May 23, 2022

Michael Bloomberg say Dems headed for a ‘wipeout’ at midterms

Former New York mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg warned his party on Monday that it faces a “wipeout” in November’s midterms unless change occurs immediately.

Bloomberg shared the remarks in a Bloomberg Opinion article on Monday.

“The political earthquake that just occurred in San Francisco should be a dire warning to the national Democratic Party, because the same fault line stretches across the country and the tremors are only increasing,” Bloomberg wrote.

“But the advice that party leaders are giving members of Congress โ€” to ‘correct the record’ when Republicans criticize them on schools and culture โ€” isn’t going to cut it,” Bloomberg continued.

“Voters need to hear from Democrats that schools remained closed for too long, and that improving schools means closing achievement gaps, not eliminating standards,” he added.

The new article hopes to motivate Democrats headed into a crucial campaign period, though some believe the effort will serve as too little to make a difference in the results.

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