April 18, 2021

Michelle Obama called out for remaining silent on ‘Cuties’ despite significant influence at Netflix

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been charged with being “complicit” in the sexualization of young girls for not speaking out against the controversial Netflix film, Cuties. 

The film, released on the streaming giant on September 9, shows young girls aged 11-13 years in highly inappropriate clothing and doing inappropriate dances that many have decried as an attempt to normalize pedophilia.

Michelle Obama is deeply involved with Netflix, having signed a $50 million deal with the platform to produce content for the service in 2018 though the former first couple’s production company, Higher Ground Productions.

Both Barack and Michelle Obama have been curiously silent about the wildly controversial — and disturbing — film, even though the Obamas’ deal with Netflix was explicitly signed in order to “promote greater empathy and understanding.”

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy slammed Michelle Obama’s refusal to speak out against the exploitative film in an op-ed published on Monday:

At a time the left has declared that “silence is violence,” Michelle Obama’s silence on Netflix’s controversial movie “Cuties” has not gone unnoticed. It is also undermining her brand as “America’s mom” and chief defender of female empowerment across the globe.

No one should doubt the considerable power former first lady Michelle Obama wields within Netflix or the unrivaled cultural influence she has to speak out in defense of preserving girlhood and innocence. Sadly, however, Michelle has a troubling history of celebrating, rather than denouncing, the sexualization of popular culture and of elevating artists who contribute to the pernicious cultural trend of equating stripper culture with female empowerment.

Campos-Duffy claimed that Michelle Obama’s considerable influence at Netflix could even have been used to halt the release of the film on the platform.

“At the very least, she could have expressed public outrage over the film’s hyper-sexualized depictions of 11-year-old girls,” Campos-Duffy wrote. “But she didn’t.”

“The truth is that despite her failure to do so in the past, Michelle Obama has the cultural influence, platform, and power to make real progress in the fight to reclaim girlhood and childhood innocence for America’s children,” Campos-Duffy remarked, calling upon Obama to use her influence to “[bring] back our American girls from a dangerous, hyper-sexualized culture that preys on their innocence and exploits them.”

Many leftist figures have either remained completely silent or even praised the shocking film, casting concerns about its portrayal of obviously underage girls in racy situations as a partisan issue to which they must take the opposite position of those on the right, no matter the consequences.

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60 Responses

    1. Why is anyone surprised? While living in the White House she had rappers entertaining with their positively filthy lyrics. She has no morals – didn’t before and doesn’t now. I cannot remember the names of the rappers, especially so-called women, but I certainly do remember reading the lyrics. At 79, I can still blush.

        1. The girls may not nelong to them, but they are still children and pedophiles enjoy that type of film and will go and molest more young girls, People close their eyes to this stuff and then complain about the rapes and kidnapping of young girls. Maybe you liked the film????

      1. And it would not surprise me either. Not one bit. For the Love of Money these people are selling their souls. May the Lord have mercy on them.

          1. We canceled Netflix and will not returned —already hold the Obama’s in the lowest esteem is reason enough to not contribute to their o going love of filth!

        1. . . . and the name of their production company is ‘Higher Ground’!!! They’d have to have a steam shovel to go any lower!

    1. Obama’s are like the Clintons. Its all about the money..they can always lie and buy their respect and dignity from the Democrats.

    1. Glad to see Malia & Sasha rec’d 12 million from them in lawsuits and now their father wants 12 milion for himself. They all deserve their payoffs.

  1. Why would you think the Obama toads would care… The are out for everything they can
    get for themselves.. The sold our country down the river every chance they got.. Worst
    Bunch that every occupied our White House… They have no soul…

    1. Must remember Obama gave up his citizenship and got a foreign student scholarship to the university. He married Mike so I guess that makes him an automatic citizen.

  2. What do you want them to say? That they are voyeurs, pedophiles? These two people and their kids occupied our White House for 8 years! They are hypocrites, liars and heaven only knows what else. They have taken no responsibility for any of their words or actions in almost 12 years. The fact that she is involved with Netflix and said nothing is unbelievable!

    1. You are so right. Michael, oh wait, I mean Michelle (gotta forgive me, Barack does it all the time!) paid for those girls, so I dont put anything past them. Dorthy Foster is correct, they sold our country down the river for money and power !

  3. Mr Michelle Obama is soliciting 11 year old girls for criminal pleasures. But that’s the Obama’s, what do you expect. They don’t have no morons.

  4. What a disgusting person. The only thing she is interested in is the money. She doesn’t care about the little girls ! What an oink, oink !

  5. What do we think?? But as a country we seem to forget these people have no scruples. Lied about all they could get by with. As they robbed our country to fill there needd when the belly of the snake slickes in it will always bring more DEVILS with them ??feel sorry for those girls to have these DEVIL SNAKES for parents

  6. I have always thought both of them are as useless as hot dog water . I can think of nothing that would change my mind .

    1. When I saw that Clip with those young
      Girls. I write that the person or persons who produced that Nasty film as they call it should be arrested° And I noticed Michelle wsa part owner if Nexflex. I tell you the Obama’s are Wolfes is Sheep Clothings.The Harvard University debadle.People went to jail! Michelle and her daughter was involved!! No one even talk about that. Some first Lady!!!!

  7. Absolutely disgusting!! Michelle Obama is a disgrace. I wonder how her daughters feel about this? Why didn’t she have them star in The movie Cuties?? Are they too good for the parts?

  8. You are seeing exactly what the Obama’s are. They care about nothing but their crooked money you have a Muslim first president instead of being an American

    1. Yes.. The Obamas were hooked up with the Clintons on that island with all the under aged girls. Epstein had given girls to all of them quite a few times. And the girls are all coming forward now. Michelle and Hillary also! Not just the men.
      This makes me so sick to even type it… They need to be ALL punished NOW. God will do his part when it is there time. But America needs to do there part now!!

  9. the obamas are the people that got the whole perverted ball rolling. They are without morals, and want to see this country continue down that path. And he/she wonders why there is depression in it’s miserable life.

  10. Since the Obama’s are so rapped up with Netflix, why don’t they enter their daughters into the movie “Cutie“. They would look very good in the movie. 🤔🤔🤔

  11. Not only are the Obama’s complicit in this, but so are the parents that allowed the girls to be filmed in such a demeaning way, along with all the stock holders and those that have subscriptions to Netflix. Granted Netflix normally has some pretty good programming, however I will not renew Netflix’s service.

  12. Lock her up immediately. Michelle Obama is so nasty looking guy, She/he terrible person. I will keep my kids away from the Obama.

    Please get all BLMs to investigating Pelosi Obama/Biden/Hillary & Bill and Kamala as well.

    They are not good people for my American country. They need to be kick off our planet.

  13. The Obama’s, Clinton’s, Piglosi, schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Biden, Harris, are so low they have to reach up to touch bottom! Scum of the earth! Exploiting innocent children for THEIR monetary gain! Disgusting!

  14. Ms. Obama wife of COmmunist former president…stays true to the commie party..Thank God they are no longer in the white house…no morals…okay dem party ..media says okay they are wonderful !!!!

  15. That is the pot calling the kettle black.. you know the difference between a (politically correct statement)… of an Ace is a Ace… @ a Spade is a Spade.. metaphorically speaking .. correct. You should be ashamed at yourself..talking about entitlement.. you give a whole new meaning.. X Lady President.

  16. I was a democrat most of my life. No longer. The morals of this party are like hell on earth! That is where they
    will all go at the end. She the “He”, will pay plenty for the uproar she has caused in our country’s morals. The He,
    is true communist! They are still trying to do the impossible, making themselves richer, so they can be the elite,
    in their castle they bought. Maybe blm will one day, deface their home, and threaten them too. Those two idiots
    should be shipped off to another country, along with their friend georgie Soros. And maybe auntie hillary and uncle bill, will go too. Also, forgot the fairy godmother ‘pelosi, and her neices, the squad! America is a great
    country, and we will survive this, and will one day thrive! With Donald Trump as our President!

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