September 27, 2022

Michelle Obama releases nasty attack on Donald Trump

You know the Obamas are getting desperate when they take a break from their “lifestyle of the rich and famous” to slander our democratically-elected president just before the election.

Michelle Obama has made vicious smears a trademark of her style, even while claiming to “go high when they go low.” This time, she went too far.

The Sun reports:

Obama also reiterated the accusations that Trump called fallen US troops “suckers and losers” – which he has repeatedly denied – and said as a “connected young man” he avoided military service himself.

“A president’s policies are a direct reflection of their values,” she said, citing Trump’s tax cuts.

“And we’re seeing that truth on display with our current president, who has devoted his life to enriching himself, his family, and other wealthy people he truly understands.”

It takes a lot of cojones for Michelle Obama to complain about Trump enriching himself. This is the woman who has made millions from her status as First Lady.

She then launched the ultimate attack in 2020 – yes, for the 1000th time, Trump has been called a racist:

Obama also claimed the majority of Black Lives Matter demonstrations were peaceful and accused Trump’s administration and Republicans of “stoking fears about Black and Brown Americans.”

“So what the president is doing is, once again, patently false. It’s morally wrong and yes, it is racist but that doesn’t mean it won’t work,” the Democrat Party member said.

You know they don’t have anything when they start calling you a racist.

And just so you don’t forget:


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