October 26, 2020

Michelle Obama releases nasty attack on Donald Trump

You know the Obamas are getting desperate when they take a break from their “lifestyle of the rich and famous” to slander our democratically-elected president just before the election.

Michelle Obama has made vicious smears a trademark of her style, even while claiming to “go high when they go low.” This time, she went too far.

The Sun reports:

Obama also reiterated the accusations that Trump called fallen US troops “suckers and losers” – which he has repeatedly denied – and said as a “connected young man” he avoided military service himself.

“A president’s policies are a direct reflection of their values,” she said, citing Trump’s tax cuts.

“And we’re seeing that truth on display with our current president, who has devoted his life to enriching himself, his family, and other wealthy people he truly understands.”

It takes a lot of cojones for Michelle Obama to complain about Trump enriching himself. This is the woman who has made millions from her status as First Lady.

She then launched the ultimate attack in 2020 – yes, for the 1000th time, Trump has been called a racist:

Obama also claimed the majority of Black Lives Matter demonstrations were peaceful and accused Trump’s administration and Republicans of “stoking fears about Black and Brown Americans.”

“So what the president is doing is, once again, patently false. It’s morally wrong and yes, it is racist but that doesn’t mean it won’t work,” the Democrat Party member said.

You know they don’t have anything when they start calling you a racist.

And just so you don’t forget:

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102 Responses

  1. Michelle Obama please stop running your mouth,we are tired of you and your husband
    Just take the high road and go home while you’re head because people are dislike you and husband. Your mouth is your big problem.

    1. Michelle Obama is a racist and a black supremacist as is BLM and Antifa, and all are terrorists. All are unamerican, and banned to middle of the ocean.

      1. BLM STANDS FOR BURN, LOOT AND MURDER! So sad that a lot of people can’t see what is going on. George Soros is backing a lot of the violence and rioting and his cronies, the Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff are right in with him. They have sold their souls to the devil for a spot at the trough of Soros.

        1. I say BLM stands for BoweLMovement!! Exactly what it is. We need to see people as God sees people and ban the color! Actions speak louder than words and COLOR!! It is what is on the inside of people that matter to most. All colors of people have sinful people included in it. And also good, moral upstanding people who have hearts after God. The one command that Jesus gives us is to “Love one another as I have loved you!” We just need to be praying for those who are lost and do not know God/Jesus.

    2. BLM are terrorists and Mike is a tranny racist per her good friend Joan Rivers just before she was killed. “Her” husband is probably going to be charged with crimes soon along with several others now that the truth is out. They are scared if Biden doesn’t win they will win in serious trouble.

    3. Michelle is so biased. Obama wetmore people die from H1N1 than have died from Covid-19. Obama-Biden never warned people about H1N1, Main Stream Media didn’t count the number of people who contacted it or who died from it.

    4. Hear hear, loud and clear those 2 Trojan Horses , potus in name, no more , BEST POTUS for me, The TRUMP. Love the Man, xox.

  2. Sour grapes! Michelle can’t stand the fact that Trump beat Killary in spades! And he will win again! She and her husband(?) need to stfu and go away! They had their time in our White House, which they degraded in more ways than one, and will NOT get another chance! The more they talk, the more anti American they sound! She goes high? Ha! They both go so low they have to breach up to touch bottom! They are furious that obuttheads plot didn’t work out to put Killary in as president! Get over it already!

    1. I like what you said about them having to breach up to touch bottom! I have always said that they are lower than a snakes belly , that way you’re implying(I prefer to say stating)that they are in cahoots with old Lucifer himself . And I love how she is saying that people were showing racism towards them when in office , sorry sweetheart but if we were so racist how did the idiot get voted in as president? I know that a lot of republicans voted for him, much to their shame . I was going to be one of them but realized in time that barack was not who we needed in office . He was the worst President in history although bill lost that title only by a smidge . And I agree that michelle and barack need to stfu and disappear from sight and sound for good ! The reason that I do not capitalize their names , or the first letter anyway , is that for me to do that I would have to have respect for them which I do not have . I do though feel disgust and extreme dislike for them , not because they are Black Americans but because they are disgusting , dispicable? liars and he at least is a traitor , they hate this country and its people . They are deplorable excuses for human beings . Oh and by the way of you ask me they are the racists !

      1. Totally absolutely agreed with you all the way, these two buttheads are the absolute last ones to come down on Trump about how & who he earned his money & shares it with, NOBODY gets that rich by doing it honestly & legally. Also like the shot about having to reach up to touch bottom & they are also a disgrace to the black people trying to live & work the right & honest way.

        1. When they are getting paid by Soros, they get scared when they fail. Maybe Soros will have them eliminated. Wouldn’t be a bad idea. What do you think Soros? Go for it.

        2. they supposedly sent all that cash to Iran , I think part of it went to Italy to the Vatican bank in the name of barack obama . I will believe that till the day I die .They had no way of making that kind of money in the senate or in the Oval office, And he went in to the senate on borrowed money . Research people do your research if you don’t remember .

      2. My Goodness, Lisa, you said it so well !!!!!!
        God Bless you for being a patriot and for having the courage to stand up to the truth !

      3. I agree with everything you said….The day of reckoning will come….The Obamas are true racists and they do wish there were white and that is a fact…….

    2. One of the main reasons President Trump was elected was because there was a total revulsion of the Obama Agenda. It is not speculation because the Manchurian Candidate announced what he wanted to do on Face The Nation even before he was elected. I find it humerous that the most Racist President in our history and his racist wife have the nerve to call President Trump out on Race.

      1. They have no shame !!!!
        Look who’s talking about “ enriching himself”!!!!
        Trump never touched a dime out of his salary as President, he donated everything!!
        Just wondering, were the Obamas millionaires in 2008 when they went to the
        WH ?? I don’t think so, but they have become multi millionaires now !!!
        Just wondering, doing what ?????
        We all know better !!!!

        1. I do understand that soros pays very well plus the Iranians had to give them a pretty good chunk also & who really knows who else they were in bed with?????

      2. He even said that he was going to
        “fundamentally transform America “
        However, a lot of people didn’t pay attention
        to any of the signs/ red flags ( his friends, his entourage) … he knew what he was doing and Hillary was supposed to continue his “ work”

  3. Is this trash coming out o the same mouth she misses her children with?? You made a fortune being in ou e white house for 8years ,now please go away

      1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
        Trump 2020 !!!!!!

  4. What a GIANT insult to the title and office “First Lady”. She is the first “lady of the dispicable’s or should I say disposables, excessively privileged anti Americans. She built a huge contingent of hanger oners as her staff costing the taxpayers lots for a staff of 44 which is the largest in White house history. This, because it did not cost her a cent. Typical of liberals. She is too ignorant to know her time is in the past. She is nothing but a microphone hooker.

    1. She joined the ranks of “Worst First Lady Ever” to match her husband’s title of “Worst President Ever.”

      Now she can join the ranks with Hildebeast of modern day “Most Bitter, Racist Ex-First Ladies.”

      Did I mention that she & her husband are funding, organizing, recruiting, training, arming & supplying the BLM, Antifa, & other racist & anarchist groups, cheering on their “solidarity racial movement” that riots, loots, arsons, destroys & commits violence against their own black communities & people & working towards overthrowing our local, state & federal governments.

      Where do 2 people “running a shadow government, interfering in American foreign policy, writing books, film producing & directing, promoting Democrat Communist Fascists candidates, lecturing white people, gracing people with their appearances & interviews & living the ‘Lives of the Rich & Famous’ & now building a new estate on Hawaii” find the time to overthrow our government?

      NOTE: I would have typed “/sarc,” but I think, once again, Sasquatch is telling us EXACTLY what Democrats & Ovomit worshippers like Oprah are going to do.

      1. You know what I find totally, absolutely, 100% bs is the notion that BLM and Antifa support black lives, they use the excuse to destroy black communities. If you notice 99% of their members are white privileged spoiled brats, from rich homes, that are using this as an excuse to destroy black communities.

  5. Both Hyenas Obama’s suck blood off the Rich White liberals. Saying their for poor blacks while living it up on are dime! In their walled mansions far from those poor blacks that live in the hell of the ghetto. She/He is a lying bottom feeder from the lake of fire 🔥

    1. They did nothing for the Black Americans that got them voted into office . They are both POS who need to tuck their tails between their legs and slink away . barack should be sitting in a prison cell next to hillary and bill and nancy and the rest of the traitors and America haters !

      1. I would even say they did nothing for anyone, (except for themselves) and of course they did a lot for Iran’s regime by sending them a gift of 150 billion in cash !!!
        That’s what friends are for, right ??

    2. Well said, DonCarmine!!!
      Both of them, hyenas, snakes, disgusting leeches !!!!
      And that doesn’t have anything to do with their color, it’s just about “ character “ !!!!

  6. What a bucket of trash talk! Trump was wealthy when he came into office abd he pays for all his flights, etc. The Obama’s were moderately wealthy , but made out like bandits while in office. They did nothing for blacks, but certainly enriched themselves. Her speech is some of the most divisive talk I’ve ever heard. Trump has done so much for our country. She’s gotta be dumb to say what she did.

    1. Oh yes!
      Obama, who hid well his lack of birthright citizenship, and his voodoo queen wife ran a successful scam and it seems they still are!!

  7. What the oboma s don’t get is don’t care what crap your spilling out out you mouth go away and leave the American people alone you losers

  8. So, the Voodoo Queen (Obama) joins the Wicked Witch of the West (Pelosi) in the continuing battle against America, FIGURES!!

  9. She also reiterated the accusations that Trump called fallen US troops “suckers and losers” – which he has repeatedly denied – and said as a “connected young man” he avoided military service himself……… **** and did your Barak serve in the military service? which one?

    did not she get the memo. that the fake articles have been retracted…. and lame apology sort of issued. What a ‘moron’ stuck on moronism. wow.

  10. Twitter, FB & L-in will allow Michelle or any other D to denigrate our President with lies, innuendo, fabrications or any other negative they can contrive. This, of course, goes for the MSM who do the same and give all of their intellect to do the same. What they need to realize is there are many, many, many of us who no longer listen, read or watch all this. We know the truth and they are too stupid or too proud or too into themselves to understand that their narratives no longer matter. They have no credibility and they hate America and true patriots.

  11. Funny, I don’t see ANY military record for either Mooch or Barack, yet she has the gall to point out Trump’s record as she sits in one of her multi-million dollar homes that are not, and I am guessing here, located “in da hood.” That alone is an out and out racist statement by the Obama’s. Yet, she insults Trump who has done more to lift lower income and (her words) black and brown people by creating job opportunities and raising pay rates. She and her husband were only interested in what profited them. Where did they get their millions???? They didn’t have that money when they entered the White House.

    1. Little O was nearly broke when he entered the black house. Until he got his first check from Soros, he was just a pee-on just like you. Where did he get all his money from, after he left office. He didn’t get as president, and his ollllldddd lady didn’t give it to him. First year after office 24mil, second year 90mil, 6 months later 150mil and new mansion. Maybe we need to investigate. Check out his links to Soros.

  12. I ask every honorable person that will to look up on Google the Name Miriam Carey. She was a Black Lady around 34 I think. She was shot and killed by the Police on the Capitol grounds and as a retired Police Officer from everything I can understand and from the film I have seen this was a needless killing that happened while Barrack and Michele were in the White House. No one from the President,BLM or Antifa cared about this lady and a very small child in the car at the time she was shot numerous time. The Democrats,BLM and Antifa are cruel Evil people and most certainly two faced. It is also time to think about doing away with Public Schools and Education. They have become political machines and brainwashing our children instead of teaching them anything worthwhile. Our children cannot read and do basic math. They are taught to hate and be racist.Wake up America we are being destroyed from within by the Democrat Party that is trying to take over like a dictator and it is being promoted in our school system.

    1. What we need is to make sure that hiring practices don’t discriminate against Republican or Independent teachers in college or in elementary middle high school. we need to monitor what they teach and not let them teach personal beliefs, even if we need to put c$mer$s in the cl$ss room. Stop unions from deciding curriculum. That is not their job. Not make up history keep it real.

  13. Oh for heaven’s sake, please quit while you are ahead! You are absolutely nauseating to me. You never say anything new! You just turn on that switch in your head and mouth the same old, tired inanities. You are now has been. In you own mind you still want to be a wanna be. Never going to happen. Read the cards, never!

  14. Michelle Obama is another HATE FILLED HEART AND EVIL. What did Barack Obama do do good in 8 years? What did she do in 8 years? What did Biden do in 8 years plus 39 years?????
    THEY REALLY GOT RICH AFTER LEAVING THE 8 loser years in the White House.

  15. Yep, MOOCHELE, the Cow, running her Racist mouth again. I get nauseated and despondent everytime I think about the Obutthead Years. How easily you duped so many Americans.

  16. There should come a time when you and your
    traitor husband just decide to STFU and take
    your stolen money and move on.
    Both of you bad mouthed our great country
    and nearly destroyed it. President Trump is
    a better man and leader than your husband
    ever was. All of the info coming out that
    implicates your husband..Hillary..Brennan..
    Comey..Biden and others should be enough
    to put you away for life..but you probably
    will escape judgement..but there will come
    a day when God judges you..and you will
    receive justice.
    The worst thing that ever came out of your
    husbands mouth..was the speech where he stated that the average man was too small
    minded to decide things for himself..and
    should relinquish that power to those
    capable of making those decisions..
    I will close by saying you and your husband
    are among the worst racists and dividers
    ever when you had the opportunity to
    unite this nation
    .You worked to destroy this country..get
    rich..and sell us out to Iran..China..and
    whomever had the most to offer..and
    wimpy Joe Biden was there beside you
    as you attempted a coup of President

    1. Ross!!!!
      You are such a breath of fresh air !!!
      God Bless you and may God Bless our country and all the America loving people !!!!!
      We must get rid of all the do nothing democrats who are being in office for decades!
      Enough is enough!!!!
      Vote Republican in Nov 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
      Vote Trump in Nov 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. How can anyone be taken in by this clinically depressed, unrealistic sadist (abusing supporters with her sadistic rant) and masochist (rant attempting to manipulate supporters into being the non-stop clinically ill black who’ll never rise up any higher or the guilty white)?? I wonder just when every black person in America will tell these con artist charletans to get out of their life! It’s the same for every race in America – when will they tell the communist Democrat Party politicians NO MORE – ENOUGH! Michael/Michelle Obama is craving a pity party for supporters while she is an extremely wealthy capitalist who isn’t living in a ghetto black neighborhood – SHE LEFT IT LONG AGO!!! She’s laughing at them behind their back – She’s scamming her supporters. So, attempting to manipulate whites into feeling guilty for not wanting to live in poverty-stricken slums is a crock of garbage. He/she is so very depressed, and I guess if we were so miserable with the person we were born to be, we’d be just as miserable. The saying goes, “Misery loves company!” Trump/Pence 2020 John James 2020

  18. I am tiered of racist people calling others racist facts democrats are racist check history are not blacks who hate whites racist you and your partner hate whites also why should we vote for Biden what have he and the Democrats done for us other than keep us on the plantation

  19. The Obamas, like Hollywood, think their beliefs and opinions are relevant. They are delusional. They should be put behind bars with the Clintons, Pelosi and the “squad” for conspiring to overthrow our duly elected government. There are treasonous at best and murderers at worse.

  20. BLM are terrorists and Mike is a tranny racist per her good friend Joan Rivers just before she was killed. “Her” husband is probably going to be charged with crimes soon along with several others now that the truth is out. They are scared if Biden doesn’t win they will win in serious trouble.

  21. You have a nerve Michelle, Trump enriched himself???? Joe Biden and his son & family are the ones with all the money from Russians & China talk about enriching themselves. Plus the smear against the military has been proven a lie at least 25 times or more by all the people with Trump the day he was supposed to have said these things. Then there is Joe calling the military sitting right in front of him on tap dumb sobs. As a former first lady I expected better from you than lies and hate. Guess shouldn’t expect much from a Democrat!!

  22. The Obama’s walked into the WH with $1009 to their name. And they walked out of the WH with $450T. Now how does that work. I watched them as they used our taxpayer money to party, to take vacations. They even took separate vacations so that we paid for two planes and for a ton of their friends, all on our dime. Now she sits their acting all high and mighty, like she is above us all and calls Trump a racist. What a joke. It’s the Obama’s that are racist. Just watch their actions. Barack is a liar, so they call Trump a liar.

  23. to bad michael and barry cannot get over the fact that trump became president because of these idiots. go trump

  24. Michelle, to say such a ridiculous thing when they had it on the news!! Where were YOU?Most networks didn’t cover it because of the hate for the President. We put up with you for eight years and I believe it’s because of you this rhetoric began. You have two girls that could of been pulled out a car and beaten. You did nothing to stop the children from being in the cross fire & killed. What if that would of been your kids? You don’t care so keep your opinions to yourself because you believe in abortion at full term is murder to me. You both are the biggest Hypocrites. What about the spying on candidate Trump and the set up? Barack has some answering to do for the people! We’re not idiots or lying, you are. He was a mistake & looks sick.

  25. Time for the Obamarats to shut their traps and get lost for good. They have their nerve. I don ‘t understand what the hell they are running their mouths for, they were the worst
    People to ever have been in the WH. We are sick of listening to the both of them.
    Go back to your mansions and stay there. We are SICK of anything we have to say.
    Trump we love you. GO GO 2020. You are going to be the winner in 2020. Another 4yrs.
    God Bless the President and the First beautiful Lady.

  26. Michelle Obama does EXACTLY what she accuses Trump of! As Abraham Lincoln once said: “You can fool some of the people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time!” Keep flapping your big mouth Michelle, just keep on FLAPPING!!

  27. Some people just don’t know when it is all over for them The constant efforts to remain relevant and seek public recognition and “adulation” are repulsive. So many of us wish they would just s t f u ! Hopefully, after President Trump is reelected, the process of bringing them to justice by exposing them for what they are, the obamas will feel the disgust and rejection of the American people.

  28. Michelle, Michael or whatever you are, American Taxpayers are looking forward to the day that we can see all the Obamas hanging from a tree, in a town square somewhere! You don’t deserve the right to offer your diseased comments on any subject, you and your entire family are frauds, thieves and traitors. I would tell you to go to hell but, hell is too good for you!

  29. Michael-Michelle or who ever you are…you have no right to throw stones at anyone. You and your “spouse” both lost your licenses to even practice law. I am sure there are people who know the truth about you and it will eventually come out. Many know the truth about “BATH HOUSE BARRY” who sat for 20 years in a church listening to a total racist bigot who ranted about the whites…I would not call him reverend. You would not have been in the White House, if the truth were not hidden by a billionaire. It cost him millions to do this. You have a lot of room to talk. You went into the White House with the help of your wealthy patron…and came out with well over thirty million dollars. Was this kickback form the Iran Deal and selling America outl?

  30. WHY can’t these DEMOCRAT’S get ANY FACTS straight???? They just keep repeating lies, saying that Trump said that about the Troops when at least 10 People have said he didn’t say it, EVEN Bolton!!!! And Michelle you have a lot of nerve after what your husband did to this country!!!!!

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