gracious. I have
    absolutely no sympathy for allowing little kids to go hungry in this Country.
    I don’t feel sorry for her. We are trying to get back to another Normal with what the Obama’s did to our Country.
    No excuse for her feeling sorry for herself.

  3. How would you know you have a mental health problem, you were nuts before the pandemic, what’s changed?

  4. Michelle Obama is doing nothing but lying again. There is not a damn thing wrong with her. She is just lying to the American people again like she always dose.

  5. Gee, I thought Michelle (Michael) had something really serious like prostate
    problems. Darn it’s just slight depression over the 2020 election. Go Away for

  6. What women let alone a black women anywhere on earth that would not trade places with this so called victim. She needs to move to Osabama home country or Iran, Pakistan anywhere but here so it could learn how great she has it.
    These so called victims that are not victims I’m getting fed up with. Notice 90% of them are demoncRATs or raised in a pampered life with all that you could want. Like the victim AOC and all the other children.
    They need to know what it is to work for a living like coal mining, tile setting, concrete work or something in the real world then they would know how well they have it.

  7. Michael/Michelle has had mental issues for a LONG TIME!! A man thinking he’s a woman is a form of gender dysphoria. Too bad he didn’t seek help long ago, and maybe we could have been spared from his insufferable whining and hatefulness in the WH!

  8. Too bad. When I saw “Health shocker” I thought he might of dropped dead from an aneurism. But it’s about mental health. That’s the chance you take from taking all those drugs that change a man into a woman.

  9. Michael, did you ever stop to think that maybe God is going to let you loose your mind for messing with trying to be something you ain’t. You was born a Boy in God’s eye’s you will die as a Man in his eye’s. You should have left your life alone. You have that one big thing against you. Then you have to deal with all the Money you and your Lover has gotten in the wrong way and how you treated the Kid’s at the Border. Then there is your Lover look how he tried to Destroy this Country when he was in the WH for 8 year’s, now he is doing what he started to do while he was in Office. Most of us out here know Obum-Dung is behind Beijing Joe. You take all the wrong’s you have done in life and God is just letting you go ahead and break your neck ( so ta speak ).

  10. I have always thought that she was a half bubble of from level. Rocks in her head must have shifted to the Left with Obama.

  11. If you are so upset why don’t you leave? Believe me you won’t be missed. You or your husband. He was a terrible president and you can’t hold a candle to Melania. You have the nerve to complain how many homes do you have how many vacations the ones you took all your family on have you gone on? Give me a break. You are a loser and a liar

  12. I listened to news from Europe. They crap with fear.They had a conversation with them and advised them to shut up and disappear from the “horizon”. Otherwise they will have big problems. She/he immediately “got sick” and they immediately miss it and want to spend time together. For some reason, dems always have problems with their heads. Remember we were told:”We are working. Everything that needs to happen. Wait!!!” We are waiting!!!!!!!!! Please, do it faster!!!!!!!

  13. She can thank O’barry for a lot of her problems with his turning the races against for 8 years.

  14. If I made any comment at all, it would be considered racist. I could discuss the common mental health issues of trannies!

  15. Michael you have never been stable. Thinking you are beauriful and the best 1st Lady is totally a dream you never got. You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end its still a pig. You and Barry are traitors, thieves, racist, liars and you stole your election too. No one likes you Michelle/Michael
    Go back to Kenya

  16. Just one more racist “woe is me” cry baby. If she thinks this pandemic has been bad on her, she should be a unemployed mother or father with children to support. As for george floyd incident, if a dead dope addict, rapist and counterfeitr is that stressful she better check herself into a mental ward. Better still, she should have been in portland when blm and antifa was terrorizing honest decent citizens, instead of sipping wine in her billion dollar mansion. I think she is a liar, creating more division.

  17. The he-she has a high stress level because she has to bend Hussain over the chair 3 times a week for a strong back door pounding . If the he-she would only pound Hussain once a week , grab a handfull of bannanas , retreat to the forest , grab the rope and climb up the tree and just stay there ,,, ” it ” might start feeling better !!!

  18. Agree with all posts! If that is all he/she has to worry about, she/he is way better off than the rest of us! Try having no job, no money, no help, trying to feed your kids, keep a roof over their heads, and Piglosi holding up the much needed stimulus money! THEN you have a reason to be depressed! Living in the lap of stolen luxury doesn’t qualify! Go cry to someone who gives a Sh** ! We don’t!

  19. Am I supposed to feel sorry for this mental midget? Get a life you piece of (fill in your own word). You have all the moneyany one could ever need. What is it about you dems? You are never happy or satisfied with what you’ve got. Ugh, you make me want to vomit!

  20. Feel for those who:
    Lost jobs
    Lost business due to lockdowns
    Mental & health issues due to lockdowns NOT virus
    Social issues
    Kids NOT in school when CDC says OK
    But Hate those who implemented policies to cause such

  21. She’s been a mental case for years!!!!! How convenient a way to keep this unrest stirred up with another fabricated story of Mike! We didn’t have all this stuff going on until her mouth starting moving.

  22. Who the hell cares about her mental health anyway? As the wife of a president she was a “mad black woman” and now she spews racial hatred crap. Poor specimen of a political hack


  24. Ohhhh, poor baby. She just needs to lock herself in her mansion for about 25 years, get rid of her phone and email,, and have food sent in.

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