June 12, 2021

Michelle Obama ripped for advocacy of big tech censorship

Former President Barack Obama spent eight years in office doing all he could to destroy the country. Now his wife is carrying on that tradition in her own right.

Former first lady Michelle Obama joined the fray against President Donald Trump following Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol perpetrated by some of his supporters, according to the Washington Times. Fox News’ Laura Ingram exposed Michelle Obama as a “wanna-be tyrant” after the former first lady released a statement calling on Big Tech to ban Trump.

“Now we’re seeing who the real wanna-be tyrants are,” Ingraham tweeted Thursday along with Michelle Obama’s statement on the issue. “As usual, the left does not wish to debate actual issues. They only wish to silence their opposition or demonize them into submission. Terrible strategy. Not to mention un-American.”

Michelle Obama contrasted the incursion at the Capitol to the “overwhelmingly peaceful Black Lives Matter protests” in her bid to have Trump essentially barred from the internet, the Daily Wire reported. Although she didn’t call out the president by name, she urged “Silicon Valley companies” to “go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

A group of Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol during a joint session of Congress convened to count the Electoral College votes in a mostly ceremonial procedure. However, a skirmish ensued as the group of supporters left chaos, vandalism, and five dead — including an unarmed woman and police officer — in their wake.

Although the incident was roundly condemned by Republicans including the president, the left had already made it clear they would use the attack against him and have Trump thrown off social media platforms.

Almost immediately, the race-baiting leftists pounced and spun the most fantastical tales about how the Capitol rioters were treated more gently than the Black Lives Matter protestors who terrorized, burned and pillaged cities late last spring and summer. In her statement, Obama asked whether the rioters Wednesday would have been treated more harshly had they been black.

Obama wrote:

I think we all know the answer. This summer’s Black Lives Matter protests were an overwhelmingly peaceful movement—our nation’s largest demonstrations ever, bringing together people of every race and class and encouraging millions to re-examine their own assumptions and behavior. And yet, in city after city, day after day, we saw peaceful protestors met with brute force. We saw cracked skulls and mass arrests, law enforcement pepper spraying its way through a peaceful demonstration for a presidential photo op.

Actually, leftist politicians gave rioters carte blanche to have their way with their cities and even welcomed them by painting their slogan on the streets and even renaming them. Obama is blatantly lying about the Black Lives Matter protests and is intentionally playing the race card to manipulate technology giants to silence the current sitting president. Michelle Obama is a tyrant, bent on fanning the flames of racial strife for her own selfish agenda– in other words, she’s just like her husband.

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88 Responses

      1. I love the fact that your organization exposes all evil criminal things the corrupt left and dems in the swamp do, But it doesnt matter because nothing I mean nothing ever happens to them,but keep up the good work

        1. Amen Steve , that is exactly what I have been saying for a long time they never are made accountable for their actions so therefore they keep going further & further ^ now look what the have done to our America a disgrace God help us. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR FOUR GREAT YEARS MAY GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY.

      1. You are correct. Too bad more people don’t realize this fact. Or don’t want to. So we had a black president who is a Mu$lim, married to a trannie, and they bought their two children. What could go wrong.

        1. He was also an illegitimate President. He was born in Kenya, as President Trump always said. Obama admitted this recently, like it was a big joke. I also saw a video of him giving a speech in Kenya telling his audience that he was the first Kenya born American President. He has no respect for America or her laws. He sees our laws as just suggestions. A total scumbag!

        1. I was so disgusted at “her” account of their struggle to have children. Well, the first rule of thumb is to have the correct genitalia. Oh please…Obama fairy tails…

    1. She must of not been watching her left-wing media all summer. If BLM and Antifa didn’t do the rioting and looting, and tearing down of statutes, who did. What a poor excuse for a first lady.

    2. Moocherelle must still have her head where the sun don’t shine if she thinks that the BLM PROTESTS were peaceful. They did more damage to American than any other type of protest ever. The protest at the capital was going peacefully until the infilitrators took charge. They were the employees of Soros, Obama, Democratic party and Antifa radicals.

      1. Amen Joan I agree 100 % this was all to put the final nail in President Trump’s coffin/ God bless him.

  1. After seeing her paddling the boat it’s easy to see who wears the pants in their family and probably did during the time they were in office.

  2. The Obama’s think President Trump will be disgraced. When the truth comes out the Obama’s will have been responsible for catastrophic disaster for the Country they despise. The USA.

  3. She is worse than her husband, they both need to slink back to where-ever they came from. No one know for sure where that is do they?

  4. Michelle is a racist and an American hater! We all heard him in the beginning of Obama’s rein and destruction of Americans say it was the first time he was proud to be an American. Obviously Michelle is a bitter, self hating black (wanna be a woman) tyrant! Self respect doesn’t exist in her life so it will never exist for anyone else, and certainly not our country.

      1. Susanne White, I don’t know about those you mentions but I do know what I saw one day when I was watching Ellen Show. Moocherelle had on white tight pants and definitely could see things that you should only see on men in tight pants. I have no doubts any more.

  5. this is a woman that said she was not proud of america but reaped harvests beyond imagination along with her daughters never soiling their hands but are millionaires. i think this country treated this big a.. woman rather well. yes she is looking for unrest and unhappiness so she can develop control of the population. her words are blasphemy and terrible. her words of blm peaceful and antifa peaceful protests are damn right lyes and she knows it. many people have suffered by their hands but a few became very rich. see there is money to be made with disruptions and michelle knows that i think she should keep up her words carry on and let the whole world know her inside intentions. give an inch and the take a mile. silence us and think we will not care. i think the wannabes should look carefully at what they are doing.

  6. As long as people like this continue to spew such hate, our country will never be at peace, which is exactly what this type of person knows and does on purpose.

  7. This Monkey-Faced excuse for a human being belongs in the Chicago Brookfield Zoo with the rest of the sub-human primates. Where does she get off saying that the Black Lives Matter protests were “peaceful”, when all those animals do is ravage other people’s personal property, burn and destroy and in general wreak havoc on everything around their black a$$es until there is nothing but ash and garbage all around them? This AFrican UNamerican deserves to be put adrift in a ROW boat WITHOUT OARS AND SET COURSE FOR THE OUTER SHORES OF AFRICA (AND TAKE HER BRAIN DEAD HALF HUSBAND WITH HER) along with brin-less Biden, Harris, Pissousy, Shummer and the rest of the useless demorats with her !

    1. Yes sir, that about sums it up…Just another loud mouth like Whoopi Goldberg. A coon with a Jewish last name, get the hell out of this country.

    2. Amen Richard the tearing down/burning looting etc all the business’s put of business people put out of work the cost to rebuild disgusting.,

  8. it is so sad that the Racist Lady Michelle or Michael have this much power over the media….GOD help us all, we need to keep up a peaceful fight – and not let the radicals win…We are PROUD and strong Americans….Let’s start a “go fund me” and send the entire Obama clan out of this country….

  9. There is nothing peaceful about Black Lives Matter. Don’t be fooled. The Obamas started the hateful divisions going on in this country.
    It is all a means of making whites guilty or feel guilty and impose White Privilege rules and lies.
    Putting BLM ahead of All Lives Matter? I see a huge push to Put black people on pedestals to the detriment of all others. Including demands for reparations, etc. How many of them were alive in the days of America’s slave days?
    Uhh, None.
    ….I hope Congress wakes up to ALL Americans who struggles to just survive and not for them (Congress) to choose winners and losers. Everyone has the opportunity to be the best person they can be where ever their dreams, drive and opportunities takes them..

  10. Moochelle thinks she is the forever first lady . Our True FOREVER FIRST is Melania TRUMP the women that made us proud to call first LADY.

  11. Is anyone surprised? This is the slip-and-fall lawyer who’s nothing but a commie, married to the first half-black commie to sit in the White House! Who gives a crap what she has to say? Just more oral butt-gas from a low-life anti-American. Last time I checked, nobody is holding you prisoner here, so you’re free to leave…..please! You should be grateful to live in a country where you’re free to be as stupid & as obnoxious as you like! At least for now!

  12. Michelle Obama needs to go to Minneapolis, Portland, Wisconsin, etc etc etc and see what those peaceful protests did. Maybe she could put her money where her mouth is and pay for those peaceful protests. They live in their fancy houses with their servants to cater to them and have no idea how real people live. BLM are people that do nothing but riot and stand with their hands out and say, “WE WANT EVERYTHING FOR FREE”! It was Obama that started this whole we owe them propaganda. Maybe the working people paying for all this need to find out how to get it all for free so we have time to peacefully protest.

  13. I read somewhere last week the Michelle and Obama with their daughters have already pocketed another billion on hating white people. Can you imagine teaching and bringing up your own kids to blame and hate people because of the color of your skin, that’s sounds like racism to me. And then use it to manipulate true Americans by pushing these lies in all our schools now. WE THE PEOPLE AS PARENTS NEED TO STOP ✋ THIS CURUPTION


    1. He was the racist…I should show him how racist I am..I won’t use the “N” word so how about coon or spook…

  15. The media is the enemy of America…it has divided her people;…..Lies of Omission….We are all americans but receive different messages. I remember when there were only two networks with news from 6 to 7pm …americans were on the same page….Listen to talk shows, give and take and forget the network and cable commentators.

  16. Just another ceegar blowing her mouth off..She has no power to do anything. All she is is the dog that pissed away our tax dollars and has no respect from the real American citizens.

  17. Get rid of moooshell she is nothing but a traitor her and her ugly monkey of a husband
    Need to be arrested for treason. Get rid of all the Democraps we certainly don’t need them, they are very destructive and we don’t need them in the USA. Trump was and still
    Is the best President ever. God Bless him in whatever his next venture Is. We love you and the First Lady.

  18. Obama and his husband is the reason for Donald Trump’s Presidency…If they had not so obviously shown hate for America and for the American citizens and had not tried to destroy our economy by bringing every refugee and vagrant here to put on our welfare program … It may not have made Trump look so much like a messiah…But he came, Won and Savedd our Economy, jobs and businesses….Until the crooked Democrats worked 24/7 to lie, to get rid of him…But All Americans know the truth…even the Democrats who don’t want to admit it…

  19. Does anyone find it suspicious that Obama has been showing up a lot in media just about the time things started to happen?

  20. She is the biggest POS around. Just because she is an Obumer and a black demo, she thinks she can get by with anything. For the next 4 years, probably yes, after that , no. The Republicans or Independence will take over again, get our country back on track again and hopefully make it great again. Only time will tell. God bless America.

  21. Michelle Obama, what a racists POS .She supports BLM , a domestic terrorists group that burns, loots and murders people at will.
    This whole situation started in the Obama administration and was designed to take down Trump from day one.

  22. How can any body trust a democrat any more? They lied they way in to the election. and stole it with fake ballets..

    1. I don’t believe in conspiracies (unless they’re proven), but I do believe, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” !!!!! The liberal media really stole the election with their false reporting.

  23. This tree swinging he-she , needs to take Hussain back to thier room of discipline , bend him over the chair , and give him his weekly pounding !!!

  24. Moochie Obaba is just as useless and his husband Barack. They should both be shown the Pine Barrens, along with Joe & the HO

  25. Michael and her cronie Kamala are hypocritical racist b…s. The Burn Murder Loot gang is nothing but anarchists and rioters just like their buddies Antifa. Those are the ones responsible for the Capital incident but as usual, lets blame Trump and his supporters. The whole thing was a setup and the Democrats wasted no time digging in. But with this racist rhetoric. there will never be ” unity” . And watch out…all these conservative sites may soon be under attack from big tech.

  26. Obozos were Soros puppets scoring on millions for their unworthy crap in exchange for shaming, apologizing and bowing to excuse our great country….yuck gag me up. Should be in prison for spying on Trump last election

  27. I find it amazing that this woman can say anything about Trump inciting violence when she and Barack totally get behind their own daughters protesting and organizing protest with the BLM! They say they are proud of that!

  28. These remarks are all as I feel also! That big arm swinging ape, Michael and his a/c d/c husband Obumba! both pitcher and catcher!

  29. summer’s Black Lives Matter protests were an overwhelmingly peaceful movement— She should take her head out of her giant south end. Riots, burning building and killing people must be OK with her What a POS!

  30. All above posts are right on target! Who is moochelle to determine or demand anyone be banned from social media? If anyone should be banned, it is him/ her and his/ her husband for hate speech, inciting racial tensions, and outright lying. Not to mention treason, sedition, bearing false witness, and graft! They have so many skeletons in their closet i’m Surprised they can hear above the clatter of bones of the people they have destroyed! They are evil to the core, and have NO room to play the “ pious card” they always play. Liars, losers, fakers, cheaters among other things. Go away moochelle, you and your so called husband are disgusting roaches!

  31. Biden is only a face. The real one that will be running the country is Obama. This is his third term, that he wanted. Hillary couldn’t pull it off so, he had to do some serious stealing to get it. Biden has already put all of his old cronies in place. Now he can pretend 2016 never happened. That’s why we are suddenly hearing so much from them.

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