May 26, 2022

Michelle Obama-led voter registration group says Black franchise is ‘under attack’ ahead of midterm election

Ahead of the November midterm elections, former first lady Michelle Obama is taking a shocking and unfortunate tack in her effort to help Democrats get out the vote, namely by ginning up claims of racially-motivated attempts to suppress minority voting and delivering that message to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), as Breitbart reports.

The initiative, launched Wednesday, is being conducted through the Obama-led When We All vote registration advocacy group, and in furtherance of its mission to send greater numbers of college students to the polls this fall, it asserts that the ability of Black Americans to vote is “under attack.”

As Black Enterprise noted, Obama joined forces with NBA point guard Chris Paul to create a video message announcing the start of the “VOTE LOUD HBCU Squad Challenge Launch.”

In it, Paul declares, “There are people out there working day in and day out, to make it harder for communities of color, people with disabilities, and young people like you to cast their ballots,” in what was presumably a reference to voter integrity provisions that have gained approval in states across the country since the 2020 election cycle. WATCH:

Unsurprisingly, the campaign has received support from Hollywood celebrities such as film star Samuel L. Jackson and Yellowstone star Piper Perabo as well as Valerie Jarrett, longtime Obama confidante and former high-ranking White House official.

As Black Enterprise further noted, the program will deploy “squads” located on college campuses, which will be given grants meant to support voter registration, mobilization, and education efforts.

The groups that develop the most “creative and culturally relevant concepts” will be in the running to win on-campus special events, including appearances from participating celebrities in coordination with Black Entertainment Television (BET).

Though the announcement indicates that the squad grant monies are meant to be used to support “nonpartisan” voter engagement endeavors, given the high-profile push from Mrs. Obama and a host of show business liberals, it is clear that this program is little more than a Democrat vote-getting boondoggle designed to stoke and capitalize on unfounded fears of racial discrimination at the ballot box.

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